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For scholar co-rank | Learning about the different packs

POSTED: Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:54 am

"Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it."
Optime | Day | Charlottetown
Avinalora wants tonlearn more about packs, want to help her? Also, the misspelled names are because Avi doesn't know how to spell names.

A small figure sat at one of the tables in the cafe. She was quite petite, her paws were inches from the floor. Her narrow face was close to the journal that was on the table top and her heterochromia-afflicted green eyes were squinting. A bushy tail was rested against the back of the chair as the woman hunched over the table. The sleeves of her long-sleeved green mini-dress were pushed up as she wrote with a pencil made of burnt wood that was sharpened ro a point.

Avinalora had come to Ember's cafe with a mission. She wanted to learn more about the packs of Nova Scotia. Her knowledge was limited to stereotypes and the few pack members she had met. That wasn't enough for the young scholar and she wanted to know more. There were ten packs in the land of 'Souls. She only knew the scents of barely five. The Midnighter knew nothing about alliances and that didn't sit well with her. She would learn, she would learn about the packs somehow.

The jackal medic had already started writing in her journal, a new one she had gotten from a trader. It had a leather cover and more than one hundred pages. It was small enough to fit in her satchel and she had already started writing.

Aneewaya: known, met two (Danay and Bo)
Casawdeecavalieree: (unknown)
Cowerdesmiracles: (unknown)
Crowcar: (unknown)
Infirnee: known, met two (Vesper and Viruu)
Sawsowlah: (unknown)
Saypeeint: known, met Shawmaw
Veenawtah: (unknown)

A sigh echoed through the silver maiden. She really knew nothing. She hated that feeling and hoped she would learn about the packs one day.

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