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Optime | Province House | Backdated: December 14th; early morning (+1,233)

NPCs: All NPCs are considered present unless player wishes otherwise.

Tied to the pack’s disbandment plot. Remember, the actual disbandment date is set for December 15th! This thread is set to the 14th so that your character(s) have time to pack and be ready to move out the following day!

Pushing this out so everyone who wants to respond can before we lose our sub-forum! It was nice threading with y’all. We had a good run, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to be in a pack with everyone :,)

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The morning was overcast in grey. Whatever sunlight there was to be shed on the world, the heavy clouds filtered it down to a dismal, widely dispersed ray of light. Snow fell heavily in the cool hours, and there was no doubt in her mind that by noon, the Shores would have nearly a foot—if not more—of fresh snow covering the landscape and varying surfaces. The atmosphere did not bode well for the heavy decision that the Antares had come to in the days preceding that morning.

For the longest time, Skana had had hope that their luck would change, that there would be a clue, something that would tell them what had happened to the pack’s leading pair. The searches had turned up nothing though, and the onset of winter had worked against them as well. Snow covered up tracks and scents, vital clues as to what might have become of the escort party. The continuous flow of reports claiming dead ends or lost trails had turned the Antares’ stubborn hopes into grim acceptance.

She had mulled over the decision for a little under a week. Her glacier gaze had tried to study her packmates, had tried to wordless read how the growing absence of the pack’s leaders was affecting them. As Midnight Shores’ acting leader, Skana had been barred from expressing her true thoughts on the matter. That was, until that morning.

Skana had risen from her home in the early hours where the world had been dark and quiet. In her Lupus form, she’d paced the island’s cold beaches, her glacier gaze fixated on the faraway shore of the mainland. She’d called out in a sorrowful song, hoping, pleading, begging, that, somehow, some way, Skye or Esmeralda might hear her lonely call.

A bitter wind off of the ice-covered Strait had been her answer. The stinging sensation of snow against her face had been what Skana needed to finally face reality.

The silver she-wolf had made her way back into the sea-side city, had paced down its silent streets. Though the morning was still early, the sun would have been in the sky for a few hours. She needed to prepare the Midnighters, and she would do them no favors by allowing them to sleep in or become preoccupied with their usual daily duties. Once she’d reached the steps of the Province House, Skana had shifted up into her Optime form.

Reluctantly, she’d tilted her head towards the grey sky. Her breath billowed out from her maw in a steamy cloud as she summoned the pack to her once more.

Little by little, the Midnighters filtered in. The eyes that found her were a mix of different emotions. Some looked tired—just as she probably did—others, had a cautious or worrisome edge to them. There had been no news of the escort party having been found, so, Skana wouldn’t fault anyone for being leery of being summoned to the pack’s meeting place once again. It made her heart heavy, as it seemed that she had become the bearer of constantly bad news.

After doing a headcount and making sure everyone was present, Skana took a calm, deep breath. “I apologize that it came to this, Midnighters,” she began, her lips twisting sadly with what she was about to tell them. “After nearly a month of searching, the escort group, along with our leaders, have yet to be found. The elements have thwarted many of our attempts, and time has worked against us.

“It is winter now, and this is one of the main reasons as to why I recalled all of our search parties. It has become too dangerous and risky to continue searching for our missing members. I’m sure Skye and Esmeralda would not want us to endanger ourselves for their sake.”

One of the main reasons?” Someone echoed out.

Skana’s eyes flicked briefly to the individual that had spoken before continuing to let her glacier gaze move across the crowd gathered before her. “Yes, one. The other reason I have called everyone here so early is because…” She paused, taking a breath to calm her nerves. Her eyes narrowed as she put forth an expression of resolution. “I am deeply sorry to do this, but…as acting leader of Midnight Shores, I have decided to…" A breath. "...Disband the pack.”

Her heart stung as the words left her tongue.

Murmurs broke out over the Midnighters, and a few tried to voice their concerns or disbelief for what the Antares had said.

“What about you?!”

The Creo let out a booming bark to silence everyone as she realized things were getting out of hand. “I am not fit to lead this pack, and do not wish to act as Skye or Esmeralda’s replacement. I will not stain their legacy.” Skana let her words settle as she looked over the gathered members. She silently begged that they would understand.

She swallowed and continued, “The ice is thick enough between here and the mainland that we can cross. If you wish to stay here, you may. Just remember, winter is here. You may not have to worry about dangers here on the island, but you will be too far away to get help if you need it. Your best chance is to find a pack to stay with for the winter.

“We are allies with Casa di Cavalieri, and I’m sure they would allow our members safe passage if we asked it of them. Sapient, to the north, has had good relations with us as well,” she offered. In truth, any pack would likely welcome one of the Midnighters. The Shores had only one enemy, but, even they had turned over a new leaf in the past year.

Her eyes searched for Trident amongst those gathered. “Trident will be taking a portion of our livestock to Sapient in thanks for their support for us since our founding. The rest of the livestock, I will be taking down to Casa di Cavalieri. Anyone is free to come along if they do not wish to travel the road alone. I will be giving out our communally-owned horses to anyone that will need one for their journeys.”

Skana let out a heavy sigh, her glacier gaze falling as she regathered her thoughts. “I’m sorry it’s come to this, Midnighters. I truly am, but, it’s time we faced reality. It’s been a month, and we’ve found nothing about what has happened to our leaders. Skye and Esmeralda would not want us risking our lives to search for them, and I’m not going to pretend that everything is sugar and rainbows here without them either.”

Her eyes moved back to face everyone. “You have today to pack your belongings if you wish to move out tomorrow morning with Trident or I. If you would like to take a horse with you, meet me in the pastures, and we’ll see to it that they’re loaded up properly for travel.”

With that, Skana turned and headed down the steps at a brisk pace. Her heart was heavy with what she had done, with the decision she had come to.

By noon the following day, Midnight Shores would be no more.

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*Cries forever* [613]

Returning from yet another failed search, Athena tied the boat back to the post on the docks. She was exhausted, but even at Rocky's concerned comments she didn't spare a moment to sleep, not when their leaders were still out there, missing. The bags under her eyes were deep and added nothing to her already exasperated look. She had tied her blonde hair messily in a bun, but now only half of her hair was actually tied back. Her fur had lost its luster the longer she went without sleep, making her look like the wraith of Midnight Shores.

Her physical appearance was further deepened by the look of hopelessness in her eyes that were once so full of youthful optimism. The search parties had essentially amounted to nothing, and with the oncoming cold they couldn't have stayed south much longer or the ice would overtake the shores and they'd be left without a way home.

It was hard to tell what time it was, the sun covered by a grey blanket of clouds. Athena guessed she'd been out all night, much to the dislike of Rocky, who had become increasingly worried for his golden jackal friend. Skana's call echoed through the empty streets of the human city, and Athena wondered with a heavy heart what news she had to share this time.

She and Rocky made their way to the Province House, the one that had once been filled with hope and light now inversely glowed with a solemn darkness that had seeped it way into the jackal's heart. The grey female gave the rest of the Midnighters the same news Athena learned a few days back: the searches had come up empty. Winter was coming, and time was against them now.

What the surrogate leader had said next shocked her to the core. With wife, exhausted eyes she stared at the Creo woman. Midnight more? Her mind could hardly process the statement. She stood there, too shocked to speak.

She snapped back to attention as Skana let out a loud and silencing bark, as the jackal woman listened further to what words escaped her silver muzzle. Skana had her own reasons to not take up the mantle of leadership, which was one thing Athena could understand. If it had been her, thrust into a position she didn't want, standing up there now, she'd have said the same thing.

But now, a new question would have to be asked: where would they go now? It would be too dangerous to stay here, but Athena was not exactly friends with the other packs that surrounded the area. Hopefully she and Rocky would find somewhere safe soon, before winter was at its full strength.

All there was led now was to leave. But it wasn't supposed to be this way. Athena had little knowledge or training with horses, but the animal would be an essential one if they were going to make it on the mainland. She couldn't believe what was happening. Am I really doing this? She thought it might've been a dream, a simple hallucination caused by sleep deprivation. Soon, she would wake up in her house, next to Rocky, their leader's home, and everything would be at peace.

But no, life wouldn't be like that. Numbly, she followed the silver female out to where the horses were, picked a gentle-looking one without giving the action much thought, and left without a word to her or anyone else to go pack her things and leave the island pack behind.

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He wasn't a somber type - his natural affect was one with a lopsided grin and a wave of the hand, loosely enjoying life as it came without too much worry. That was the way to live life. That was the way to enjoy it, easily and lightly, not taken too seriously regardless of what the others around you thought.

But this...

He'd taken part in looking for his aunt and grandmother, but to no avail. But when they hadn't returned within a week, despite their efforts, Felix knew the pack wouldn't find them. Skye and Esme wouldn't have abandoned the pack - such a thing was against their very nature, like the tides turning inwards on themselves. They were gone, but Felix knew in his heart of hearts that it wasn't by choice.

Not by choice.

It stung his heart as he stood in the crowd, looking up at Skana as she delivered what he'd already known. He closed his eyes for a moment, only opening them again as she delivered something else this time. He froze for just a moment - mind buzz-shot, glitch, puzzle pieces falling out - and then recollected, processing it this time. Disbandment.

It was to be expected, he reconciled... but the funny little bird in his chest fluttered regardless. Names slipped off of Skana's tongue - Casa? Sapient? He supposed he'd have to find a new home, just after having gotten used to the one he had. He could stay... but his vagabond's heart and social livelihood wouldn't allow for that, he knew. Just a thought.

Skana was silent now, and the crowd began to disperse, a heavy and unsettling atmosphere hanging over the entire island, it seemed. He forced himself to move his feet, move towards his home... collect his meager belongings. Think over the next step. Start again.

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A pair of figures walked towards the call. At the lead a was small silver-clad girl, her fur was bright silver and over the short silver fur was a silver-white long-sleeved hooded mini dress. Covering her long legs were a pair of leggings and over her shoulder was a leather satchel. Her mismatched green eyes were tired and looked slightly broken. Beside her was a slightly taller woman. Her fur was a stark contrast to the bright hues of the woman beside her, black with dark grey stockings and her eyes were two shades of purple. She wore a pair of black leggings and a hooded white tunic. Both jackals shared the same bushy tail and jackal features.

Insomnia brought on by worry had caused the jackal sisters to join Athena's search party. Esmeralda had welcomed Avinalora and Jarix into the pack while Skye had welcomed Adrian into the pack. The silver vixen had been hard-pressed to find the leaders, going on countless of search parties in hopes that perhaps her keen sense of smell could help to find the escort. The former assassin had also gone with her sister on those searches to see if she could find anything. But they had found no signs. But the jackal sisters both were very determined and they hoped that the search party was safe and just caught up somewhere. The Shadowryn would have charged into Anathema to see if that pack had taken the missing Midnighters captive. And the medic knew that if they were stuck somewhere, if they had been trapped they would have already been dead by now.

The tired pair made their way to the source of the Antares howl in hopes that there was a new development. Maybe they had found a clue? A scent trail, maybe even the escorts, or at least their bodies. But hearing Skana's speech had shocked them to their very cores. The Creo had recalled all of the search parties? The next thing that the temporary leader had said shattered the Cygnus.

Midnight Shores was going to be disbanded. This pack had become Avinalora's home for so long. She had pledged her life to this pack, she would have one day worked her way up the ranks, this would be the place she would raise her kits, maybe even a family? But now the only place she had ever known would be gone. She would no longer be "Avinalora, Cygnus of Midnight Shores". She would be Avinalora, the loner.

The green-eyed girl was brought out of her freak out by a booming bark. The glacier-eyed woman would not take up the mantle of leadership, she would not stain the legacy of Skye and Esmeralda, she was not fit to lead. If she was capable of speaking, she would have told Skana that she would have made an excellent leader.

Adrian knew that her older sister would have wanted to stay on the island, continue living here. But the she-wolf brought up some good points. An she didn't think her sister would be able to live here with all the memories of this place. And once the ice melted, the girls would be trapped on the island. They would need to join a pack.

The monochrome fox barely processed the rest of Skana's speech. The former Sicaria did process the rest of the speech and pulled her shattered sibling towards the pastures.

They were starting over, gone from the top to the bottom. Now the siblings were alone, packless.

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The dark and angry clouds raced overhead completely ignorant of a lone black Luperci standing on the shore. The ocean racing up the beach to try and get his feet wet and rolling back into itself with disappointment before racing back up the beach to endlessly try again. Temo thought about the missing pack members and where they might have gone as he stared out over the water and watched the waves as they rolled and crashed into the shore. Others had gone out on numerous search expeditions and he had stayed behind to keep the lands safe for their return. During that time, he had repeatedly looked for clues of the missing people on the beach but the dark and storm driven water was not giving up any of it's secrets.

The call to assemble floated by on the air currents and Temo turned his ears to listen. The uneasy feeling that resided in th epit of his stomach got worse. He had not lived this long and through several packs in those years to not have an idea of what the possibilities could be. He had a few minutes to think as he made his way to the origin of the call to find others have arrived before he had including his mate, Jace, and he circled around behind the crowd to stand next to her.

The overall mood was not good and it only got worse as the announcements were made. A wave of sadness went through him as the thought of loosing another extended family went through his mind. Once again a pack he was in would disperse into memory. A couple were more of a reorganization and move but most were disbandments and he wondered if it was in some small way him. Then his thoughts moved to the possibilities of what Jace and him would do.

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Armed with the prior knowledge that this was coming, he managed to keep himself from conveying his inner turmoil upon his face, simply staring ahead to where Skana spoke, stoic and for those around him, uncaring. That of course was hardly the case; whilst others may go on to express sadness over the disbandment of the pack, they hadn't lost half of what he'd had. It was his family, his blood who'd disappeared, who couldn't be found even as they searched, the Collins male having took off on his own, looking desperately until his legs collapsed from exhaustion.

No matter where he looked, no matter how far he pushed himself, which corner of the land he looked, it was as everyone had reported. His family had simply vanished. And now he had to stand here, listening to the confirmation of it all, surrounded by members of a crumbling pack, when all he wanted was to be alone, to mourn and break down without an audience. This was his home, his place to return to, to find his family.

But now wasn't the time – he had to escort the animals, following blindly with Skana's plans, lacking any of his own and too numb to think of the future just yet. So no, he didn't break down, didn't want to show what he thought of everything, didn't listen to any words that were spoken. They were losing their homes, which yes, was sad. He'd lost nearly everything.

When the last seemed to have been said, he turned and left, heading to pack his feeble belongings and prepare the animals that he was taking with him across the frozen waters and up north.

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