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"What's so good about picking up the pieces?"
Optime | Home to beach | Day
Fore dated to December 15th. Avi and her crew are leaving MS

This was it. They were leaving. Avinalora stood on the porch of their house. They had packed up everything that they could carry. Books, clothes, herbs, and trinkets. Only a few hours ago, the vixen had chosen a horse from the stables. A sturdy mare with heterochromic eyes had caught her attention. Her name was Ellwyn and she would serve as the pack horse for the small group. Her saddle bags were heavy with the belongings that the girls couldn't carry or wear.

Adrian walked out, her gaze as somber as her sister's. They were both leaving their home, a place that they thought would stay around forever. Both had lost their companions and now their home. The fact that the escort party had simply vanished had shaken both sisters. Was Midnight Shores destined to be lost? Was it fate?

The jackal medic was more worried about their wards. The kits were young and had been through a lot in their young lives. Now they were loosing their home and had already lost their male role model. She knew that grief takes it's toll on people, and young ones were the most vulnerable. Would they be alright? She knew that she wasn't.

The silver jackal called her wards and they trooped out with their cat, Eclipse holding up the rear. Then the Optime female placed each of them on the horse's back. And then both jackals called out to their avian companions. Two black birds, a peregrine and a corvid were the first to arrive. The crow-raven landing on the horse and then went to preen the silver grey fox. The melanistic falcon perched on the dark vixen's arm. And then a barn owl came and also perched on the horse and offered comfort to the smoke and charcoal fox. Once they had all of their companions, the ragtag group left.

Then, they got to the beach. Avinalora stopped to stare out at the frozen ocean and then back and their home. The Raven-Shadowryn knew that her sister was deeply affected by the disbandment and didn't rush the monochrome jackal.

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