Any advice for horrible morning sickness?

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POSTED: Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:54 pm

So I found out yesterday that I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. Up until last night I didn't feel any different except some fatigue, but now I have been having a lot of problems with vomiting no matter what I try to eat or drink and a nearly constant nausea. Water, 7up,ginger ale, Applesauce, rice, toast and Popsicles are things I've tried, but no luck so far.. It all comes up about a half hour/45 min later.

I've always had a very sensitive stomach, to the point where I have had to change my diet several times in the past. And have never been able to take a long term medication (ex: hormonal birth control, anti anxiety medicine) because they made me so sick to my stomach that I couldn't keep taking them and continue normal life. So I wonder if I'm more sensitive to this kind of thing.

So I'm looking for some tips that could help me through this, I don't have an established doctor yet here and my family lives 8 hours away so I feel a little at a loss today. Thanks for anyone who can provide me some advice or insight.
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POSTED: Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:11 am

No personal experience with morning sickness, but I get randomly queezy fairly often. If possible, laying down could help unless it only makes you sicker. Have you tried cold water / damp towel on neck or forehead? Might also help :O
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POSTED: Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:30 am

First: Congratulations! Babies!! Yaaay!

Morning sickness...not as many yays. DX I've never been preggers/had children, but I get really really nauseous from my BC pills. I also have a pretty sensitive stomach. I've tried a lot of different health fad things because I'm kind of obsessive/gullible like that. Some of it was good, some...really really dumb LOL.

I am a BIG TEA FAN. When I had a super bad stomach flu, all I drank was fresh sliced ginger with honey in hot water. I drank that like all day. It was the only thing that stayed down, and it made my stomach feel like 10x better. Maybe it'll work for you? It's my go-to drink for upset stomach. But make sure that ginger is super fresh!

Whatever you do, don't try to eat a whole clove of raw garlic. Do not do this. It is really, really bad and I thought I was going to die. (this might be obvious, but...I

Sometimes when I wake up and I'm really nauseous, I just sleep for another 30m-1h and it goes away. Not sure if you have this option (...the perk of freelance liiiife), but if you do, maybe give it a try? I've also heard that lying on your right side with your leg extended can help.

8I Anyway, GOOD LUCK WITH BABY!! I hope your stomach settles so it's not so unpleasant!!
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POSTED: Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:32 am

Firstly, Congrats!!! I had morning sickness something awful with my oldest. Smells set me off. What helped me the best was preggo pops. Always have a life saver, or something to suck on nearby. Try to add foods that are less processed. i.e. water, fruits and veggies. However, at the end of the day as long as you have held down one full meal you're good.

Most doctors will not want to see you till about 10-15 weeks. Unless your family medical history requires so. I'm assuming your frist child. By the sounds of it, your hormones are kicking in and working on making baby a nice good home.

Congrats Momma!!! :3
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POSTED: Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:41 pm

Thanks Gen :) I didn't think about that, it actually did help a lot. If I lay down while propped up with some pillows it gets a bit better and having a wash cloth on my neck seemed to be a good trick and helped me relax and kind of calm down. I hate throwing up so I kind of get some anxiety when I feel it coming on, but this helped me out.

Aw thank you San!! We are going to tell his parents this weekend, maybe in a kind of cliche way lol. We are going to get a "Worlds greatest grandma" shirt then act like it's for his grandma, then be like "I think it would look better on you" and hand it to his mom >:D Mwahahaha. Then give a similar one to his dad too lol. With the B/C I always had the same problem so I totally feel your pain!!! Out of all the different BC methods I tried in the past, the patch was by far the worst as far as nausea went for me. I hadn't thought of tea! My guy got me some ginger ale which has helped a lot more than the 7up (must be the ginger!) but other than ginger ale I really hate the taste of ginger in general. But! I looked up some more info on teas and was recommended some peppermint tea too which I love and usually drank when I was sick. It's been helping :> It's funny that you mention the laying on your side with a leg extended, that's how I typically sleep XD When I was in college I slept on this terrible lofted dorm bed that didn't have a rail, so I'd sleep like that so I wouldn't accidentally roll off the side of the!! So I just always sleep like that now. Sometimes I am able to go back to sleep, but other days when my fiance is home I get up and make breakfast for him so those days I can't :) But I figured out today that if I wake up, drink a little water, then go back to sleep it isn't as bad when I wake up again. Kinda like "prepping" my system lol.

Thanks Shannon :) I know what you mean about the smells. I made my guy some goulash the other night which he likes Rotel and Salsa in, and the smell of the salsa set me off. I hate the smell of peppers/green peppers regularly and now I really really hate them XD The popsicles have been doing a lot more for me now I feel, I dunno if it was maybe stress that one day that had me throwing up so much. It was the same day/day after I told him, and I was very anxious about letting him know and how he would react..I think that stress contributed to a lot of the vomiting. Now I might throw up once a day or today I haven't at all (fingers crossed!) but I've changed how I eat over these last few days. Been eating very very slowly and smaller meals and that helps. Also, not eating until I'm like..very hungry has helped too for some reason. Yep this is my first time so all of this is a bit overwhelming but thanks to you guys and all your help I am doing a lot better and in a much better mood too :) I am thinking of making an appointment around 8-10 weeks, I don't have any family history stuff to worry about and my copay is ridiculous so I want to limit the doc visits if I feel like I'm doing good.

Ahh thanks so much for all your help everybody!
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POSTED: Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:57 pm

Here are two things that helped me immensely.

Saltine crackers at your bedside. Eat one or two before getting up and out of bed. I don't know why it helps but it does.

Also, I bought something called a ginger chew. Ginger naturally helps
With nausea. They taste good too. Like a gummy ginger snap.

If certain things set off your morning sickness worse than others, avoid them. Mine was
Cooking meat, especially pork. I couldn't cook it
And couldn't eat it.
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POSTED: Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:56 pm

Ginger chews!

I'm not a fan of ginger all the time, especially fresh ginger or ginger tea (I HATE GINGER TEA). However they have chewy ginger candy that tastes like... candy... but it has the same calming effects on your stomach. I've never been pregnant but I engage in recreational substance consumption at times that can really make one nauseous. Some of the distributors of this drug will package the ginger candies with their product because it's just magical (they ginger candies, not the drug).

Also if mint tea seems to have worked for you, maybe look into peppermint candies or spearmint candies. Also sometimes just have fresh mint around with the scent can help too!

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