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POSTED: Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:32 pm

So apparently a bunch of people don't/didn't know that this exists.

Under the roleplay drop-down there is a tab called Your Threads:Active,
this lists all IC threads that either you have started or have replied to and updates with the newest replied to at the top.

However it does not track threads that other people start for you, at least not until you reply to the thread!


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POSTED: Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:40 pm

As well, you can also look up Active and All threads made by another character.

1) Simply use the drop down like you're going to look at the All or Active threads on whatever character account that you're on.

2) In the URL/Address bar, you'll find a portion of it that calls the "author_id" number. This ID is unique to every account.

3) Go to the desired character's profile page. Look for the "viewprofile" at the very end of the URL. There's the ID for that account.

    If you see a name instead of numbers (ex. "Asura%20Creo"), simply go to the Legend on the Main/Front forum Page --> Click on the Pack that the character is in --> Find the character --> Go to their profile.

    Alternatively, you can simply navigate to a recent post or thread they've done and go to their profile from there!

4) Return to Step 1, chose which drop down you want, replace the ID number with the one you want to search for, and you'll be able to see All and Active threads of that character!

    You may have to wait a minute or two (or else it'll give you an "error") for the threads to populate when you do this. Just refresh the page until it gives you what you asked it.
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