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Yeah, it's that time again I think. ;D

POSTED: Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:31 pm

WARNING: Picture heavy thread! :)

Alright, so it's been a little bit since we've had a thread like this and I know we've got a few new members here now too so I thought putting up another "flaunt your cute pets" thread would be appropriate, lol. Come on everyone, let's fill this thread with D'aaaaaw's and cuddly cuteness! :D Share pics of your furry, scaly, feathered etc. children! XD Sorry for the cruddy quality of some of my pics and the length of this thread. o_o

Westy's (Current) Kitties:

This is my orange menace Zosimos (AKA: Zos, Zopers, Grossimos, Butthole). He's cute, but he's also a pain in the ass, lol. He thinks he's a dog. He chews on EVERYTHING. His favorite chew toy would be his daddy (Mack)'s hair. How sweet. ;P Zos also likes to spazz out at 3 in the morning but is generally a very social kitty. :)

This is my "special" panther kitty Raven (AKA: Ray-Ray). He likes to be outside a lot and tends to get into scraps often which costs momma and daddy quite a bit of money. <_< He is my "problem child" lol. He won't eat unless you stand there and watch him and he seems to have memory problems (he is eating, then walks away and meanders about the room, starts meowing at me to be fed, I point out the food he was JUST eating and he goes over to it again like he completely forgot what he was doing). As you can see he also has some silly sleeping habits, lol. He's my baby. <3 I need to get more pics of him...


Westy's Kitties (Currently At Parent's Place):

Lynx (AKA: Fuzzbutt, Lee Lee) is the most unique cat I've ever had. He is a Manx (has no tail) and very VERY talkative. His voice is tiny and cute but he's known to "yell" at you if you're not paying him enough attention. He is extremely intelligent as well, which is a typical Manx trait. He may look kinda big in size, but really he's a very small kitty underneath all his fluff. <3




Luna (AKA: Lu Lu, Balloona, Chubbers) is my chubby lover cat. She likes to lay all sprawled out on her belly and is at the food bowl at least every 5 minutes. XD She's got the most hilarious meow, it's more like a squeak or chirp. She's also got these cute white markings, a little spot on her neck and a patch on her lower belly. She's so huggable and loveable. <3



Westy's (Past) Kitties:

Scamper (AKA: Scamperdoodle) was my sassy/finicky/skittish girl. X3 She was always rather touchy and liked to bite you randomly, with or without provocation. XD But on the flip side she was cuddly, loved laundry baskets and absolutely loved my mom, lol. She was 7 years old when we had to put her to sleep (last December) due to Pancreatic cancer. It was just before Christmas, and the holiday will kinda forever be shadowed by her passing. She's dearly missed. :( RIP Scamper.



Image -This was the last picture we had of her before she passed on. ;_;

Halo (AKA: Sinkkitty) was my most precious baby. Every time I think of her it's bittersweet. She was the sweetest, most loving girl and she was best known for greeting me every single morning, in the sink begging for the water to be turned on. She wasn't even 3 years old when she became very ill and we had to put her to sleep (at the time not knowing what was wrong with her). It turned out she had a tumor in her uretor and it was malignant so we did do the right thing. Her passing was the hardest thing for me (*trying not to get teary eyed writing this*). She was so young... She even had my dad sobbing. He never cries. It was heartbreaking but I know she's in a better place now. RIP sweet girl. My Halo. ;___;


Butch & Sundance:
Although I don't have pics of them, these kitties (brother and sister) are the cats I grew up with. Sundance (AKA: Sunny) was a gorgeous calico kitty with an exotic look to her, especially in her face. She was very skittish and didn't much like me, but then again, I was little and was like The Terror to her. X3 She had to be put to sleep due to acute kidney failure at age 15. Butch (AKA: Butchy) was an awesome, very chill cat (a grey tabby). He put up with a lot of my childish manhandlings and was my snuggle buddy at night. <3 He lived to be 19 years old (even though around 15 he too started showing signs of chronic kidney failure, but he held on years after). His passing was hard, but he lived a good, long life and it was his time to go. RIP Butch and Sunny. <3

Westy's Other Critters:
I've owned many pets over my life and although I don't have pics of them all on hand, I just wanted to include them in this. :) There was Sally the tiger salamander, Frita and Fud the banded geckos, Marge the ferret, Buddy and Nipper the hamsters and more recently Zuchini my tomato frog (below) and his tank mate Kamquat the red eyed tree frog. I've always had animals in my life and I honestly don't think I could ever go without them. They have made such an impact on my life and I am so grateful to be able to experience the love and warmth in my heart that they all gave me. <3



Sorry for this MASSIVE post guys, lol. I've had a TON of animals. X3 Now, who wants to share next!? :D

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POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:52 am

You have beautiful kitties Westy, and an interesting little frog! :D

I've had so many animals over the years, but my pets were once restricted to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish. Here's what I have now:

Henman and Jay

These guys are my psychotic bunny babies. They're both Lionhead mixes, and the Lionhead is most often crossed with the Netherland dwarf. Now these crossbreed bunnies look incredibly cute but why in the name of Odin would anyone mix the two grumpiest, temperamental, psychotic bunny breeds? That's just crazy.

Aaaaanyways, Henman, or Henners as he often gets called, is the little black boy. Me and my mum drove for 3 hours to pick him up from the RSPCA Ashley Heath after my previous male (Matrix/Matti) had to be put down, leaving my previous female (Trinity) all alone. He was found abandoned in a house with one other live rabbit, a couple of live dogs, and multiple dog and rabbit corpses. Luckily he was rescued and now he is loved very much. He's a funny little fellow with a bold personality. He hates being picked up and kicks and scratches, but once he's up he's happy to have a cuddle... Until he gets bored and nibbles on whatever shirt you're wearing, or even your arm.

Jay, the white and tortie is my little girl. She often gets called Jayjay, just cos. She's another RSPCA rescue bunny, she was found abandoned in Ashcombe park in Weston Super Mare, emaciated and heavily pregnant. She ended up having 7 babies! That's a lot for a little rabbit and everyone was worried that it would affect her health, as some rabbits that have large litters develop hip or lower spine problems, but she's fine. We had to get Jay after Trinity passed away because we couldn't leave little Henners all alone. They bonded really quickly and we had them socialised within 2 days! Jay despises being caught, she runs away as much as possible, but once you have her she goes all quiet and snuggles in for cuddles. She has to be groomed regularly because her mane is long and fine, meaning it tangles and matts easily.


My only other living pet at the moment is Chaos, my Curly Hair Tarantula. He's about 3 years old now, and just getting bigger and bigger. I think he's adorable, and I'm sure Nat would too, but most other people look at me like I'm mad when I tell them I have a giant spider living in my bedroom. My boyfriend is arachnophobic and only tolerates Chaos's presence in the bedroom because he seems to keep away all the little beasties, since we moved in there has never been any other 8 legged beastie in our bedroom. I have no pictures of him at this moment in time, hopefully I will be able to get some when he realises that he is a terrestrial species, not an arboreal one and lets me open the lid of his tank.

Previous pets

Tabitha and Fifi

Recently (22nd December 2012, 12th February 2013) we lost our two cats, Tabby and Fifi. We had them since they were approximately 10 weeks old until they were 18 and a half years old. Tabby chose me to be her special friend, we were pretty much inseparable/ She used to favour my bed over all others in the house, she would choose to sit on my lap above any one elses, and if she wanted to find someone to pester, I was her first choice. I miss them every day and I only wish I could have them back, but it's not possible, and I know that any cat I have now will be special in their own way, but they won't be as special as Tabby and Fifi.


This was the last picture I ever took of her.

Meowing at me for a fuss XD


POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:07 am

I have adorable, friendly, loving.. dogs. Not :|

I have two dogs with so many behaviour problems it isn't funny. First up is Harley my Jack Russell, who we got given for free... which really explains a lot xD Harley is intolerant of all food but venison, aggressive towards other dogs and people, destructive, stubborn (only does sit), severe anxiety and a fair few other issues. Harley answers to: Harleston, Harlequin, Buff, Buffy, Buffalo, Buffers, Buff-Michales, Buffalo-Jim.

And then theres the families dog Rocky who we rescued. He's a toy poodle x dachshund and aside from his severe anxiety that he came with, he's actually a really sweet boy. Very vocal, follows everyone around talking to them, complaining, asking to play, can pretty much figure out what he wants by what bark he's giving you, although we have yet to figure out how to keep him quiet :') AND HE IS TRAINED. I have gotten him to do sit, paw, other paw, spin, pudsey, beg, rollover, high five, speak and answers to Roxie, The Rock, Bockles, Bruccoli, Fluffers, 'Oi Minger', 'Smelly'.

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POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:23 am

I'm a badass.

miserabile visu

POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:01 am

Not all Jack Russel Terriers are evil, I promise!

There she is looking adorable. She was probably 3ish in that picture, and she is an absolute joy! We adopted her when she was 7 months old and she is just the sweetest little girl, ever. She's playful, and snuggly. She loves cuddling with us and pushing her toys under the couch so we have to get them out for her. During the day she likes to sun bask by the door in the back, as well as looking through it as if it's her own personal T.V. She knows how to beg, and does whenever she wants something. She hardly ever barks, instead she does this little half-bark I call her 'chicken bark.' She's a smooth coat JRT so that's why no scruffiness.
Yeah, we dressed her up for Halloween. So what? xD

I also grew up around my stepmother's dog- Roscoe who was a GSD. He was the most well-behaved dog ever, and lived to be 13 years old. Poor baby had to be put to sleep because of a ruptured tumor on his side. R.I.P. old man baby! Wish I had pictures. :/
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POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:32 am

This is Seth, Image

He's currently cosying up me because he hasn't seen me since early yesterday morning. He's fussy, whiny, demanding and seems to think that my room = his room. Which it might as well be. He either wants all your attention, or nothing to do with you. But I've had him since he was eight weeks old, I got him on the day we moved into the house we're in now. So, three years. He's been through a serious accident, that kept him cage bound for over a year and a half, many times we didn't think we'd be able to afford his staggering medical bill (over 20k). Seth is exceedingly arrogant and terrified of my mother because she accidently hit him once, but that being said, I doubt I' have him any other way. He's smart as hell too, which most cats are <3

Zoe (Butter) and Baby (Okeetee). Bought them after my rabbit died. Zoe cost me the most, £90. And Baby was straight form the breeder, so £20.Image

My Guinea Pig, Juarez ^^
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POSTED: Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:42 pm

Alfie the Labradoodle

He's my four year old little devil! My parents got him after my old dog, Digby died. I was upset from his death, since he'd been my dog since I was around 3 years old. My parents lied, saying they were going out for something for work, but then came back with a little ball of fluff. My mum wanted a small dog that didn't malt, so Labradoodles seemed promising. Unfortunately, due to his coat, Alfie malts like wild. Funny thing was, he was on offer since he was the last of the litter at 16 weeks, (I wonder why no one wanted him ;D)
He's basically my dog, but seems be obsessed with my mum. But nether the less I'm the one in charge of training him, meaning he mostly does what I say.
He knows the tricks: Sit, Down, Paw, Spin and Jump.
He has a problem of barking at men, especially middle aged men or those wearing hats, (No, I don't know why...) He also likes to lick anyone, anywhere.
But despite me calling him a little devil, he is a calm and lovely dog.



Oh, and if you were wondering, yes Alfie was my influence for my Labradoodle character, Copper Smith :)
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POSTED: Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:21 am

Well The platt household has three wonderful dogs.

We have this wonderful 2 year Siberian Husky Labrador Cross. He weighs 65-70lbs and think he belongs on my lap

Ginji's awesome left eye

Then there is out amazingly crazy yet wonderful 1 year old border collie Mix

And the newest addition to the family Baby Momo a pure breed Alaskan Malamute shes 4 months right now

Them all together because they love one another

Hopefully this winter I'll have some awesome sledding pictures
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POSTED: Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:25 am

We have a looooot..

Doggies first!

Russ, 6 year old Pembroke Corgi
He's my baby but he's a stubborn little man. He did his first TD Rally the other weekend and got his photo taken by a pro photographerrrr.

Kismet, 13 monthish old Collie
"mummy, you crazy, I'm only doing a stay offlead"
Kiz is my rescue girly <3 She's got issues but we're working on them. As you can see, she loves her dad.

Peony, 17 month old Springer/Lab
Performing "meerkat"
Pe is so full of energy but such a trainable girl. She has fantastic hair. Technically she's my mum's dog, but I (attempt to) train her.

And this is one of my "colleagues" from the rescue I volunteer at:


Jolie, 8.5 year old tortie moggie
My bitchy old princess <3

Roux, 6 year old ginger moggie and Toto, 2 year old moggie
(with Toto).
Roux is my original rescue boy, he was hand-reared and has turned into a huge lad. Sadly he has a heart murmur but he's a lovely, affectionate cat.
Toto is my sweetie, named after a cheetah cub on Big Cat Week. He loves to come on dog walks with us and he gives kissy headrubs.

Jack and Meg, 4 year old moggies
These guys are siblings but Meg's very independent and Jack's in love with Roux. These are our least "pet" cats.

Bean, just over a year old moggie
This cat is a weirdo. He likes cuddles and he likes to fart. He's the soppiest sod though, and we love him for it.

And our newbie, Freyja - 18 month old moggie
She's a yummy mummy from the same rescue as Roux whose kittens had all been homed. We got her almost 2 weeks ago now and she's settling in quite nicely, although Russ doesn't understand why she doesn't like him..

I'd do the rats but there are wayy too many!

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POSTED: Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:48 pm

I have three pets, one dog and two cats. :)

This was Annie when we first got her last September, OMG SHE WAS SO SMALL AND SQUISHY ... 4058_n.jpg

This is Annie now:


And Britta! (you get extra friendship points if you know where the names are from ;) ) Her and Annie are siblings.


This is my dog, Izzy. She is a GSD mix that we got in January. :) She's 70lbs of love! She has the biggest ears ever.

This is what she looked like right when we got her. So small!

And now she is 10 months. :)


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