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POSTED: Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:14 pm

LASKY: in the spring we made a boat
time, rolling along with the waves
a thousand miles away
holding you close in the rain
seems just like yesterday
lost, hope in a faraway place
and in my hand remains
a black and white print of a face
i'll never see again
i gave my life to save her
the ocean turned to red
in the fall, in the fall, when the tide took them all
cut down like lambs at slaughter
good men were left for dead
love, served until death do us part
i'm drifting in the dark
swell of the sea
wounded and wishing to fall
if not for second chances, we'd all be alone
into your faithful arms
hey stranger
beneath the sky of hate
try to find their own way
we hang side by side
LASKY: the tail lights burn red
SAPIENT BALL: to be the mistake you can't live without
SAPIENT BALL: a kiss to build a dream on
SAPIENT BALL: eventually, eventually
SAPIENT BALL: there's times i would've died for you
SAPIENT BALL: two by two, hands of blue
seasons changing, i can smell it in the air
we can be timeless
on a fishing boat off the new jersey shore
i hear you met a sailor
part of me you're never going to take away
one by one the days fall away
your bones
hey there, ohio
tricked myself into carrying on
find him, bind him
loose ends will make knots
with the lights out it's a little less dangerous
blind faith, god’s grace, nothing else left to impart

beyond the sea of pain
in heaven i will wait
until we meet again
these thread titles all have lyrics from the navy song by billy talent. got pretty far with it continuously, if i do say so. ;D
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