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Aldora & Buttercup

POSTED: Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:35 pm

Aldora Knight

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Aldora is currently a young adult in her birth-pack of CdC
2016 :: Pup-Hood

  1. (12/20) Liar, Liar

    Aldora and her brother Rohan Damaichu get into a little bit of trouble. .

    (12/21) The fire has found a home in me

    Aldora and Hartt Attaya talk about pregnancy and puppies. (WC: +3)

    2017 :: Coming of Age

  2. (01/03) A Brighter Future

    Mentorship ceremony; Aldora gets paired with Lyris. (Pack thread: +5)

    (01/12) A new day has come

    Hartt Attaya has her pup, Aldora comes to visit. (WC:+3)

    (02/12) Thin Ice

    Aldora shifts for the first time when she saves her friend Myra Garcia from drowning. (WC:+9)

    (02/19) let the arrow guide you

    Lyris gives Aldora an introduction to archery. (WC:+3 - Thread with Leader:+10 - Training:+15)

    (02/20) Ain't hard to see who you are underneath

    Sian Damaichu shifts and Aldora comes to witness. (WC:+3)

    (02/21) morning hunt

    Aldora goes hunting with her cousin Arlen Stryder. (WC:+18 - Training:+15)

    (04/06) spring fever

    Aldora and Myra Garcia talk about boys and chase horses. (WC: +9)

    (05/01) the clouds will clear

    Aldora finds Rocco the ram dead. (WC:+8)

    (05/15) hunger of the pine

    Aldora ventures outside CdC for the first time and meets a loner, Heroshe.

    (05/20) pinned ya again

    Aldora wrestles Arlen Stryder. (WC:+3 - Training:+15)

    (05/27) tune of ages

    Aldora sings with Shtiya at Asuilaak's coming of age. (WC:+3)

    (05/29) the coast is unclear

    Aldora and Remus Knight have a tussle. (Training:+15)

    (06/05) Echo

    Aldora and Hartt Attaya go on a hunt. (WC:+3)

    (07/10) only curtains were made to fall

    Aldora responds to Remus and Night's cry for help, finds signs of Hartt's demise. (WC:+6)

    (07/29) slay my demons

    Aldora shows Night the ropes of archery. (WC:+6; Training:+15)

    (08/04) it's in my blood

    Jace gives Aldora some advice. (WC: +3)

    (08/14) what do cows drink

    Aldora and Arlen awkward hangz. (WC:+3)

    (08/17) sing me to sleep

    {RO} Aldora catches some mourning doves. (WC:+7)

    (08/21) It Ends Today

    {SYNDICATE PLOT}: Final battle; Aldora kills two Syndicate members. (WC: +9; Training: +15; Pack thread: +5)

    (08/25) do you see something in me?

    Luca gives Aldora some advice. (WC: +3)

    (08/30) blood of my blood

    {FIRST BLOOD} Aldora bests her cousin Remus. (WC:+10 - Training:+15)

    (08/30) hardened in the fires of honor

    The youngins celebrate the First Blood. (WC: +3)

    (09/05) To be young and foolish

    The youngins attack and kill a bear, but with consequences. (WC: +9)

    (09/28) We grew up in the same neighborhood

    Aldora arrives at Cour des Miracles and is greeted by the handsome Willow. (WC: +6)

    (10/01) Pauper

    Aldora meets with Silvano. (WC: +9)

    (10/04) Pumpkins and Palaces

    Aldora talks with Abigail and exchange goods. (WC: +10)

    (10/11) Cobwebs in the Attic

    Aldora arrives at Anathema and meets Evangeline. (WC: +12)

    (10/15) Your Witchy Ways

    Aldora meets Maelyx and gets gifts and a divination from her. (WC: +15)

    (10/22) The Barrel Still Smoking

    Aldora arrives at Inferni to find it in a bad state of affairs. (WC: +9)

    (10/23) Should I send smoke signals?

    Aldora meets Crucible who tells her of the war. (WC: +6)

    (10/29) Finger Bones

    Aldora meets Meridia, who gifts her painted bones. (WC: +6)

    (11/03) Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line

    Aldora meets her first friendly Salsolan; Coax.

    (11/07) You leave a bad taste in my mouth

    A young Salsolan ruffian comes to chase Aldora off; she punches him in the face. (WC: +9)

    (11/12) Castaway

    Aldora visits POE and picks up two new traveling companions. (WC: +14)

    (11/26) Getting my paws wet

    Krokar visit; Aldora meets with Iroqouis. (WC: +7)

    (12/04) Our Heritage

    Aldora runs into her grand-uncle. (WC: +9)

    (12/27) through the fire and the flames we carry on

    Aldora visits the New Inferni and speaks with Vicira. (WC: +11; Co-rank duties: +5)

  3. 2018 :: Young Adulthood

  4. (01/11) Each day cometh tidings three

    Aldora returns to Casa; Howland gives her bad news. (WC: +9)

    (01/11) Mother Earth and Father Time

    Aldora visits Luca. (WC: +4)

    (01/12) Mirror Image

    Aldora returns Kjintora to her family. (WC: +3)

    (01/25) The Sound of Music

    Aldora gives Night signing lessons. (WC: +3 - Co-Rank: +15)

    (03/01) Quoth the Raven

    Aldora hosts the CdC/CdM poetry slam. (WC: +4 - AW: +10)

    (03/03) Dancin' in the moonlight

    Aldora dances with her father at the ball. (WC: +3)

    (03/03) what's a martini without an olive

    Howland approaches Aldora with romantic intent at the ball. (WC: +10)

    (04/03) Lifting my Spirits

    Aldora visits the new tavern (WC: +8 - AW: +10)

    (04/07) A Merchant Arrives

    Aldora meets a merchant at the borders. (WC: +3)

    (04/09) What about now?

    Interaction with Kira Raine after Aldora has a minor injury. (WC: +9)

    (04/12) April showers bring May flowers

    Aldora works in the gardens when Luca approaches her. (WC: +9 - Co-Rank: +15)

    (04/14) 'cause you're a sky full of stars - in progress

    Aldora learns of her mother's death.

    (04/17) [M] Lions and Tigers and Flowers - Oh My!

    Arlen and Aldora visit the flowers after Veyra's death. (WC: +16)

    (04/29) Rainbow Flowers, Rainbow Dreams - in progress

    A group from CdC go to try and destroy the flowers.

    (05/07) A tiger won't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep - in progress

    Aldora bring Jace a gift, and meets Besekel and Uriah Greyfire.

    (05/20) little silver fish - in progress

    Aldora interacts with Iorek.

    (05/21) Shard a Drink With Me - in progress

    Aldora interacts with Minerva.

    (05/22) Walk a mile in my shoes, if you please - in progress

    Aldora interacts with Honrin.

    (06/05) a bird in the hand - in progress

    Aldora and Darius travel to Inferni with gifts.

    (06/??) One step, two step, three step four

    Aldora trains (dances) with Arlen. (WC: +12 - Training: +15)


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POSTED: Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:49 pm

Baelish D'Angelo

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Baelish arrived in April 2018; he joined Mistfell Vale.
2018 :: A New Homeland

  1. (04/16) Windfall

    Baelish arrives at the borders of Mistfell Vale and finds his sister. {WC: +15}

    (04/16) Now I lay me down to sleep

    Baelish speaks with his sister after joining {WC: +14}.

    (04/19) Silly Little Love Song

    Baelish works on his home and meets Posey. {WC: +11}

    (04/24) A Wasp's Whisper - in progress

    Baelish works on his home and meets Cairina.

    (04/27) Spilled Milk

    Baelish works on his home and meets Jura. {WC: +22 - Thread Prompt: +10 - Co-Rank: +10}

    (05/06) Do you see the man in me? - in progress

    Baelish brings a gift to Calia.

    (5/08) When our legs grew tall

    On a scavenging mission, Baelish meets a wild girl, Generosity. {WC: +22}

    (05/10) M - The sun is burning hot again on the hunter and the fisherman

    Baelish succumbs to Yuka, a girl in heat. {WC: +6}

    (05/15-18) M - i aint' gonna hold on to the monsters anymore - in progress

    Baelish and Saga go on a trading mission.

    (5/20) With fortuitous intentions

    Baelish meets a queen at the borders. {WC: +8 - AW: +5 - Co-Rank: +10}

    (05/25) A Worthy Tribute

    Baelish swindles a naive Mateo out of a horse. {WC: +3}

    (05/27) When the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl - in progress

    Baelish gets back to the Vale to find Ragna dealing with a trespasser.

    (06/02) We Are Men!

    Baelish meets Theo. {WC: +3}


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POSTED: Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:47 am

Buttercup Damaichu

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Buttercup came to 'Soulsland in August 2017; she is currently a loner.
2017 :: New Places, New faces

  1. (07/20) prancing about

    Buttercup meets a trader; trades meat for a satchel.

    (08/02) Family First

    Cup hangs with her fam.

    (08/03) just big boned

    Cup meets Iorek.

    (08/10) [M] - between a rock and hard place

    Cup fights Lace.

    (08/27) what's an arrow to a bullet

    Cup meets Goliath.

    (10/14) Taking to the streets

    Cup and Dandy hangz.

    (10/14) Far over the misty mountains cold

    Cup meets Gilmore, a deaf loner.


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