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POSTED: Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:18 pm

Thread Loggers and Time line of events:

- See You Again Inara gets into Canada, and meets a Krokar member who invites her to rest and have safety.

- Coming Home Inara is brought to Krokar by Ascher where she meets Milos, who takes her in.

- Forget Me Nots and Second Thoughts Percival and Logan show Inara around Krokar, reminding her of family and the joy of safety and friend.

- Social Awkwardness Inara meets another wolf, and becomes more perplexed and unsure about her prejudice against them.

- All the Pretty Little Horses Inara finds a Wolf/Jackal and she decides to attempt to hunt her only to end up helping her wrangle horses.

- Shoot Me Straight After some time, Inara comes to terms with how safe and at home she is within Krokar and musters up the guts, while battling inner demons, to ask Milos if she can become a part of the pack.
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