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January Thread Prompt: The ermine, or stoat, has changed into its soft, silky winter fur, and is attempting to blend into the snow. If you're lucky, you can find one - their fur is warm and luxurious, and they can learn to speak broken high speech. Better be fast, though; they're tricky and hard to catch!

Cottongrass is getting hardcore bullied by an ermine! Someone come save him? :D

'Dog!' A little voice chattered.

Cottongrass was, quite frankly, getting sick of it. It had been funny and amusing for the first couple of times but now that it had been over an hour and the little voice was still going strong? Now it was just getting mean. Like, really really mean. Because no matter how Cottongrass tried to explain to the mysterious voice that no, he wasn't a dog, he was a wolf—it just kept going.

He was pretty sure the little creature was getting some kind of sick amusement out of his frustrations.

The worst part of the entire situation was that every now and then the little animal would show itself before disappearing again. It was just a flash of white on white. Nothing more than a little strip of white fur that vanished into thin air whenever he pounced or even tried to get near it. And whenever he missed—and make no mistake, he did nothing but miss—the little creature would hide away and chatter away almost as if it was laughing at him.

He didn't know how much more torture and bullying he could take.

Everything inside of him was torn between bawling his eyes out and just finding where the thing was hiding and ripping its head off its shoulders. It seemed like a fair outcome. The little animal wanted to bother him so much? He would take its head off and eat it, ha! It was just that—it was just that he hadn't had much luck actually finding out where the little fuzzy snake looking thing kept disappearing to.

His paws came to a halt and his ears twitch, lungs burning from how much physical energy pouncing and running about took from him. It had been one long morning, so far.

'Dog, dog, dog!' A little voice warbled somewhere to the—somewhere to the left of him? Whatever. He was tired and his patience, which was already non-existent in the first place, was quickly running out. "I'm not a dog!" Cottongrass barked back for what must have been the umpteenth time that day.


You know what?

It was official. He was done. He was done playing games. This was serious. His stance was wide and his breathing laboured, tail wagging like crazy behind him, and without a moment of hesitation—Cottongrass lunged to where he thought the voice was coming from, barrelling forward with wide jaws parted in attack.

All he got for his troubles was yet another mouthful of snow.

'Mad dog! Mad dog!' The little voice took to chattering somewhere nearby.

Cottongrass was going to kill it once he found the darn thing. He was sure of it. It would be the last thing he ever did even if it killed him in the process.

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Nyla had decided that today was the day she explored pack lands. She had opted for her smaller, faster wolf form, enjoying the feeling of the earth under her paws. It was chilly out but after a quick run she quickly grew warm.

So this was what freedom felt like. She had finally left her past behind her. She was going to start anew here. She took off again, leaping over fallen trees and jumping over small creeks frozen over due to the cold. She ran until her body told her to stop and she lay in a small clearing, rolling in the snow.

After a few rolls in the snow she laid still to catch her breath and listen, her charcoal black ears twitching this way and that taking in the sound of her new homeland. She closed her duel colored eyes and covered her nose with her tail to keep warm.

At first she thought she had heard wrong but she swore she heard a squeaky voice say dog. There was a rustling to her left and her eyes burst open as the squeak voice came again.

“Dog,dog,dog!” it squeaked close by. Nyla got up slowly, her need to hunt the sound down almost overwhelming. She crept closer to where she last heard the voice. She almost yelped when an angry yet familiar voice yelled back.
“I’m not a dog!” followed by a loud snap of jaws and the sound of crashing snow. The squeaky voice was back this time and closer to her and she took cautious steps in the snow at its exclamations.
She moved closer and saw the glint of something in the snow.
She moved swiftly as the creature backed into her and she wrapped her jaws around its slender white body, its body thrashing wildly
“Caught Dog! Caught Dog!” it yelped as she squeezed its little frame in her jaws. She didn’t want to kill what ever it was. It seemed Cottongrass had unfinished business with the talking thing
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There was snow in his mouth. There was snow in his nose. There was snow in his ears. And even worse yet, there was snow where snow should never be.

All because of the dumb little fuzzy snake looking thing.

He pushed himself to his feet and shook the snow off his big body. Where had the little thing gone? He could have sworn it was just right over there. And when he found it—

It was in that moment several things went on, all very confusing loud and honestly? A little exciting in the way energy packed stuff always was to him. One second he spotted the little sliver of white, its black beady eyes staring at him and mocking him, and then next a wolf was bursting through the trees with its jaws parted and ready. It took a few seconds for everything to register.

His mind was slow.

Like an aging and dying computer.

Until finally—

"Nyla!" He barked, big dumb white paws doing a happy dance in the snow beneath him while his tail and fuzzy weird end wiggled and wagged about. "Nyla, Nyla, Nyla!" He continued to crow, zeroing in on the women, big paws making quick work of closing the distance between them. She had the—she had the thing in her jaws!

"You caught it! You caught it! Look at you!" And spurned on by a mess if instinct and impulse—he took to prancing about in front of her, thick front legs stamping and patting the ground while he kept his rump high in the air, play bowing at her. He reached forward to sniff at the trapped beast that wouldn't stop screaming about being caught or whatever. It tried to swipe at him and he was quick to pull back. He liked his nose! He needed it to smell, thank you very much! The ermine couldn't have it.

Not after the hell it put him through.

She was amazing!

He was in love! Except not really because girls weirded him the heck out and he didn't want a repeat of what happened with Sineria, thank you very much. No, what mattered was that Nyla—amazing, cool, somewhat intimidating Nyla who gave him spicy tea in a bowl with honey and lived in a literal cave—had the ermine in her jaws.

Now it was a just matter of finding out what to do with it. Cottongrass personally just thought letting it go now was okay, really. He didn't want the thing tortured or anything. And he wasn't very hungry, for once in his life. Though that might have been a lie.

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Cottongrass’s excited exclamations brought a wag to her tail. The beast in her mouth was still screaming and now threw in a few attempts at scratching and biting her muzzle till it gave up and went limp in her jaws. She could still feel its tiny heart beat against her tongue and its constant chattering almost stopped.

It leveled a beady eye on her own and she huffed over its little white body as if to say try it bub and I will crush you. Cottongrass seemed more or less pleased at her capture and she considered letting the little thing go as its fur was clogging her jaws.

She gently leaned her head to put the thing down, amazed on how well its white fur blended into the snow. As soon as it touched the ground and she let loose her jaws, did it take off to the brush the last thing Nyla hearing was something like angry dog. Interesting that it could speak. It was spoke similarly to Sosin and she wondered if it too could be trained like Sosin. Maybe she would try to catch one while in her bi-peddle form and train it like she was trying to train Sosin. But the little bugger was quick.

She hadn’t seen the crow since she was accepted into the pack, assuming that he had flown south for the winter. She hoped he made it back to her come spring. She had grown rather fond of the bird.

“Cottongrass!! I caught the little beast for you! They are so hard to see, I think I got lucky in my snag! I hope you didn’t need it for anything, it ran off as soon as I put it down. What are you doing out here,” she questioned playfully.
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It seemed like the day was one full of surprises.

So, the best kind of day, in Cottongrass' mind.

Because not only had Nyla swooped in and scooped up the little creature in her jaws like it was nothing—he had literally spent the entire morning trying to do what Nyla had done in one second—she let the creature go. And go the little animal had went, scampering off and disappearing into the snow the moment its paws touched the ground. Cottongrass was pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to do that.

The need for a trophy or a chew toy or a snack would have proved too strong for his mercy and good will. But not for his new friend, apparently.

And speaking of his friend!

She was talking! So much! So fast! He felt like everything was happening!

"I don't know!" Cottongrass chirped, as happy as could be with the answer when she asked what he was doing. "I was just, I was just looking around and then that, that little thing started talking to me and it kept calling me a dog, and I am not a dog—" He was a wolf! A wolf!

"And then you caught it!" And let it go, but that wasn't the important part. No, the important part was that she had managed to even catch it in the first place and she just might have been his new hero, when he thought about it.

"You're so talented!" He cooed, yellow eyes sparkling and tail wagging in amazement at his new friend and fellow Crowstooth's many talents. She lived in a cave! She knew how to use a big stick like a weapon! And she had caught his tormentor when he wasn't able to. Oh, and she knew about healing plants! That made her pretty darn amazing and spectacular in his eyes.

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Not talented, lucky and blessed by her all mighty Nox but Cottongrass didn’t need to know that. She had learned a great deal from trial and error, her mother telling her the best way to know if something was poisonous was to check first by the knife and if still unsure taste with an immediate spit if it was poisonous.
A lot of time when she was home was spent with her mother learning to read the herbal books and how to identify them in the wild when she wasn’t training with her father. She learned from touching and tasting and reading about plants.
“My mother taught me how to use plants. She taught me how to read her plant book she saved from her own pack when they were disbanded. But enough about that, how fast can you run because you’re it!” Nyla yelled as she booped Cottongrass on the nose with a paw and took off though the snow as fast as she could.
The trees were a blur of white and brown around Nyla as she ran, leaping over fallen logs and dodging low branches. It had been a long time since Nyla had played tag and she gave a howl of happiness as she ran, hoping that Cottongrass would give chase. She needed to run off her anxiety and Cottongrass’s cheerfulness was contagious.
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One second, Nyla was talking—something about plants and reading and disbanding?—and the next, she was raising one mighty paw and whacking him on the nose with it, asking about how fast he could run because he was it.



Oh no.

She did not just do that.

Because, truth be told, Cottongrass wasn't fast. He just might have been the opposite of fast because while he could outrun most two legged wolves, he was slower than average when compared to the pace others could run when on all fours. But what she didn't know—poor, sweet, innocent Nyla who really didn't know what she just got herself into—was that Cottongrass No-Last-Name didn't give up. Ever. And he sure as heck didn't turn away from a game of tag, not even when he was already set to lose when the women had a head start and an element of surprise on him.

He wouldn't let it get him down.

"Hey, hey, hey! No fair!" He barked, laughter warbling from his lungs as mighty big white paws started to move. She had a head start, yes—but for how long?

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna get you for that!" And with that, Cottongrass started to run after her. He threw his head back and howled while he did so, caught up in the moment of the chase and the fact that she had started it.

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Nyla looked back to see a massive white blur coming up kinda quick behind her and put on a little more speed, her lithe, combat hardened body a little more than a grey and black streak against the white. She hurled herself over a fallen log and found herself enjoying the run, finally letting herself go and relax.

"Catch me if you can!" she taunted before speeding up a little more.

She made sure to stay just in eyesight, making sure Cottongrass had a chance to possibly get her if he tried to push himself. She slowed up some, wanting to enjoy the chase as much as she wanted to enjoy the run and the thrill of not being it.

Nyla didn’t know what made her want to play tag, maybe to get out of her comfort zone or to enjoy the company of her newly made friend. What ever it was she was happy to have found Cottongrass and the talking beast. She had prayed that she be guided down the right path and thus far, her gods favored her.
She had a place to live, two new pack friends and possibly more. She established with Cottongrass that she was a healer. She really was starting over, really was able to be who she wanted. Right now Nyla wanted Cottongrass to catch her. She slowed up some to let him catch up.
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'Catch me if you can!' The she wolf and healer—Nyla, Nyla, Nyla—barked and crowed, nothing more than a flash of black and grey fur ahead of him.

As for Cottongrass?

Well, Cottongrass was trying to do just that—catch her.

It wouldn't be easy. His build was best defined as being short and stocky, his four legs muscular but not very long when compared to the rest of him. He wasn't much of a runner, really. He was healthy and active, probably as healthy and active as they came with his tendency to always be moving no matter what, he just wasn't skinny. But he wasn't about to let that stop him.

She was so close!

He was so close!

The idea that she might have been slowing down on purpose and letting him catch up never once struck his mind. Such a thing didn't exist, not behind his eyes. Everyone wanted to win. He always wanted to win. Surely his friend was the same, no?


It didn't matter.

Not for long, anyway.

His legs worked overtime and he gave one last desperate burst of speed, jaws parting as he barked and chirped and hooted in bubbly delight. The air dragged through his fur like grasping hands and whipped against his face, his tail doing nothing more than bobbing along behind him. And when he felt like he was close enough?

Cottongrass pounced.

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OOC: just noticed this was posted at the end of the last month. Lets wrap this up in the next few posts ok?

Nyla turned at the last second to see an alabaster blur flying though the air before she was knocked to the ground with an omf. Nyla had tried to take a back step and her back paw at the last second lost purchase on some ice behind her as Cotton landed on her and they both went sliding down a small hill, paws over tail. Nyla came to a stop at the bottom in a huge mound of snow. Nyla was laughing hysterically as she pushed herself out of the snow bank she had landed to find Cottongrass.

She shook off the snow, her grey-black fur coated with ice sickles. She looked around for her friend and temporarily got scared when she found she couldn’t immediately find him. Had the white wolf hurt himself in their fall? He couldn't have landed too far away from where she did right? Nyla started digging in the mound of snow she had landed in, hoping to find her friend.

“Cotton! Cotton where are you?!” she howled, looking around at the white world around her. Fear was starting to creep in and she sniffed the air for Cotton’s scent.

“COTTON! WHERE ARE YOU!?”she yelled into the powdery dust around her, hoping her friend was ok.
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