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As it turned out—Nyla was a healer! Cottongrass found that pretty darn cool. And sure, he might have found anyone with a scrap of common sense and the capability to learn awesome, but that didn't take away from his new friend's knowledge. She made him tea! Tea that helped with nerves and aches and pains! Who wouldn't consider that cool?

Not him!

He didn't hesitate to let Nyla know as much.

"That's so cool!" He chirped, pushing himself until he was sitting upright with his fluffy tail wagging and flapping away. Though his reaction faded somewhat when Nyla continued speaking and asking questions about the healer he had mentioned moments before.

She didn't really give him much as a choice, really, with the way she immediately went about grabbing things to write it all down. He couldn't read. What did he care?

"Oh. Um." His head cocked to the side and his flopped ears over atop his big ol' skull as he tried to think of a delicate way to tell her that he didn't really remember much of what the healer had told him. He just may or may not have been too busy ogling the man to have really focused on their words when they had met. Although, in his defense, the healer's face had been really, really pretty and their eyes had looked like literal pools of shiny melted gold—gold!

But for Nyla? The women that had almost whacked him with a stick but didn't, and was his brand new friend? He would at least try and remember what the man had told him all those months ago.

"I don't—I don't, the healer, he didn't tell me much." Lies. Cottongrass had just been too invested in the man's features and eyes and entire presence to notice. But he wasn't going to just tell her all that. She'd probably laugh at him for being so single minded and easily distracted. He had to put on a smart face! Make a solid first impression! "But! I remember, I remember he told me certain tree bark is good for pain, though!" His tail wagged like he was particularly proud of himself for remembering that much, as vague as the information was.

"You have to, you have to chew it, though. And it has to be a certain kind of tree, like the kind, the kind that has all those needles. Not leaves." Yep. That was—that was about it. He really didn't have any other details from the encounter aside from what he had just told her. But she did seem like she wanted to know everything. Maybe he could wow her with some of his non-medical plant knowledge?


There was no knowing unless he tried.

"And mistletoe, mistletoe isn't good for anything." Now he could rest easy, knowing that he at least tried to be helpful.

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Nyla wrote down what he had said about an certain tree bark. She would have to do more research on it but she thought she might have an idea about what is was. She wasn’t sure about his mistletoe statement and marked it with a question mark in her journal before putting it away.

“I hope you liked the tea. I can make you some more if you like or if you are hungry I have some roasted rabbit left over from last night I am going to make into a stew,”
she said, adding more wood to the fire. She was hungry herself, not having eaten yet and her stomach rumbled at just the right time. She started to take off the still steaming pot of tea and replaced it with a pot.

She gathered up the herbs and stored rabbit meat she had put aside the night before and busied herself with making the stew. She quickly left and came back with half a pot of snow, putting it directly over the flames to melt it and start it to boil while she picked and plucked various dried herbs from the various plants she had hanging out to dry around the cave and started to break them up before she added them to the water.

“My father used to make stew all the time to keep me warm on patrol with him. This used to be one of my favorites. Not too spicy with just the right amount of flavor and warmth,” she said as she threw in the rabbit pieces she had left over into the pot, mixing it with a spoon.

“Now we wait for it to finish. I hope you like it,” she said softly. She knew some non shifting folk didn’t like two legged made food and she wondered where Cottongrass stood. So far he seemed to enjoy her tea. She didn’t take him as someone who might not like stew or soup.
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