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OOC: Just a little note for myself, but using this as pNPC thread for drakehund as well as co-rank. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change. +300 words.

Zuri had been making plans for something like this in the background for a while now. Though the small room in her home had been set aside as a place that would be for her bats, it wasn't quite the comfortable for her little friends. One problem would be the growing size of her little clan. Alexandros and Darion had been there from the very beginning, but now there were two more to add as her companions. Given their size, the small room would still be enough to function as a well kept room for all of them...

But something much more natural would probably help them, and anymore bats she could befriend, to be more at ease with the luperci around them.

Some plans had been drawn up, but there was not much that could be done on her end, as she did not have the skills in order to build... well anything really. Her skills were better suited to get any materials that would be needed to make such a structure. There was one person in the Vale she knew she would be able to turn to though.


Her work on Rum Bridge had been a great testament to not only her leadership qualities in taking on much of the work for this task, but her skills in the field as well. Her friend would be helpful in putting this plan into motion. She had gone out a few times, scouting a place that would be perfect for them. There were a few open cave systems along their territory, and it was here that she felt the structure would be suited the best. They would be able to stay in the built home for them as well as moving to the caves, especially when it came time for them to hibernate.

The two hawkesonds had agreed to meet at the location she had picked out, and Zuri had taken the time to seek out Brom. The light male had experience in the building field as well, and it would make lighter the load to have three of them working on the project rather than two.

He traveled along with her, the pair soon coming to the mouth of the open cave she had picked out. All that was left now was to wait for Sedona to arrive.

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IC: She was running late. The scheduled meeting time with Zuri and Brom at the cave they were going to build a home for Zuri's bats against was passing quickly and Sedona was only just gathering the last of the supplies at the storage shed with Bub and the cart. The cowgirl had gotten caught up attending to Sineria whom had once again accidentally hurt himself. He'd lacerated his paw while on the job in the stables. He'd been so distraught over it that it took her a little extra time to calm him and then treat the wound. Now free, the Whitesage woman hurried to load the cart with the last of the wood planks and made sure the horse was fully secured to the cart he'd be pulling before taking his lead rope and making her way down the lanes in Winterwynd and in the direction of the cave system Zuri had found.

The going was slow, but eventually the creaky wheels of the cart could be heard as she lead Bub over the grasses and into sight of the albino woman and her other white furred companion where they stood assessing the rock face to the cave. Lifting a paw in greeting as she came into ear shot Sedona smiled and flagged her tail. "Sorry I'm late!" She chuckled and brought the cart to a halt before her fellow Mistwalkers. Patting Bub's neck, she stroked his mane as she spoke. She was ready to get to work now. "Alrighty then. So, let's see what we're working with shall we?" She addressed Zuri specifically as she was the one to discover the cave they were to build the bat home against. "Keep in mind this is somethin' I've never done before so it'll be a bit of trial and error." She scratched the back of her head and looked to Brom. "D'you have any ideas so far?" She asked him since he'd arrived before her. Looking up at the rock face, Sedona started wracking her brain for the best ways to construct a home for the little creatures that were Zuri's scouts and friends.

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