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Ezra, Ginny | Jordheim Papermill Thread!

POSTED: Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:04 pm

OOC: "Transporting long beams is a difficult job, but Ezra has the horses for it! With a team of drafts trained to pull the logs, it will still take a few more hands to make sure they are delivered without damage." WC: +3

IC: Eager snorts came from the team of draft horses, Sedona and Ezra had secured to the cart for hauling. Today's task for the Papermill was to bring larger sized logs to the build site from the Orchard. Thanks to previous work done by Rialu, Virue, Malfoy and herself clearing a good section of trees last month they had a decent supply of wood for the project. Smiling and patting one of the horses' necks as she passed around the front of the team, the Whitesage woman paused to speak to Ezra.

"Looks like we're all set here. Ginny's waiting for us by the wood stockpile. I told her we'd meet up there to load up." She explained to the Elkenfrey. It had been a few months since there'd been a big pack project like this to keep the Constructor busy. Sedona loved having work like this to do. Doing something for the greater good of the pack was something that fulfilled her. Ezra's idea for a Papermill excited the tan cowgirl and although the mill itself was beyond her area of expertise, building the structure was definitely something she could assist with.

"I'll lead the way if ya can guide the horses?" She wagged her tail at the taller black and white male handing him the lead ropes of the horses who were prancing side to side, ready to be put to work. Chuckling the Whitesage woman adjusted the hat upon her head and nodded once in confirmation, starting down the worn trail towards the wood pile down the way hidden off in the trees between Winterwynd and the Orchard storage shed. Glancing back as she heard the creaky wheels of the cart begin to move she made sure to walk at an easy pace so she could fall back and talk with her pack mate. "How long have ya been workin' with paper, Ezra?" She asked over her shoulder, curious.

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POSTED: Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:38 pm

[[Current Horses are Fantasy and Recherché]]

“It certainly does,” Bright smile reached over his shoulder to Sedona as she explained who they were to meet ahead,” That sounds like a plan, if I've ever heard one,” One or two more tugs at the horse's straps and reigns and it was settled. They were hooked and secure, Ezra coming up the other side of the horses opposite to Sedona. Fantasy was bursting with energy, delighted to work muscles harder than she had in a long time. The indigo mare knew exactly what the cart set up meant, and while Recherchè wasn't familiar with it all, she seemed bulletproof. The black and white draft, more calm than Fantasy, had a regal air about her. A majestic beast, if he'd ever seen one, but lacking Fantasy's charm. He'd have to get to know her better.

As Sedona's hand ran across Fantasy, Ezra's patted Chè's,” I can do that, easily,” To her inquiry, Ezra took the lead ropes in his hands and straightened them. Holding them high and facing his back to Sedona, he whistled twice softly and gave gentle direction through the leads. The drafts took off without much issue with the empty cart at their heels, their hooves moving in a cacophony of hollow thuds that rattled the earth beneath them. The mood was light, the weather fair and Ezra couldn't help but had the delight from it all beaming on his expression. This was exciting for him, beyond all reason, and he was elated.

As she fell back to his side, Sedona prompted a small conversation that Ezra was just as happy to answer,” Oh, for as long as I can remember,” He laughed brightly as he marched backward, watching his footing and moving his eyes from front to back to ensure he didn't slip. That old foot of his wasn't going to mess him up today,” I remember, my mother taught me all she knew. When my father was away for work, we would wait at home for hours and hours playing with the slurry and sniffing out fibers. When we weren't play with the horses, of course,” A fond sigh replaced his enthusiasm,” A family tradition on her side. As I had spent a great deal of time with her, it was only natural that I take it up. She taught me well, rest her soul,” Where there was usually sorrow for such a tale, Ezra still managed a bright eyed smile,” Thank you for asking.”

It wouldn't be much longer now. The scrap pile was growing into sight, but while Marbled eyes darted about for good footing and a straight lead, he wasn't yet able to see the image of Ginny. While they walked, it only seemed like an exchange of histories was a bit in order, and Ezra was happy to know more about the horse-woman,,” What brought you to Mistfell Vale, Sedona?” He inquired, feeling their friendship was growing rapidly with their similar tastes for past times and hard work.

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POSTED: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:50 pm

WC: 314

Ginny didn't really know much about creating buildings. She understood how easy it was for old ones to fall down and that she needed to be careful if she was going to explore them. She also knew how easy it was for bridges to fall down. Thankfully that had only resulted in a near-drowning and not an actual drowning.

Today's task though was related to a new paper mill. Ginny was excited by the prospect because she thought that maybe she could think about making maps on paper if they had a good supply, but wooden boards still seemed to be a better option for her. She would also need to get something to write with if she wanted to use paper, whereas with boards, she just had to have a knife or a sharp rock to scratch the marks into them.

She may not know how to build a mill, but she was very capable of helping move supplies around, and confident enough around horses that she wouldn't be a danger with Ezra's gigantic, beautiful horses. She looked around, making sure that the area was clear enough for the logs to be set down. She doubted they wanted to get here and then have to move things around to make everything fit.

In the distance, Ginny spotted them coming slowly. She supposed the cart probably made things difficult, and she guessed that it wouldn't work for the largest logs that they needed to move. After a quick scan of the area, she decided to move some smaller logs that were already here over some more to clear more of the ground. Then she was happy with how everything looked.

Once Ginny thought that Ezra and Sedona were close enough to see her, she waved unnecessarily at them but managed to refrain from barking as her tail wagged.
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