Treading Paper

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POSTED: Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:47 pm

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Soon, Ginny thought that she could start working on the official map, rather than on her stack of boards with random scratchings on them. She had covered so much of the pack lands since she and Rupert arrived, and Ginny was excited to move on to the next phase. Rupert, of course, was being his usual cautious self, but she forced herself to consider his point of view because he often ended up being correct.

"I think you should at least consider paper," Rupert told her as they looked over some of her boards. "It will be easier to create the map on because you will not have to carve into it like you do with these." Ginny had gotten a lot better at carving little pictures on the map with all of her practice. The first ones were messy and the pictures were often either too large or too small for how much space there was. The ones that came later got better and better. Her hand was steadier, which allowed the lines to be more precise. The improvement was not something she had even thought about when she started with scratch boards.

"Paper is so delicate, though," Ginny said. "I'll be constantly re-making it as the paper gets wet." She had initially thought of trading for paper to make the map, but the boards were so much more durable. Yes they would need to be replaced eventually, too, but she thought that it would take longer. She intended for the map to be put up inside a building somewhere, which she supposed would protect paper, too, but... well, she had plans for it that she had not told Rupert yet. She was a bit afraid that he would think that they were silly.

"Part of why you went with wood instead of paper was that there wasn't any paper here, right, Genevieve?" Rupert said, and she nodded with a sigh. He was not going to let this go. "Well, now we have someone who can make paper. You should at least go talk to him."

"Fine," Ginny sighed and stood up. She grabbed a couple of the more recent boards, just in case, along with the sharp rock she had been using to carve into them. At some point, she would need to start figuring out how to create the holes for the wooden pegs to go into. She was afraid that she would end up cracking the boards while trying to make them. Some of the boards she came across were a bit brittle. Maybe she could ask Sedona for help with that part.

With that thought in mind and a wave to Rupert, Ginny headed out. She was not entirely sure where she would find Ezra, but she figured she could try the paper mill. The air was chilly as she walked through Winterwynd and Ginny made sure to stick to a path that had been trodden through the snow. She did not want to fall into a snow drift somehow. Eventually she made it to the paper mill and she peeked inside.

"Ezra?" She called, hoping that he was here.
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Everything was set for the day.

Racks were laid out upstairs into the sun that peeked through the window with sheets draped across them, the height protecting them from the threat of the snow below. The bigger screen that he'd had made worked wonders for larger sheets. Thicker, heavier, and more sturdy. Sheets that could be rolled into scrolls, laid flat for large projects or cut down to size for double the amount of normal production for trade. His methods were working quickly and effectively, his body thoroughly enjoying the fact that the grindstone and Chè were well into the work today.

The black Clydesdale grade pulled the stone round and round at a sauntering, stead pace, the wood and the stone rattling and spinning as it should. With the heavy hooves, the contraption turning horse power into pressed pulp, the flames of the fiber pot rumbling and bubbling away, the mill was anything but quiet. It was full of life, animate with the activity of the Miller that toiled within it's wooden walls.

Yet, he had to admit his age more often now than he'd like to. And for the time being, now was becoming one of those moments.

Standing tall from the worktable that had bottles upon bottles of test dyes and inks in them, he pressed his hands into his lower back and gave a long stretched. He grumbled in his throat as his bones popped, the feeling an absolute relief. A lethargic shake of himself sent dust and dander to the wind and a glance at his arms after had him chuckling. He was up to his elbows in all sorts of colors, from pinks to blues, greens and blacks, his fur was properly stained.

Fiora wouldn't be happy with him to come home a right mess, now would she? Hazard of the trade, he was less than enthusiastic to admit, but he took it lightly and with a smile. The smoke and seaweed odor was free of their home, and for that, she was more than ecstatic.

Deciding a bit of a rest was in order, he grabbed the cloth that hung from the eye-hole in the board on the table and did what he could to dry his hands off, while making his way with casual pace heading outside. As he made his way to the door, he heard his voice called from the outside world. Pulling the barrier open, he met the familiar portrait of Ginny,” Well, hello, Lady Ginny!” A bright greeting with a full grin met her warmly,” Come inside will you?” Pulling the door open wide, he allowed her space at the gesture of his hand to welcome her in,” What brings you here today?”

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