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Dreams of a better tomorrow drive me forward today.

The early morning birds chirped away as the morning rays of light crested over the horizon. The sky was still mainly blanketed in the dark black-blue color, only illuminated by the sinking moon and the stars that dotted the skies. Beautiful colors danced forward, higher and higher into the dark blanket blurring the edge of night and day just above the horizon. Sunrise was her favorite time, the world was still silent as all the creatures slowly began to stir in their homes. Distant chirps and noises of the vast variety of animals that lived within the forests surrounding her home, the subtle crunching of leaves or babbling of a stream. All these noises were the symphony she enjoyed, early mornings were her absolute favorite.

She had taken long enough waiting as the morning rays crept farther into the sky, diluting the blanket of black that was once the night sky and introducing the brilliant colors of daytime. Petite tail wagged as she took in a deep breath, coal-dusted hands stretched skyward as she groaned. She had her work cut out for her, having spent the better part of the day before looking for locations that would be beneficial for her basket traps. The first of her traps would be set near Emberfen Lakes, that much she was certain of. Perhaps a trap or two could be placed at the foot of the bridges that gave safe passage across the St. John. Though she had given these places a quick once over, she was more sure of Emberfen Lakes than the river its self.

Her arms dropped down to her sides, satisfied with their morning stretch. She didn't want to waste any time, the sooner she could get these traps settled in and baited the sooner she could start bringing home food for her family. A soft smile pulled at her features as she hoisted the first basket into the air. The long cumbersome basket looked awkward in her grasp, but this would be the best way to transport it. She would risk damaging the newly created basket if she had decided to drag it to the lake. Propping the basket over her shoulder and holding it there with both hands for a moment, she stooped down to the ground. Dark hands grasped at a small bundle that she had prepared.

Gingerly she hoisted the loose bag into the air, not wanting to spill its bounty before she reached her destination. She would place the first trap and bait it, only to return home and make the trip again. The day would be a long one without help, but her driving motivation had cemented this idea in her mind. She would continue with the trips back and forth, with or without help. The determination would push her forward towards her goal, and nothing could stand in her way.

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Malfoy had to admit, even if it was only to himself, that he was getting quite annoyed with having to use a stick to help him walk. He missed the freedom he had once had of just simply crossing one part of the pack area to another without also lifting a sturdy stick and relying on it to take the weight his still strengthening leg couldn't

Yet, he also knew that it would be more than foolish to forgo the aid of the object for he could barely rely on his once gashed leg. Complaining would do nothing but frustrate James, for Malfoy had found over the winter that his cheerful companion did have his limits. The grey wolf dog did not want to be met with the face of annoyance that James could have again.

Sighing lightly, he glanced back and hid a smile as he caught his daughter following. She was doing her best to be secretive about it, but he always knew when she was there. Perhaps it was some sort of parental instinct or the fact that the air carried her scent easily to him. For now, he ignored her, letting her think that she had the upper hand in the situation.

Malfoy would correct her mistakes later, there was no need to in such a public area. Speaking of public, there before him was another member of the pack, quite unfamiliar to him. It looked like the female was carrying far too much for just her single frame. Looking to his bad leg he debated, then paused in his gait.

"Kalia, go offer our packmate aid" Kalia perked her head up, a brief look of disappointment crossing her features before she padded over to the stranger. Malfoy himself hobbled over to offer what aid he could. It was Kalia who spoke first as she got closer to the yet unknown woman "Excuse me, but do you need help?" Malfoy reached his daughter's side and offered a smile, and hoped that their intrusion was not unwanted.

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