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Leadership: Saga D'Angelo
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Nestled into the nooks and crannies of the southern half of St. John's River, Mistfell Vale has claimed parts of the lush Fundy National Park as well as the abandoned Camp Gagetown. Its southern half boasts rich evergreen forests, while the center of the territory shows off green fields and valleys - to the north, a mysterious swampland. Surrounding the territory is the St. John's River, which offers fresh water and life to the members of the Vale.
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Mistfell Vale Information Portal

Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:41 pm

Mistfell Vale
    Welcome, stranger. You are home.
  • Want to join the Vale? Check out our joining page and adoptables!
  • Be sure to visit our wiki -- our rank page has a lot of useful information!
  • Rank table icon legend:
    • indicates a co-rank - hover over it to see specifics!
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  • Have any questions? Feel free to message leadership!
Saga D'Angelo
Windcrest Risegard Starkhelm
Zuri Acidic-Trombetta
Elkenfrey Hawkesond Wolverthorne
Sedona Whitesage
Posey Prior Denmother II Rialu Avarice Malfoy D'Angelo
Falcon Skadi Eklund
Ezra Vahn Paper Miller I Bennett de l'Or
Sineria Inventor I Tora
Alec Phoenix Whitesage
Wally Sherman
Genevieve Auditore Clover
Fiorenza vin Vahn Callisto Ramsey
Kalia D'Angelo
Pack NPCs
Brom Elijah Collins Lyric Harper
Reuben Menno Karria Featherwright
Companion & Youth NPCs
Linden Aatte Ranger I Arrow Lee Rupert de la Croix
Virue James Germershausen Orin Knightsong
Willam Pipaluk Prior Zansa D'Acidic
Sindri Eklund Einarr Vesper
Malthe Comtois
Absentee NPCs
Ragna Eklund Raydiance Stryker Caspar
Fiora vin Vahn Baelish D'Angelo Dalia
Zelda D'Acidic

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Re: Mistfell Vale Information Portal

Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:52 am

Falcon Ragna Eklund Saga D'Angelo
Pack Aide I Scout II Pack Aide III, Diplomat III, Patroller I
Genevieve Auditore Baelish D'Angelo Sineria
Pathfinder I Negotiator I Inventor I
Posey Prior Zuri Acidic-Trombetta Sedona Whitesage
Denmother II, Florist I Bat Handler III, Merchant I Constructor II, Gamekeeper I, Pack Aide I
Malfoy D'Angelo Brom Elijah Collins
Weapons Master I Constructor I Defender I, Falconer I
Reuben Menno Lyric Harper Yvonne
Preserver I, Farmer I Hunter I, Scout I Leatherworker I
Karria Featherwright Skadi Eklund Ezra Vahn
Archer I, Healer I Vanguard I Paper Miller I
Pack Game
Veldt Dread Raze
78 75 332
Songbird Vida Miranda
1121 0 188
Nat Sineria Ash
613 50 79
Westy Salena Jordan
1516 25 586
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