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non-mandatory pack hunt!

POSTED: Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:05 am

He'd noticed a change in the winds lately - as winter began to warm slightly, slowly, new scents wafted in the air. He'd noticed a herd of deer skirting around their territory, giving the wolf-marked borders a wide berth, but Felix had managed to see and track them over the past few days. He'd first found them near the river, to the north, and found them ambling around the Vale, dipping briefly into Noxweald before rushing back out, no doubt alarmed by the strange new scents.

He'd spoken briefly with Calia and they both agreed that now, after the Mistwalkers had settled their homes and carved a place for themselves, a first pack hunt would not be amiss. It'd serve to bond them more, bring them closer as packmates, and bridge the gap between the humanized Luperci and those who preferred the feral life. There was a place for everyone in a pack hunt, room for cornering and chasing the herd and bringing them down with claw and weapon alike.

The thick muscles of his Secui form flexed and shifted under rust fur, and he lopped to the edge of the borders. The telltale darkened trees and thick, yet leafless undergrowth marked the start of Noxweald, and he padded towards the forest, fragile snow crunching underneath his heavy footfalls.

At the cusp of Noxweald he sniffed the ground; their trail was still fresh, and yet he knew that they were far enough away that they might think they were safe. He raised his head, looking back over his shoulder, and dug his claws into the snow. He howled.

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POSTED: Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:49 am

OOC: Sali's here to be the MUSCLE.

Shaking out her thick coat, with flecks of snow flying from the coarse outer layers, Marsali looked more like a downsized polar bear than ever. Secui was her preferred form for hunting but also for just meandering through the forested portions of the Vale. Getting to know the territory was perhaps of greater importance to her than getting to know all her pack mates.

While the Amarok woman was no loner (the fact that she’d joined the Mistwalkers proved that), she was no social butterfly either. When it came to interactions with others, Sali prized quality above quantity. If there was no progress to be made in speaking to someone it was more than likely that she wouldn’t bother.

Talon and Felix had been a different story. Somehow the small group of one-time loners had been bound together by circumstances. Maybe, when Marsali had met them, she had been softened by the remnants of maternal duties. And now she found herself bound to Tal and Felix in very different ways; one as her mate and the other as her leader. It was a strange turn of events but life had shown Sali stranger things.

One large Secui forepaw lifted as a howl sounded; a call for them to gather. It wasn’t an overt summons but Marsali felt duty-bound to check in with her leader all the same. Her bulk and power could be of benefit in a hunt for larger game and the stores of any fledgling pack needed to be filled.

Snow sprayed up behind her as she loped toward the area the call had sprung from. There, finding Felix, Marsali slowed and let the crisp air of not-quite-Spring roll over her tongue.

“Deer?” she guessed, the tip of her tail flicking. Well, it was unlikely that Felix would call them together to hunt rabbits.

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Jura had been dozing in her new home when she heard Felix Nightlark's call, lying on her bare stone floor in a rare patch of spring sunlight. She had yet to meet Mistfell Vale's leader, which in retrospect was pretty bad. His howl echoed, but came from the direction of the Noxweald. She'd done a general survey of the Vale's territory when Calia had accepted the female into the pack, but it had been more of a skim than anything. Anyway, she knew where to go.

Although reluctant to leave her patch of sun, Jura rolled onto her stomach and then up, giving a big long stretch to shake away the detritus of sleep. Quickly exiting her little farmhouse, the female, in her comfortable Secui form, made her way the the Ravenking's location. His call hadn't been a demand, but she felt like joining him was the right thing to do. Apart from gathering odd ingredients and attempting to make her home a bit for habitable, she female had been struggling to make herself feel useful.

She slowed down once she knew herself to be near, her steps growing as soft and quiet as they could in the crunchy snow. Felix and another female came into sight, the woman's whisper just about audible. A bout of nervousness swarmed her gut but she pushed it down dipping her head to the Ravenking and smiling at the other assembled female. All three of them were in their Secui forms (although Jura was dwarfed by both), which were the best for hunting.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, I'm Jura." she said, keeping her voice low and steady.

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POSTED: Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:35 am

Lupus (+528)

[MV] March Newspost

Ignore my rabble @____@ Just pay attention to the last paragraph.

The day had stared out as a rather lazy one for the Eklund and her group. With the slowly warming temperatures, snow had melted in the areas where it had been thinnest. Tiny shoots of new life sprouted up from these patches, and it had seemed to make the horses restless at the thought of having more delicious variety to their bland winter diet. Ragna had let the two beasts out to forage near the house, meanwhile, she and Glade had enjoyed their morning indoors.

She had been taking inventory of her effects, checking too their wear and tear from usage. The marten, on the other hand, had been curled up in the pair’s bedfurs, contently gnawing on some dried rabbit jerky. They had both been in their own world when the summoning call had rung out across the territory. Glade perked up immediately to the wolfish howl. “Pack hunt?!” He gasped excitedly, abandoning his dried meat to scamper over to the pile of goods beneath a windowsill. The mustelid scaled the pile easily, his beady eyes searching the world outside as if he might see the pack gathering beyond the house.

“Sounds like it,” Ragna grunted, beginning to pull off her clothes so she could shift down.

Seeing her getting undressed, Glade narrowed his eyes in confusion, chattering, “Why remove? Not hunt bow?”

Ragna shook her head, depositing the articles into a neat pile one by one. “Brimstone is still learning the territory. I wouldn’t want him to hurt himself. And, besides.” She opened the back door and began to shift down into her Lupus form. “There are a few young bloods amongst our number. It would be a shame if one of them found themselves impaled by one of my arrows or crushed beneath Brimstone’s hooves.” A true shame indeed; a good arrow wasted or her horse hurt because of another’s inexperience with group hunting.

No, it was safer for everybody to simply use her Lupus.

She shook out her fur as her transformation finished. “I’ll see you when Felix releases us.”

The marten liked his lips. “Bring me food!”

“Hnn, we’ll see.” With that, she slipped out the back door and into the woods beyond the house. Once she was clear of the wooded terrain and out onto open ground, she broke into a run towards Noxweald. A bit of sniffing had her pinpoint the Ravenking’s location easily enough. With him, a few others had appeared to have already gathered in preparation of the hunt.

Ragna slowed down to a trot as she joined their growing number, offering a simple stare or nod in greeting to the others. It appeared Felix and Marsali—one of the other founding members of the Vale—were in their Secui forms. The third, an ivory female that reminded Ragna of a younger Posey, was in the halfling form as well, though, she was not someone the Eklund knew by name. Her glacier eyes roved over them before settling on Felix, awaiting orders for if she should shift up for whatever he had in mind or if they would be on their way.

Ragna Eklund

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out of character here

The dappled girl had been in her den when the call rang throughout the Vale, and it was a call she'd been long awaiting. A pack hunt. Saga unfurled herself from the hollow she'd been resting in, deep in the bowels of her earthen den, and stretched. Her maw widened into a yawn, and soon after she was already scrambling up the steeply inclining tunnel that leg up and out of her den. Nosing the thin metal door open, she slipped out and began to lope away, following the Nightstag's scent.

It was not long before she found Felix, a small group of Mistwalkers already having arrived. Marsali, Jura and Ragna were the only ones to arrive before her. Near indistinguishable from the adult's she stood beside now, Saga was still dwarfed by them. Granted this was mostly because those she stood shoulder to shoulder with were in their halfling form, a form which she had no access to as of yet. Ragna was the only other soul in their feral form, and yet her icy eye's searched for Felix's sunny ones. Saga too looked at Felix. Although she was small, she was all muscle, with an impressive bite force and a penchant for high speeds. Those factors coupled with a high pain threshold more than made up for her feeble height. More so, she was still very much a child physically, and any breaks would mend with considerable speed.

She stood steadfast, a true Wolverthorne, with a pose and an aura that, hopefully, warned others away from questioning her involvement.

Saga D'Angelo
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ursa major

POSTED: Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:33 am

Word Count → 335 ::No one said that the pack hunt HAD to go off without a hitch!

She had been spending more and more time in the garden walls with all the green’s and the Koi pond, it made her anxious heart slow down. It made her feel like for once she might, just might fit into somewhere. It was strange, a life that had been spent living for other, serving others. It was all she had ever known and yet, she was still learning how to make it and function without black and white task to complete each day. She was still learning just how to be a pack member. It was strange for her to think about this life now. The Ravenking had brought his voice to the sky, it was very smooth. So very sure of this request. The female knew just what he wanted, he wanted his members to come to him, to come to him the king of the lands. The female knew what she must do, she must come to the voice that whisper though the air.
The female stood up, from her spot beside the pond, as she stretched. Her legs, was ready to go, but her mind was ready to just lay back down and look at the koi. She turned on her back legs, as she trotted to where she was heard the call come from. She mirrored the act of tracking a sent like she had down with other wolves. Her nose down to the ground, what she needed to do after that she didn’t have a notion.
Traveling the lady looked at the pack member that were starting to gather. She lifted her head for only a split second. That was enough for her. Once again, she was reminded she was not a social creature. She was flooded with anxiety. She gave another quick look over at the member that had gathered thus far.
Well, it was too late for her to turn back now. She was here, and she would try to preform whatever the King was asking of her.

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POSTED: Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:08 pm


With the days lengthening once more, life began to stir within the Vale once more. Small, bushy tailed critters were waking from their slumber and the noise of birdsong now occupied the mornings. And, as it appeared, some larger prey were making themselves known as well. Felix had tracked a deer herd not too long ago down by the river, giving the Vale’s new scent lines a wide berth. Calia agreed with Felix that after all the hard work the Mistwalkers did patching up Winterwynd the last few weeks, it would do them good to organize a pack hunt.

Filling the Vale’s storage was good and all, but what Calia really hoped was for familial bonds to be strengthened between packmates. A few short weeks ago, they had been strangers. Even now, there were still some introductions to be made between Mistwalkers. At Felix’s howl, Calia’s head lifted from her paws. She had shifted to her Secui not too long ago, anticipating the start of the hunt. This middle form felt strange and bulky to the albino, however she could also feel power locked into her muscles that weren’t present in her Lupus state. Given the Nightstag’s unfamiliarity with hunting, especially in a large group, she could use all the assets that she had.

The shepherd relied on her hearing and keen nose to make her way towards Felix, where a large group had already gathered. ”Hello there!” The Nightstag greeted cheerfully as she passed by Marsali. Likewise, the white woman returned Ragna’s brief nod in greeting, and offered a warm smile to Jura and Saga. Eventually the Nightstag settled her place besides the Ravenking, scarlet gaze looking out towards the gathering crowd of Mistwalkers as she awaited Felix’s further announcements.

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POSTED: Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:25 pm

Optime ⚓ NPCs: Shale Smythe ⚓ (300+)


“I'm goin', said a drunken voice.

No, ya ain't, said a firm voice.

Shale's proclivity to drink seemed to have been amplified in the days since joining Mistfell Vale, and it probably wasn't so much the access to drink but the fact that she no longer had to keep her wits sharp to help with the sailing of the ship. The pirates were landed now, and not only that but they had the protection of a pack and all, so she didn't even have to stay relatively sober for her own protection. Each day, Kyt's First Mate began drinking earlier and earlier until it became quite the problem. Most of the time it was only concerning, but not an issue between them. It was about to become an inssue now.

“Can't you hear? I be goin'! Shale slurred a second time and made a move to get up. Kyt put a firm hand on her shoulder to push her back down, but just then the earth surged beneath her like the great ocean, and she looked dizzy and dropped back down.

Ye just be an unneeded liability ta tha pack in this state, Kyt admonished. An' ya gonna get hurt an' ya ain't gonna be quiet enough. I'll bring home somethin' fer supper fer ye. Til then, just, try not to drink yerself ta death.

There was little more fight from the russet woman, and Kythera heard a snore behind her as she talked off.

The one-time pirate captain arrived after most others, her approach having been slow after Shale's protests. To walk up to the pack in such a state was a powerful sight to behold; there were many different shapes, and even a mounted member, whom Kyt quickly recognized as Ragna. Her mismatched eyes took in the scene as she approached, fully clothed in Optime. She had no intention of shifting down – she would do what she could on two legs and with her sword if it came to it. Stepping up to the back of the pack, she said nothing as her troubled thoughts about her friend continued to worry her.


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POSTED: Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:56 am

Word Count → 300 :: Tanya | Cecily

Tanya ran to the den, launching herself inside and smiling at a very startled Cecily, who let her bow streak across the violin making a horrible screeching noise. Tanya winced, flattening her ears in an attempt to make the ringing go away, but to no avail. She shook her head roughly before grinning at Cecily wildly once more. There's a pack hunt, and I'm going to participate. Just want to let you know where I'll be for the next few hours. Cecily smiled at Tanya, setting her violin aside. She was currently on their furs with a swolen belly and a sore body. Awesome! Bring me something okay? And tell them I'm sorry I can't participate, for the obvious reasons. She hugged Tanya quickly before waving her off to join to the hunt. Tanya ran outside and Cecily picked up her bow and began playing once more.

Tanya ran through the trees until she caught up to everyone else, who were milling around waiting for the event to begin. She trotted up to the front, shifting to her bulky Secui form. She rarely used this form, usually only when she needed to bring down big game or intimidate someone into staying away from her. But now she wanted the others to know that she could take down big game if need be. She was reliable and strong-willed, if not a bit cold towards others. Except Cecily. She glared at everyone who came too close as she marched up to the front so she could hear whatever was happening.


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POSTED: Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:53 pm

He stood stock-still in the snow, legs like pillars that reached into the icy frost. Vibrant eyes scanned the horizon until he could smell, hear, see his packmates come answer his call, hungry wolves, dogs, filing in to hunt. Marsali was the first, voicing a simple question; Felix gave a small nod, jerking his head in the direction that the herd's scent last was. Next were Ragna, Saga, and a white newcomer that Calia had allowed into the pack. The former were quiet, steadfast as their rank suggested; the last, Jura, was more cheery and vocal, giving him and Marsali both greetings.

"Hello, Jura," he rumbled, a kind look in his eye. "I'm Felix." He left off his last name, his title. She knew.

When Calia came in her large four-legged form, he waited for her to greet the others and, when she approached, gave her a quick lick on the shoulder, and nudged her fondly. The last stragglers came in, and Felix was surprised that only Kythera was in their Optime form; he supposed they really were more feral than the rest, after all. He wasn't displeased at this.

"Deer," he said, confirming Marsali's words and informing the rest. "A large herd headed east. They've been slow - it won't be hard to pick off their weakest links. Be alert, and stay close behind - don't get lost now," he said with a wink. And with that, he set off into the wood, checking back to make sure that the others were following; they wouldn't need explicit instruction now but to let instinct guide them. They'd follow the herd for a while until it panicked and started to break apart. Then, it was a simple chase after the weakest, the slowest, the clumsiest who couldn't handle the wintery, rough terrain.

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