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Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:13 pm


Well-worn paths, what could he say, they were a blessing. Had the road from Portland to Nova Scotia not been beaten down to a smooth flat surface by hundreds if not thousands of paw-pads, he would surely be dead.

Baelish had been traveling for more than a fortnight now, but had been taking it easy; he did not have a beast of burden to carry him, or a companion animal to keep him sane; all he had was himself, the earth, and the horizon beyond. He was not used to being alone, but luckily he was not lonely. The weather had favored him for the most part, only a couple snow flurries and nothing to really hinder him. The worst part of it all truly had been the muck and mire; he hated to be dirty.

He had left the Salsolan Outpost in good spirits, even though he was sad to leave his father. All of his siblings were now gone from their birth-place, but Ankh did not seem to mind; it seemed inevitable that all of them would eventually return to Salsola proper, or at least that’s what Baelish assumed. That’s where he was headed after-all; he wished he had more than just his meager few possessions, then he could have bought his way on a boat and avoided all this walking. But it was how it was, and he was nearly there now, he had to be.

The young male walked upright, proud and unafraid, a dusty golden traveling cloak covering a beautiful damask tunic; he had made sure to keep his clothes clean as best he could on this trip, but even these beautiful robes showed the wear and tear of the journey. He was as presentable as he could be, and he reached up to readjust the wasp shaped clasp at his neck; it was a lovely and delicate thing, bought in Portland from a young little ‘yote who he was sure fancied him, he smiled at the memory.

The day was long and the sky clear, the sun high overhead, when he began to notice the scents and signs of a pack. The worn traveling path seemed to turn away from it, so it was for the first time he stepped off the trail and took a much smaller deer-run towards this unknown pack. He assumed it must be The Thistle Kingdom, his destination, as his father had advised him that it would be the first pack he would encounter along the coastline. But it seemed to him he arrived prematurely; had he really been walking that quickly to make it here early?

Once he got close enough to the edge of these claimed lands for comfort, he stopped. He took some time to clean himself up; he combed his mane away from his face and dusted himself off. He also attached to his hips the worn belt that held a long, ornate dagger; he wanted to show that he was clean, and polite, but also a bit dangerous. He set his travel pack down to the side and cleared his throat before calling out a summons.

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:39 pm

sorry for the crappy reply <3

Saga had been, as she had been doing for the past week or so, testing the limits of her new body. Crouched low in dry dirt behind her shack, her darker hand clutched a fallen stick awkwardly between mismatched digits. Literacy had been the first time on her mind after gaining opposable digits. She could read well enough after all, the skill having been ingrained in her from a young age, but writing had to be learned anew. Shakily, she spelled her own name, bright eyes reveling in the sight of her own penmanship, her own signature font.

As she finished the tail of the final a, a familiar sound rang out. At first the dabbled woman had been sure she'd imagine it, that the call had been a hallucination. But Saga D'Angelo did not imagine things, and with a hint of ungainliness, she rose from the ground hurriedly. Her run was not as smooth in this form, still rough hewn despite her hours of practice. Still, she was speedy and agile and before long she came upon the sight she knew she see.


An odd mix of feelings bubbled in her chest. Excitement, joy, a feeling of wholeness that all melted into frustration and confusion and back again. Dark, unruly hair whipped around her as she closed the gap between herself and her brother, stopping just short of his brightly dressed form. Saga pursed her lips, he still seemed to much larger than her, something she'd not entirely expected. Not after she'd shifted.

'What are you doing here?' she asked, her face half jubilant and half questioning.

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:16 pm


He waited patiently, his arms crossed. The cool spring breeze blew softly against what little fur was uncovered; it felt good. Still chilly, but even the frost had difficulty holding on in the morning light these days, soon everything would be in full bloom; his first spring. He could tell why other’s liked this season so much, but for him, winter would always hold a special place in his heart.

His musings were interrupted by the call of a familiar voice, and his ears perked up and he looked into the distance to see a mottled girl running straight at him. Could he believe what he was seeing? It was Saga of course, and in her two legged form, the first time he had seen her as such. Of course, she would be seeing him this way for the first time too; he had left the Outpost shortly after his first shift.

It was clear she was still getting used to the form as her gait was somewhat haphazard; Bae could not help but laugh as she finally stopped short in front of him. And short she was, for the most part; he had not expected to be looking down at her.

He opened his arms wide, Sister! he said with a grin on his face, At long last, we are reunited and my travels are over! I am here, of course, because of you. He peered around either side of her as if to see if anyone may be trailing behind, but saw no one as of yet, Is this Salsola? It is not how father described it.

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Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:28 pm

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Baelish's spread arms were all it took for Saga to sink into his chest, embracing him. Momentarily she felt awful of giving Malfoy such a cold greeting those short few weeks back, but she rationalised it as merely a reaction to such a surprise. One that was not replicated with her middle brother's arrival as she's rather gotten used to having her siblings back around her.

She had scare time to revel in the warmth of the embrace before her brother's words caused her to release him and look up t him in confusion. 'Salsola?' the dappled woman parroted, he face a picture of confusion, 'This isn't Salsola..?' Both she and Malfoy had left the Family voluntarily, though it seemed that Baelish had come to this land with intentions of continuing his tenure in the Thistle Kingdom.

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Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:48 pm

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She sunk into his embrace, a bit to his surprise. Saga had never been one for very emotional interaction; but he had missed her, and he assumed she had missed him as well, though they had not been as close as she and Malfoy had been.

She pulled away from him after a moment and looked at him slightly confused, and stated that this was not the Thistle Kingdom. His smirk went a bit flat then, but then he shrugged, I don’t care if it is or not, I came to find you. I have. So if you would let me I’ll stay here with you. He smiled then. It was true that Salsola Proper had not been his goal, finding her had been. He really could care less where he ended up, but he was a bit surprised to find that she had not chosen to try and live with those who their father had spoken of frequently.

He wrapped an arm around her boney shoulders, keeping her close to him, Shall we just walk in? Or is there some leader I must genuflect to? And then, his eyes wide, he pushed her away but his hands still remained on her shoulders, Unless… could it be? He came close to her face then, his fiery eyes glittering against her own green ones, You are the leader of these lands?! He bowed then dramatically, My queen!

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Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:06 pm

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Silently, she watched her brother's face as he spoke. Out of the young trio, Saga had always felt Baelish would be best suited for life in Salsola. Sharp, wily, and oftentimes manipulative, her elder brother would have been welcomed with open arms. Therefore it came as a genuine surprise to her too see him so readily abandon his journey and so willingly speak his intentions to remain. Brushing a thick strand of pied hair out of her eyes, her expression soften as she did so, 'I suppose...' the woman mused with playful consideration, 'It depends what you've been up to since I left, any new tricks you've pick up?' she asked, giving his a toothy smile.

'I should probably call Fe-' Saga had begun, before her brother's strong grip had pushed her away from himself and lent in close so that his own dazzling pumpkin orbs were almost reflected in her poisonous ones. Saga scoffed, then planted a kiss on her brother's face, 'Not yet' she teased. She was not even sure she'd even make a good leader if the chance ever arose, her youth had given her little experience in the way of such roles. 'As I was saying, I should probably call Felix or Calia', and with that she called out to the duo.

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Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:55 pm

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As a familiar call rippled over the Vale, Calia's muzzle tilted to the sky in response. Saga. Her ability to differentiate her packmate's howls had gradually improved over time as connections between Mistwalkers knitted closer, something that she was might proud of. After all, what sort of leader was she could she not tell her packmates apart? Saga's call was one of the easier ones to identify, her voice pitched with a higher tenor due to her youth. "Can only wonder what she needs!" The Nightstag remarked to herself before responding with a short call of her own.

Of course, the albino had her suspicions. With the worst of the frost melting away and green shoots peppering the earth, passage to the Vale was made much more accessible than during the wintertime. The warmer months would provide the most convenient time for travel, especially for a loner with only their clothes on their backs. Saga, though young, was a capable girl herself, and for her to request assistance at the border could only mean one least, one good thing.

Wooden crook sinking into the loam as she walked, Calia approached the clearing where two figures stood. Though each were fuzzy in her vision, the albino instantly recognized the smaller, darker figure to be Saga by her scent. It was a little disjointing, to see her walking around on two legs rather than four so suddenly. Though, Calia mused to herself, perhaps she wasn't as young as she thought she was. At least, not anymore. Much had changed for many Mistwalkers these past few months since their founding.

"And who 'ave you brought to the borders this time, dear?" Calia spoke aloud, cracking a grin at the dappled girl's penchant for bringing wayward strays to the Vale's borders. As she drew closer, the albino caught a better glimpse of the stranger besides Saga. Unlike Saga's, his scent was masculine. And unlike both women, he was clothed in a well worn traveling cloak. Calia turned her inquisitive gaze to the silvery male, offering a warm smile as she did so.

"Welcome, welcome," Calia announced with a flourish "Name's Calia, n' I'm the Nightstag of Mistfell Vale. What do you seek here, at our borders?"

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Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:16 am

Oh Lord... he's a ham.[+3]

The little peck she gave him on the cheek warmed his heart; he truly had missed her, and she seemed to have come into her own after shifting. This could be a new start for him, for them, and everything could be better after this. He let out a content sigh as his sister called out to the leader, and he realized then that he didn’t even know what this pack was called. Oh well, if she was here, that was all that mattered.

It did not take long for someone to make their appearance, but as the visage of utter beauty and perfection appeared over the crest of the hill, Baelish became dumbfounded. His arms fell lax at his sides as the crystalline woman came to stand before them.

He could not help but stare, his mouth slightly agape; she was the picture of flawlessness, her fur white as the snow, her eyes pink and red like a raw ruby. Not a single speck or mar of another color sullied her; she was a goddess.

Bae realized that she had been speaking, she had said her name, and asked him what he was looking for. ”You.” he managed to keep from saying, but instead, Calia… rolled off his tongue. It was as sweet as candy, a perfect name for a perfect woman.

He knelt before her, I am Baelish D’Angelo and I am Saga's brother. His voice was deep and thick and he stared straight at her pink nose, trying best not to seem as he was challenging, but not being able to look away either, I have been searching for her, I come from the Salsolan Outpost in Portland. I wish to join this pack to be with my sister, and to serve you. The word ‘you’ was said softly, obviously meaning more than serving the pack as a whole.

He looked up at her with hooded eyes, and offered a cream paw to her, a small smile finally playing on the corners of his mouth, Please allow me to stay... Calia...

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Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:38 pm

ooc - It's official, I have been slayed lmao! Went ahead and posted with Vida's permission to get Baelish joined up as fast as possible :D


The Nightstag did not miss Baelish's open stares, though such initial reactions were not uncommon. From her scarlet eyes to her pink nose to her pale pelt, Calia's albinism proved to be just as much of an oddity in these lands as they were in her homelands. But no matter, for the albino was well aware that the majority of these stares were born from curiosity rather than malice. So the curly haired woman made no attempt to comment, instead she merely offered the man her trademark smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, Baelish!" Calia responded cheerfully, completely oblivious to Saga's blatant disdain at her brother's introductions. As the D'Angelo revealed his relations to Saga, the Nightstag's grin only grew wider. "Aw, it's sure a pleasure to meet someone from Saga's family!" The Nightstag beamed "The dear has been a great addition to our ranks. 'Fraid to say, you've got some pretty big boots ter fill." The albino winked playfully at this last comment, indicating that her words weren't to be taken to heart.

As Baelish knelt before her and pledged his allegiance, the Nightstag's eyes flew open in surprise. This bold move was...certainly not what she had expected from a loner seeking acceptance to their ranks. "Aye, we dun' need none of that!" Calia responded pleasantly, accepting the D'Angelo's extended paw to help lift him to his feet once more "Here in th' Vale, no grand moves of submission are needed. Good ol' fashion respect n' common courtesy is all we need 'ere!" That wasn't to say that the loner's show of dedication went unnoticed, however.

"Now then," The albino continued, an amused smile tugging at her lips. The silvery male was a strange one, but pleasantly behaved nonetheless. "What sorta skills do you have to bring to the Vale? Or care to learn for the matter?" As long as a loner showed interest in contributing to the Pack, they would be accepted with open arms. As much as the man may have wanted to join the ranks, smooth words and relations to a Pack member would not be enough to suffice.

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Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:09 pm

Skipping Vida for expediancy.[+3]

Baelish could feel his sister’s green gaze bore into his backside at his antics, but he didn’t care. He would do whatever this white fae asked; if only she knew what power she held. He could tell there was something uniquely special about her, even apart from her fur; her eyes seemed to dance in her skull, and she held a crook as if ready to shepherd him. He would follow her off a cliff if she so wanted.

Calia took his flattery with calm acceptance; she was going to be a tough nut to crack, but Baelish loved a challenge. She took his hand, and he swore never to wash it again, and she helped him to his feet. He was glad to hear that they weren’t all uppity here, at Mistfell Vale, like it probably would be in Salsola. Baelish loved to sneak and confuse when it suited him, but he was not one to live every day having to rely on those skills.

The Nightstag asked him what he could offer them, and he straightened up, slipping half a paw into the seam of his damask tunic, I’ve always been able to do well with trade negotiations. I have a way with words that can bring even the toughest merchant down to his base price, or even lower. He grinned, I would be able to procure anything the Vale needed with great ease. He obviously left unsaid that sometimes the ways he obtained items were not always the most scrupulous.

He opened up his hands then, Let me prove it to you. Tell me what you may need or want, anything your heart desires; I will have it in your hands within a week’s time. It would not be easy if she asked for something rare; but he was determined, whatever she requested he would find it, one way or another.

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