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Malfoy lay back his ears as the female eagerly volunteered to spar with Linden, not really giving him a chance to say that he wanted to as well. Perhaps it would be all right though, this way he could watch more. Watching could be better than actually practice sometimes. Sighing gently he carefully looked over the way that Kenai positioned herself. For someone used to fighting from far away, he thought she was doing a good job with her footing. Then again he knew fighting, but only a certain kind. The way Linden wanted may not be the way that he himself knew how to do. So maybe it was good that he had not been able to say he wanted to spar. This way he could see what Linden was aiming for.

Relaxing, he let his ears raise up, waiting to see how his two fellow pack members would spar. Hopefully he wouldn't seem to antisocial if he just watched. For all he knew, he would get a turn as well, if Linden felt so inclined to spar with them both. Orange orbs went to the pups, one that had only wanted a stick, and had not really taken the training seriously. Malfoy wondered briefly the age you should start training at to truly grasp the concepts. Perhaps the pups were already at the right age...or perhaps a bit older was better so that you took the training seriously. Moving his gaze back to the other two, he made his mind focus on what was going on in front of him, and he could figure out his random wondering later. If his goals were to be met, learning what he could was key. If he couldn't learn, then perhaps a different goal should be sought after.

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