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Funny how a beautiful song can tell such a sad story
Word Count → 400+ :: OOC: ;)

Many days an nights had past. Little food or water had been acquired. Carol was growing more ill and her son growing weaker by the hour. At high noon she smelt the scent of a pack. Trotting on a trail towards the scent she neared a border. Knowing not what pack lived here, she was cautious, but didnt have many choices.

A furry bundle stirred in her arms. Looking up at her with a yawn and hungry brown eyes, a male pup whimpered weakly. "Ama...?" The worried mother shushed him quietly. "Shh... be quiet, Amias. Ama is thinking," Her voice was soft but high and filled with worry. Amias said no more and curled up into a ball, whimpering to himself.

Being a loner had been hard on the single mother, gettjng food and nursing had taken it's toll. Scavanging and always moving from one location to the next left her tired and sore. Some loners she had crossed paths with had been suspicious and not sutable to help her raise a child till she passed.

Carol was sick. Very sick. And she needed to find a place where there would be someone to take care of her son when she passed on to the next life. She had cancer. Many tumors had grown on her body, and some on the inside. The wolf-dog woman knew she didnt have many moons left with her son.

Keeping herself under wraps, quite literally, on the tumors on her pelt she wrapped linin and leather strips tightly to her widder frame. On her brown dogish body she adorned herself with a leather chest piece over her breasts and a tattered skirt that once looked to be part of a beautiful purple dress--though not made by the hands of man. Her pointed ears lay back against her scull. Her mane is thick but cut short in this form to just look like the rest of the fur in her coat. Patches of fur were missing and starting to be noticable, not from mange, but stress and sickness.

Stiffening, the woman bent down into a crouch when the smell of another canine came towards her in the breeze. This scent was much more fresh then the scent slong that of the border. With the studden movement, Amias stirred and peaked around them with wide eyes. "What izit Ama-?" Carol cut him off with a hand over his head, pulling him closer to her body protectivly. "Someone is coming. Be polite, and stay quiet." She whispered, pretending with him that who ever it was would surely be friendly not to alarm him, so he would be quiet.

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To Felix's relief, Evelyn was starting to grow into her own, and was old enough to be left on her lonesome for short periods of time. The trappings of the typical puppy were starting to leave as she formed her own personality; she was starting to become more analytical, quieter, as she absorbed the world around her with her curious eyes and paws. The Ravenking couldn't be prouder.

He took the time to patrol the borders in a way he didn't have time to before - alone - and observed his traps along the way. They needed repairs, he thought to himself, as he padded through the dense trees and thicket. He almost bent down to inspect one further when he heard something, smelled something, that was out of place.

He drew himself up tall and followed the scent - not one, but two canines, although they had strange scents about them. Was one injured, maybe? The other was just a pup, he could tell, at least. He broke through the underbrush to find a female and her child, crouched just beyond the Vale's borders; the female had a hand clasped over the pup's mouth.

Felix bent down to a crouch as well, peering closely, silently, at the duo. Almost instinctively, his nose scrunched up; the female smelled wrong, sick, in a strange sort of way. Out of politeness, he immediately relaxed his features and let his blank, staring eyes to meet those of the older wolfdog - a dark golden-sunrise color. She didn't look old - quite the contrary, she looked to be younger than Felix himself - but the way her fur greyed and her skin almost sagged, clinging to her body in strange ways, belied her sickly nature.

"Well, hello," Felix said softly, tilting his head at the two. His eyes flickered to the pup for a moment before resting back on the female. "And who might you be?"

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Funny how a beautiful song can tell such a sad story
Word Count → 300+ :: OOC: :O

The pair's eyes widdened as the male crouched before them. One dark woth worry. The other bright with excitement. The small pup shyly pressed closer against Carol's fur and bandages, but his eyes and tail showed his playful nature and desire. At first Carol shyed away as well at the curl of Felix's lips, but soon realized/assumed he ment no harm. Sometimes she could be over trusting of men. She sighed greatfully, and cleared her throat before standing with Amias in her arms protectively. Ahem, hello. I am Carol and this is my lovely Amias, Amias was smileless with his little brown eyes wide and trained on Felix. Carol looked down fondly with a wide smile and kind eyes, bouncing him slightly in her arms.

Though she was tired and hungry, she wanted to make a good impression. If they were ever to get into this pack, she could not rely on the packmate's pity, and by no means did she want to show herself as anything other then the pippy and kind woman she has always been. Her comdition should never change that.

It is nice to meet you, Her eyes smiled sweetly, tail wagging slightly. We are looking for, well, a home. If you are a part of the pack here, I hope you have some room for us?

Amias perked up a little bit with his floppy ears and spikey fur. "An yum yums for, Ama!" He chipped in, worried for his mom but excited at the same time. And food, yes, we have been having it a little bit tough on our own. But, if you are worried about my uh... Carol used one arm and pointed from head to toe. Sickness, it will not spread to any of your packmates, She shifted on her feet, We really need somewhere to stay...

Carol trailed off quietly, a look of both worry, longing, and just the hope that maybe this fellow would take in at least her child. If you dont want me could you atleast take Amias? She begged in hushed tones, covering Amias by his little ears with a gentle hand.

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