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Elle - Kenai - Mystery - Zuri. He'd watched them grow under the tutelage of the older, more established pack members, watched from deep shadows as their personalities made themselves apparent (was that creepy? He didn't think so. Eve teased him about it, but she was still growing, so really, what did she know).

He flattened his fur (at least, he did what he could), and picked Evelyn up, grinning at her. She gave a small smile back - she was growing, leaving her puppyish phase and growing into her own person. She was quieter, now, but he could still see a glimmer of excitement in those curious, analyzing eyes. He gently placed her back onto the ground and she shook out her fur, looking up at the Ravenking. He nodded back, and they left the house towards the old Brassard Church.

They stood then on the steps, and he gave a low, rolling howl to the rest of the pack. He didn't have to wait long; they had already started to filter in even as he and Evelyn arrived, as they knew what was to come. He clasped his hands together and held a steady grin at all who came. Evelyn glanced up and gave him a little shove on his leg, reminding him to blink every once and a while. What a chore.

"Oh, Mistfell!" he cried as the rest of the pack - and the soon-to-be ex-Crowstooth members - ordered themselves at the foot of the church. The reactions were always the same - some chagrined, some excited, some rolling their eyes (yet with a mysteriously held-back smile) - and he cherished it all. "Are you all ready for the Sorting Ceremony? I'm ready! Evelyn is ready, too," he said cheekily, winking down at his niece. She gave a small, embarrassed groan.

"Now step right up! And don't be shy! I'll sort you right, in my mind's eye!"

sorry for the delay, lovelies! backdated to the 15th (: all the promoted crowstooth are assumed to be here; let me know if you prefer not to be!

after 4 days of no reply (or after all the to-be-sorted members have posted), i'll reply again with felix sorting the characters. this thread takes place in front of the old brassard church

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Optime | Backdated: August 15th | NPC: Glade (+261)

It seemed like they had one almost every month now, a Sorting ceremony. Perhaps it was because the summer months made the area more travelable by Loners, more likely for someone to actually commit to the journey to find the Vale, more likely to be stumbled upon by a wandering vagrant. Or perhaps it was because of the rumor mill of so many packs in the area disbanding as of late—one of which, made a cruel, hidden part of the Eklund smile contently at. Whatever the reason, the pack had swell in its number in recent months, something she was sure the Ravenking and Nightstag would be quite proud of.

At their leader’s howling beckoning, the Wolverthorne departed from her home and appeared with her ever-present shoulder attachment, Glade, in tow. The mustelid absolutely loved these ceremonies, always curious and always eager to see who was placed where. He had come to make it a sort of game for his entertainment, see how many houses he could guess right. Try as he might to involve his Luperci companion in it though, Ragna seemed less enthused by the whole ordeal than he. She just wanted to see who was sorted where and be over with it.

The pair came to stand with the growing crowd of Mistwalkers, glacier and dark brown eyes found themselves lingering on the Crowstooth members that were to be sorted that day. Once everyone was gathered, Felix opened with his usual fervor, calling the newer members to stand before their packmates as the ceremony began.

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It felt strange – almost wrong – not to have Fionny here, at her side. Her twin had defected from their birth pack with her, and joined the fresh ranks as Crowsteeth of Mistfell Vale. And now, here she was, on the steps of the old Brassard Church with her fellow newbies and without her dear brother.

In some ways, the weight of his absence made her question her loyalties. Though they certainly didn't spend every waking minute with one another, aside from short trading excursions, she and Fionnlagh had been nearly inseparable. It felt weird to know that he would be gone for a great long while – much longer than they had ever been apart before – and that made her wonder if she shouldn't have gone with him after all.

Their Ravenking's sudden cry of "Oh, Mistfell!" made the curly-coated Cormier start, her thoughts forgotten. Her own reaction was caught somewhere between surprise from Felix's abrupt vocalization, guilt from her earlier thoughts, and excitement for what was to come. And, quickly, the former two expressions melted away as Elle looked to the others standing with her. Of them, only one was unfamiliar, but it was Mystery who allowed the Cormier the last push she needed for solid dedication to Mistfell Vale.

Fionnlagh could take care of himself. But there were some others who could not, and Elle would stick around to keep an eye on them.

"Aye!" Elle said, stepping up confidently. She grinned toothily at Felix, standing still before him. "Let's hear it, then."

Wolverthorne, Elkenfrey, or Hawkesond? Elle's aquatic eyes held steady as she waited.

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She came as Felix called, peeling away fom her border run and redirecting herself towards the centre of Winterwynd, towards the church. Her paws thumped out a steady rhythm on the grass, wet with dew, but she was nimble and her step didn't falter. The Starkhelm didn't bother to shift, it was common knowledge within the Vale that while she could shift, she opted not to more often than not. They too obviously knew that she meant no disrespect by not deigning to shift. After all, he preference was largely due to comfort reasons.

She soon came into view of the impressive holy structure, padding over towards the fringe of the gathering crowd closest to where Felix stood ready to address his flock, much like a pastor would. After greeting the figurehead with a silent nod, Saga rested on her hauches and surveyed the growing numbers as the Crowstooth and previously sorted members filtered into the area, eager to see who would be placed where. Saga herself was interested to see who, if any, of the Crowstooths would be sorted into House Wolverthorne. The only adornment she wore for the occasion were the two cord and seaglass necklaces she wore daily. The first had been a gift for attaining Drakehund twiceover and the second had been generous gift from a certain Magnate...
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OOC: +300 words.

It was a bit hard to believe that so much time had passed since she had come to Mistfell. A month and a half, and yet it only felt like the other day she had met with the Ravenking on the borders, allowing her to stay despite knowing she was being followed by her old home. Since coming to the new kingdom, it seemed that whomever Viper had sent after her had forgotten about her, or he was coming up with some other plan now that he knew where she had gone. The latter option was far more concerning, but nothing could be done about it unless Mortimer made a move against it.

Should that day ever come, she would be the first one to take up arms against them.

Zuri's ears turned towards the sound of the howl, the call of the Ravenking himself. This was not the first time a call had gone out, and it certainly paid off that she had chosen a home so close to the church. Seemed that was the location where meetings took place. keeping an open ear on the inner workings of the kingdom would help her out in the long run.

Upon her arrival, crimson gaze moved around to those present. When she arrived, there were a few faces she knew, but others she did not, as was common in any setting like this one. Gravitating towards Elle, as she was one of the ones here she held a conversation with, her attention was quickly turned on Felix as he gave his speech. It was time for those to come forth and be told which set of ranks they were going to be a part of. Following along with the dark woman at her side, the pale woman stood tall, eyes focused on the leader before them as she waited.

Her turn would come soon enough, she just had to be patient and wait. Where did this leader feel her talents and personality would fit the best?

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This had been a very bad day. A no good and good for nothing stretch of time, in which the world seemed so spectral. So glossed over and surreal. Maybe it was the added anxiousness that came with waiting for the ceremony to start. It made him more on edge than usual, and edges as Mystery knew them were very bad things. They cut, separated and sliced and usually stung. But this edge just made him jump, jump at everyone and everything, because of that gloss. Those surreal glimpses and changes that couldn’t be canon, that couldn’t be really real, but seemed to be.

Mystery didn’t like lupus form today. It was too slow, and it was with the natural speed of a lupine that he sped through the summer-touched streets of Winterwynd, his fur a frazzled fuzz, his body trembling with nervous tension. The kind that, if heard aloud would sound like a tree snapping in dire moments of an angry storm. Mystery made it to the church, and stopped dead where many Mistwalkers had gathered to watch a sorting happen. Kind of like when he divvied up his flowers and paper birds, or how the horizon cut away at the sky...well that one was trickier, but maybe it was all in the same. Mystery worked his way to the forefront where the other Crowstooth were already waiting. He noticed at some point he’d met them all, and it was with some full-circle poetic harmony that they were all being sorted on this day together. All of them knew about him, perhaps more than he knew himself, and this sorting thing really was frightening now. Maybe he was a freak who liked to spy, or an obsessor of paper cranes and butterflies. Or maybe he was a paper weight, dead weight, no weight at all up high and aloft like his rocks he liked to throw. But they always came down, and he wished they didn’t, because then he wouldn’t have to feel things like this. The feeling of descending with velocity, of getting pulled down down down from his high place to a place much worse. ‘Run run little boyyy ehehe’ that shadowy voice said. Then he felt something wet at the tip of his nose, and quickly bowed down to his paws to rub away the dark liquid.

His head rose, he looked down to see a streaky red stain in the fur of his foot. This whole day. A nightmare, or a bad imagining of a day that could’ve been okay if not for all the bad things that kept happening. His head swam, he coughed. ‘Time to shine dear boy’

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So glad I saw this!

When Kenai was told to arrive for her sorting ceremony today, she was excited and nervous. What was a sorting ceremony? Was she supposed to wear something? Kenai struggled to figure that out as she paced back and forth about her room in the cabin she lived in until she left, giving up on making a decision. Kenai wasn't sure what would happen so she picked some green ivy to put about her head with her long mahogany hair braided down and slung over her shoulder where it stopped at her breastplate at the same level as her heart. The ivy had tiny white flowers in it so it stood out from the rest of the warm hues of her fur. Kenai left her bow and arrows at home as well as her satchel and instead walked with little else besides the obsidian dagger attached to a tied leather strap belt on her hip.

It was as if Kenai was a shy puppy again as she made her way to the church, meek and quiet, walking to the outside and nodding to everyone that greeted her with an awkward smile. This felt so weird but so exciting at the same time. As she to the stairs and clung to the crowd, she looked within the old church and its surroundings to see the way it was built. It was a glorious building at one time and the fact the roof went as high as it did made her wonder just how it was built and still standing with its age.

It didn't take Felix long to speak up and asked if everyone is ready. Kenai smiled knowing she was ready for the next step in her progress within Mistfell. While she had been settling in to the pack, she had forgotten that there were always places and times for promotions and figuring out ones niche in the pack. She wasn't necessarily a master bowmaker - but an apprentice - but she was capable of making other tools that had its worth for the length of time it was usable. Her hope was that she somehow finished her training whether by herself or with the aid of someone else.

When a couple of others that were the same rank as her walked up to line up, she supposed that she was supposed to be there too. Kenai quickly walked up to line with the others and noticed the others watching Felix at the steps. Well what a way to put her on the spot! Kenai felt butterflies in her stomach as she stood by three others that were also waiting to see what house they were settled in.
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For the sorting ceremonies, the albino tended to hand the reins over to the Ravenking - her dear friend possessed a flair for the dramatics, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste. Given the rising influx of new members, the sorting ceremony had been occurring monthly as of late, something that greatly excited the Nightstag. Seeing the Vale blossom so rapidly from its original fifteen members sent a thrill through Calia's heart. And more so, the support that the older members gave the newly appointed House members meant a great deal to the Nightstag. The albino grinned cheerfully as she met the eye of Ragna, their stoic Scout, and Saga, the first Mistwalker to achieve the Starkhelm rank.

Oh, if there was one thing that the Nightstag didn't have to worry about, it would be the fear of the sorting ceremony growing stale. Calia chuckled as Felix teased Evelyn - embarrassing his niece as any good uncle should do. The Nightstag leaned forward in interest as Felix read off the names of the aspiring House members, her eyes dancing as she spied them in the crowd. Zuri, with pale fur akin to her own, was the easiest to pick out amongst the throng of Mistwalkers. She spied Elle, Mystery, and Kenai not too long after, their expressions ranging from nervous to excited.

Not that they had anything to be nervous about, that was. Felix was an expert at sorting individuals into their respective Houses - and his gut hadn't failed him yet.
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He gave a soft snort as Elle gave an exclamation; she was probably the easiest to sort, given her brash and fiery personality. Even now, she exuded her soon-to-be house, and he wondered if she really needed him to sort her to know after all. But as the crowd's words died down and everyone waited, he smiled, knowing that this was a part of them now - something no one else had. He stepped forward, cocking his head at Elle.

"Ah, Elle," he said, a hint of a smile quirking his mouth. "Is there really a doubt? Because I think..." He left a pregnant pause, a bit of theatrics, before exclaiming, "Hawkesond!" He moved his arm to ruffle the top of her head ever so slightly, giving a wink before moving onto the next Crowstooth, a Mistwalker of pure white and red..

Zuri had been more difficult; she had many of the traits of a Wolverthorne, and in the first weeks of knowing her, that's where he thought she might belong. But it wasn't long before her brash nature, much like Elle, had shone, and he could see her true nature underneath the outwardly cool bluster.

"Yes," he said to no one in particular. "This was a difficult choice, but for you - Hawkesond!" He knew the difficulty of leaving his home, the strength it took, and the power to speak one's mind. He gave her a knowing look, a soft smile, and moved on.

Mystery... truth be told, Felix had been unsure if Mystery belonged in the pack at all, especially after the disturbing display that had been her joining. He liked the new, the interesting, yes, but he didn't like the insane that might hurt his family. So far, however, Mystery had been a more calm presence in the pack than he had expected, and he was glad to know that the coydog wasn't a lost cause - and he knew where they belonged ,too.

"Mystery, you have a very good name," he said wryly, clasping his hands together and drawing a breath. "And the makings of an Elkenfrey!" he said, meeting Mystery's gaze with reassuring eyes.

Finally, he turned to Kenai. He could tell her kindness and even-temper, her effect on the others; she had a quiet determination to make this her home, to work for herself and for others, to give the gift of her skills. A calm soul who held good relations with her packmates, even the ones who were difficult on their own; it wasn't hard to pinpoint where Kenai might belong. She was solid, like the earth.

"And Kenai," he said, "A solid example of a Wolverthorne!" And with that, he clapped his hands together, looking back over hte newly sorted Mistwalkers, satisfied with another sorting gone well.

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Standing before their eccentric and enigmatic Ravenking, Elle held her curly head high. There was confidence in the way she stood, with her back straight and her shoulders squared. For good measure, she even had her hands hitched atop the ample width of her wide hips and, sharp across her dark face, was the eager grin that split apart her lips. And there she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

By the time Felix stepped toward her, his flashy head tilted and his golden eyes boring into her face, Elle's eager desire to know her destiny within her new pack had reached fever pitch. Her attempts at remaining still were largely failing, resulting in subtle fidgets and a wilting posture. But she stilled immediately when, at long last, the Ravenking uttered her name and the beginnings of a thought and Elle held her breath.

And then... there was silence.

The seconds stretched on and on and on until it felt as though years would pass before she would learn the name of her house. She nearly cried out in anguish before, in a sudden exclamation that surprised her enough to visibly twitch, she was sorted into House Hawkesond.


Elle tolerated the slight ruffling of her curly mane, her sea-green eyes twinkling back at Felix with pride and appreciation and excitement before he slipped out of her sights an onto Zuri. Beaming a toothy, confident grin, the newest Hawkesond glanced around her at the gathered Mistwalkers and, making a fist, she lifted it upwards in triumph at any other Hawkesonds that might be watching.

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