A Place To Rest My Weary Head

Sedona Claims A House!

POSTED: Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:21 am

OOC: Set in the afternoon after her acceptance to the pack. ^^ WC: 620

IC: Felix, the Ravenking, had seemed like a strong leader figure in Sedona's opinion. Maybe a little seemingly preoccupied upon first impression, but otherwise the Whitesage hybrid found herself taking an immediate liking to him, which was definitely good. Especially considering she was now to follow under his rule! Leading her two horses to the pack's makeshift corral to turn them lose to pasture with the rest of the pack's horses, Sedona made sure to watch her two equine interact with the herd of Mistfell's already established beasts before bidding Hopi and her foal Yavapai good night and meandering down a city street her belongings hauled upon her back, inspecting the homes along the way as she passed. Before night fell, she'd need to pick one of the structures to claim for her own. Her red tail hawk, Qale she had dismissed to find his own way for the evening. She knew he'd remain nearby enough that should she call for him he'd come to her.

Pausing by the river's edge as she turned down another street and found herself along the rushing St John's bank, Sedona kneeled upon the crumbly shore, removed her hat and dipped her paws into the cold rushing waters, splashing some up into her face. The liquid was refreshing and helped to wake her fully after her long day. She'd need her wits about her if she came across any of her fellow Mistwalkers and if she was going to be doing any house exploration. A lot of the buildings needed repairs, she could definitely see that. She needed to be careful just in case any of the homes weren't all that safe to enter. It was a good thing she knew how to work with most of the materials she saw the structures were built from She'd have her work cut out for her. But that didn't bother her one bit. She looked forward to being kept busy. It gave her a purpose. Smiling and rising from the water's edge, the cowgirl shook out her hair and replace her hat before turning back into the multitude of homes and began truly scouting for one that caught her fancy.

It took about a half hour before she finally found the one she wanted. It was a single story home in the shadows of the large church that stood at the center of the town of Winterwynd and was made of faded red brick with an underlying framework of wood. Part of the roof was caved in and would need fixing and the front door was falling off its hinges, but the overall structure was sound and all but one of the windows were intact. The home had crawling ivy up the back walls and a garden space within the quaint yard space and a back porch area for entertaining. Inside there were three bedrooms, one a bit smaller than the others. The living room had a large stonework fireplace which Sedona found charming and knew she'd definitely need in the coming Winter. With a final nod around the kitchen and noting the last of the things she knew she'd need to put some work into to make the place truly livable by nightfall, the cowgirl, set to doing a bit of clean up before she'd settle in for the night. She knew she was going to sleep really well that night. It was wonderful to finally have a place to call her own that was sheltered from the elements and to have somewhere she belonged again, at last. She'd not found anywhere that she'd stayed at for very long for many many months. It felt good to have a place to rest her weary head again.


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