It's a New Day, A New Plan, Here I Am

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IC: The day was still very very young when Sedona rose from her curled position upon the living room floor in front of the stone hearth within newly claimed home within Winterwynd. The day before she and her animal companions had arrived in Mistfell Vale and been accepted into the pack ranks officially. She had chosen this particular abode for its location and its quaint cottage charm. She already had ideas for future endeavors and renovations to the place. She had spent most of her evening settling in and assessing what types of major and minor repairs she'd need to do on the structure before it would be fully fit to live in full time and be secured from the weather. Now, after a good night's rest she was ready to get started on the inventory of work she needed to accomplish over the next week or so.

As she got to know her pack mates she was certain she'd gain more assistance with her project. She had gleaned a few names from Saga and Felix on who to request help from in her repairwork, but for now she could get started on her own. Shifting from her Secui form which she often slept in, the woman shook out her pelt and stretched her limbs, reaching for her hat and bandana which she'd placed carefully near the fireplace beside a long stick she'd been using to stoke the flames overnight to keep her warm. She had had to carefully clamber up to the roof around sunset to unclog the chimney free of an old bird's nest and some rubble that had prevented smoke from rising free of the flew. Thankfully the blockage hadn't been too extreme and therefore her makeshift bed was not uncomfortable upon the floor with her bed roll and few blankets spread out thanks to the fire she had been able to burn through the night.

Smiling and making sure the coals weren't going to flare too drastically into a roaring inferno again, but still provide ambient heat until the sun rose further into the sky, Sedona started her day by exiting her home and heading for the river to wash and refresh herself before returning and drying her fur while simultaneously beginning to take the garbage pile of loose wood boards and fallen bricks and other debris out from the inside of the home and setting it in the front yard off to the side of the overgrown pathway leading up to the broken door. She'd be quite busy today. And that suited her just fine. It would be good to have something to occupy her time with again. And what better than it being her own living space? Once the sun was crested over the horizon and the sharpest chill was gone from the air, she'd go and feed Hopi and Yavapai and try to check in with the pack's other stable master and learn more about how things worked around Winterwynd. Maybe she'd try to find the Ravenking again and ask a few questions. For now though, the cowgirl was all about gutting the building and getting the supplies she'd need to fix up her new home.


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Clapping her muddy hands together, Jura stood with a groan. Her back ached from being bent for so long and her thighs burned nicely. The snowy woman had been hard at work in the garden since morning; harvesting and cutting back deadened plants ready for winter was tedious, but satisfying. On her scuffed kitchen table sat a cornucopia of produce: asparagus, groundnut aplenty, some artichokes and enough bull thistle that would make your paws start throbbing by just looking at them. Her careful cultivation and attentiveness had paid off and Jura couldn't help but grin at the fruits (and vegetables) of her labour.

She decided a trip to the river was in order, both to wash herself clean of earth and god knows what else and also to fill retrieve some fresh water for her stew. A grass-fattened rabbit was skinned and ready to cook, alongside some of her fresh veg and herbs. It hopefully wouldn't take too long seeing as how she'd built up her fire before she left her home. As she walked by the church, pot swinging by her side, Jura noticed an unfamiliar female walking in her direction. Not thinking, Jura ducked out of sight behind the church's mossy wall and listened intently until the stranger's footsteps faded away.

Coward. she thought of herself. She should really stop being such a recluse. Guilt filled her chest, making it tight as she stood back up and continued down the road. The woman was probably a new Mistwalker, or a guest, seeing as how the hybrid had been walking so obviously through the heart of Winterwynd. Shaking it off, Jura rushed to the river and then back home to her farmhouse where she was quick to prepare her meal.

When she stepped back into her garden the next morning, the sun just cresting the church's spireas morning approached, Jura noticed movement from the abandoned house opposite her. The female she'd hidden from was pottering about, clearing the place out. Definitely a new Mistwalker then, and a neighbour on top! The snowy female's guilt doubled at her behaviour the previous evening. An idea sprung to mind. She'd bring the newcomer some food. A hearty stew was sure to be welcome after what she did not doubt was a hard time of travel before reaching the Vale. Jura turned, grabbing a smaller pot and deep wooden spoon she'd whittled herself and began spooning a large helping of her newly heated stew into it, making sure that there were nice big bits of rabbit in there and headed off.

Jura's resolve flickered as she approached the house, making herself knock hard on the ajar door. "Hello? Uh... I've brought some food."

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Sedona Whitesage
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As she was bustling about inside, Sedona had almost failed to hear the soft voice and the knock upon the front door. She was practically waist deep in a pile of rubble she'd gathered up in the spare bedroom where the roof had collapsed and was using a pitchfork to scoop and carry the rubble out the back door to a heap of scrap material she would later sort out to find out that was reusable or salvageable. Her ears perked as she heard the young woman call out. "Hello? Uh... I've brought some food." Leaning the pitchfork against a wall, the cowgirl, brushed off her paws upon her knees and proceeded towards the front of the home she'd just claimed as her own and smiled at the sight of the pure white female upon her threshold.

Tail set wagging, the Whitesage woman dipped her head in greeting and swept her hair back from her eyes. At the present moment, she was not wearing her usual cowboy hat and so her hair was tumbling down messily into her face out of her pony tail. "Howdy there! Come on in!" She invited her fellow pack mate with a friendly grin. "Welcome! I'm Sedona, I'm new here as of yesterday. It's a pleasure t' have my first company! ...And ya brought a meal! Yer too kind." She chuckled and gestured with a paw towards the kitchen through the living room. "m'fraid I don't have much seating yet for entertainin' yet but I did just sweep here so if ya don't mind pullin' up a spot on the floor...?" She trailed off and offered the counter for the ivory girl to place the stew upon. Sedona could smell the food from within the pot and it smelled downright delicious. She hadn't realized how late it had grown in the morning already, and just how hungry she actually was! It seemed the perfect time for the other Mistwalker to arrive.

A house is not a home without the warmth of good company...

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Her new neighbour soon emerged from a room further into the house. Jura had only seen a glimpse of the female the previous night, and the low light and instinctual need to hide had stopped her from really seeing what she looked like. The female was taller than herself by a few inches, her coat a wholesome mix of earthy colours. A red cloth bandana sat around her throat with some interesting embroidery on the corner. The woman was caked in dust, no doubt from clearing up her new home. Jura had plenty experience of cleaning out these sorts of houses and how the dust and dirt built up from decades managed to stick just about everywhere it could.

A bubbly greeting startled Jura a bit, although the other's grin was infectious enough to make Jura instantly return it. The woman, Sedona, invited her inside; joviality seeping from every word and gesture of hers. The snowy wolf stepped across the threshold, carefully putting down her meal for the woman where she'd indicated.

"It's nice to meet you too, Sedona. Welcome to the Vale, my name's Jura." She took a seat on the swept floor, legs bent into a basket and looked up at her neighbour. "I actually saw you last night, but didn't come to say "hi", I'm afraid. Thought you could do with a good meal to warm you up." Jura beamed. This woman's own forthcomingness made it easy for Jura to break out her own shell it seems, and conversation came easily to mind.

"We're actually neighbours, believe it or not. Mine is the stone house with the big garden just across the way," Jura gestured with a thumb behind her back. "I see you're beginning to clear out your house? Oh my goodness, you should have seen mine when I first arrived. An absolute mess!"

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