Fences, Horses, and Crab Apples, Oh My!

HeeHaw Orchard

POSTED: Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:24 pm

OOC: Sedona's trying to take a headcount of the pack's animals and determine/plan out what kind of provisions and facilities they'll all need. She'll be bringing her findings to Felix in hopes of organizing some future projects/building efforts to house the animals and properly fence them in etc. This could also count as a thread prompt if some crab apples get picked. ;) Feel free to join in and assist or chat or whatever! <3 WC: 642

IC: When she'd first joined Mistfell Vale a couple weeks back, Sedona had been informed of and had briefly gotten to take a look at the pack's livestock situation. She was aware that in the Orchard, there was still much work to be done in order for the animals to be properly contained and for there to be a logical order to feedings and care for the creatures. There was an old barn and stable structure in varying states of disrepair and a loosely constructed corral already in place upon the fields near the orchard but nothing that was safe enough, nor sturdy enough to handle the tests of time for any true usage any longer. This, the Whitsage woman could tell simply by just given the structures a once over glance. Termites, birds, weather and simply time had played their parts against the barn and the siding and one of the walls was badly in need of replacement. The metal roof was rusted and would need repairs. The stalls within would need some serious cleaning and there'd need to be an extended area for the smaller livestock like goats and pigs outside. This was just her initial assessment as she meandered her way through one end of the stables and out the other, peering around at the worn end very carefully for signs of imminent collapse. In the event of such a mishap, the few horses inside would need to be moved to pasture. Most of the herd already remained outdoors and took shade under the few trees on the far side of the corral, but as Winter came, they'd need somewhere warmer, and safer to be turned in for the night. Thankfully, the worse off end of the building had already had some reinforcements put in place to prevent any incidents.

Stepping around an angry, hissing goose, Sedona chuckled softly to herself at the display of the male waterfowl and dipped her muzzle to the bird before continuing out towards the corral, moving to investigate the fence posts for signs of decay. It was no surprise there were sections needing to be pulled up and redone. She'd volunteer to handle that project all on her own if need be. She was skilled in the task from countless of hours hard at work under the sun practicing it back home on her family's cattle ranch. Making her rounds, the scent of the autumn ripening crab apples from the rows and rows of trees wafted towards her and she inhaled their enticing scent. Perhaps after a while she'd go pick a few to bring back home. She'd definitely bring one to give as a snack to Hopi and maybe even Yavapai if the young foal was interested. She knew though that too many of these fruits could cause harm to the equines and so she made note to bring this up to the Ravenking so maybe the very first rows of trees closest to the corral could be kept particularly close trimmed. Smiling, Sedona continued to follow the corral fence, occasionally having to push and pull on certain posts or chase off a horse that was getting too curious about her work on the weaker parts. She didn't need any of the her figuring out where the easiest points of escape were. Brushing her hair out of her eyes and wiping the sweat from her brow, Sedona fanned herself lightly with her hat. Out in the sun, despite the cooler Fall temperatures, one could still work up a good sweat. It felt good to the young cowgirl to have something productive to do again. She missed keeping her paws busy, hands on with a project. She couldn't wait to bring her findings to Felix and seek his approval to begin the repairs that were much needed in this area of the pack's territory.


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324 Look, crabapples! (Which I keep wanting to write as crapabbles...)

In the shade of the crabapple trees, Canary watched the little bands of sheep wander in tight, neurotic little bunches through the overgrown fields. They were thin, dirty-looking things -- much like Inferni's flock had been in its final days. She sighed at the thought, a touch of rare melancholy darkening the blues of her eyes, before an apple dropped from an overhanging branch. The fruit hit her shoulder, then the ground with a soft thud. Wincing, she rubbed the sore spot and looked upward, finding Tonks clinging to the branch, upside-down, her clever black paws grasping at another little apple -- one that Canary managed to catch when the raccoon dislodged it.

A-hem, the coyote coughed, and Tonks flipped her head to stare at her caretaker. She chirped, until Canary snapped the pads of her middle finger and thumb. Pinning her ears at the sharp noise, the baby raccoon slowly eased back toward the trunk, fumbling a little as her tail -- bushier now that she was older -- stuck out for balance. Her paws managed to find the rough bark, and she shimmied down, chittering happily when Canary rewarded her with the apple she'd caught.

A velvet muzzle brushed her elbow, and the Crowstooth laughed. There's one on the ground for you, she told the black gelding staring imploringly at her. She brushed Elvis off and pointed, and he dropped his head to lip at the bruised crabapple in the grass. Meanwhile, Canary coaxed Tonks onto her arm and fed the raccoon while looking back out at the field -- this time spying a Luperci walking along the old rotten corral posts in the distance. Interested, Canary stepped out of the shade, carrying Tonks as the raccoon drizzled sour juices onto her arms.

Hello. Canary grinned, her bushy tail wagging behind her. Hard at work? Canines didn't sweat, but the scent of exertion and sun-warmed fur was evident anyway.

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OOC: I keep doing the same thing! XD My apologies for the delay in replying! WC: 363

IC: Sedona went along, making sure to test and check every single fencepost. There were far more rotten posts than she had first estimated and she knew she would need to salvage or completely replace a great majority of them. Time and weather had taken their toll on the wooden posts and cross boards. It was a wonder more of the beasts kept within the corral hadn't already figured out how to escape. It wasn't too difficult to simply lean against the boards and have them topple right from their notches or in some worst case scenarios, have posts crumble under the barest touch. These particular fence lines would need repairs straight away in case any of the livestock should discover the weakness.

Sedona hadn't noticed she had eyes on her from off in the orchard until a breeze picked up, bringing with it the scent of another along with the delicious scent of the ripe Crabapples once more. Looking up, just in time for the other woman to speak, Sedona's muzzle split into a friendly grin. "Hello. Hard at work?" The woman asked. The cowgirl noted in her arms was a small raccoon kit, happily munching away on an apple. Sedona wagged her tail and dipped her head kindly. "Aye. That I am. Checkin' the fences for decay. Need t' replace the bulk of 'em it would seem." She told her new found company. "I gotta bring my findin's to Felix so we might be able to get a work force goin' to repair this place t' make it fit for all the livestock." She smiled. "Wouldn't want any more of the sheep or even the horses t' escape more than they already do." Sedona chuckled and then wiped a dirty paw on her thigh before holding it out to her fellow pack mate. " The name's Sedona. It's a pleasure to meet ya, miss....?" She trailed off, tipping her head slightly in question as to what the other female's name was. It wasn't every day you met a new face. But as always, the Whitesage woman was always open to meeting new people and up to the possibility of making new friends.


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