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The idea had sprung to his mind as quickly as anything in his life did, and he'd immediately begun preparing, an excited and almost childish grin on his face all the while. He'd told Calia, who seemed to like it, but he couldn't gauge her full response before he'd run off again, making sure preparations were taking place. He couldn't run a poorly planned surprise party. That was bad taste.

This time of year wasn't naturally more or less scary than any other time, but Felix remembered when Skye told him of old human traditions long, long ago, when people would become who they weren't, and the macabre ruled, if only for a short while. The thought now made him almost giddy; he loved the strange, the horrifying, to observe things that didn't belong. It was why he collected so many "artifacts" from the prey that fell to his traps, things like skulls and little bones and sinews. It was interesting.

The old brassard church was dark and empty on this particular afternoon, and so Felix (with the help of Evelyn, who was growing faster than one could imagine) began to decorate and lay out meats, liquors, and scary things, like bits of wood carved into spider shapes and scary faces painted onto rocks. He had spread the word the past few days to come tonight, to bring a disguise, a costume - something scary or fun or just interesting, be something that you weren't, at least for one night. It was a costume party - a frightful masquerade! And along with the invitation was a rumor that maybe the best costume would get a special surprise.

Felix himself had decided to dress up as a skeleton. He had plenty of spare bones lying around his house, and so he painstakingly tied the bones of prey to his limbs and hands and feet, had tied a broken-off ribcage to his front (although it jutted out a little strangely). He had wanted to wear the skull of an elk, but quickly learned that skulls didn't hollow out so well, and so he wore it as a macabre hat instead. He had also tied antlers precariously onto his head, because he thought it looked cool. Evelyn had laughed when she saw him, and the light sound was heaven to his ears. He grinned at her and looked about the church.

It was evening now, and almost dark - candles lit the room, interspersed around it so as to cast long shadows and dark corners. Tables were carefully laid out with food and drink and the occasional skull as decoration; their bits of "scary art" also decorated the tables and the floors, including round-ish rocks painted to look like eyes (although if they did actually look like eyes or not was heavily up to debate).

It wasn't long before some started to filter in with their costumes, now that the sun was setting and the time was right. Elijah and Elizabeth came first, grinning at the decorations and partaking in food - they were a bug (Elijah's stick antennae and leafy wings were evident) and a ghost (Elizabeth had no apparent costume other than wiggling her fingers and saying "oooh" every other sentence, but Felix thought it was fine for the effort). As others began to enter, he stationed himself at the door and greeted each pack member as they entered, making sure to compliment each costume.

hooray! please check out the contest topic for more information on how to participate! :)| 570

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LOOK OUT! HERE COMES THE SPIDER-MAN! and don't forget the hyphen

Sunset came and went, its orange living on through the forest's leaves. They were dry and crunching underneath paws of the Mistwalkers on this night. Fog rolled in; as it so frequently did in the Vale. It did nothing to obscure their vision or bring down their spirits. Chatter reigned in the heart of the city. Rivers and streams trickled and bubbled, cooled but unfrozen. Winter would come, but for now: they would cross the bridges, and descend upon the church in droves. They would wear masks of all kinds, and let their grins split their faces wide open.

Horror, shadows, chaos and trickery—these were a few of Nic's favorite things! Only natural, then, that Felix could grab his interest heartily with this idea of his. Hell, if he had known sooner, Nic would've assisted in these October schemes.

As the moon rose, so, too, did the Crowstooth's energy and excitement. He sat there in the dark of his home, tapping his fingers on his knees. The wolf thought on the news passed down to him. A costume should be worn, of course, but what? Nicholai didn't have the clothing stock he would've liked for this occasion; a few new items accompanied his jacket. He stood and wrapped a dark cloak around himself, putting the hood up. It would elongate his features, give off a mysterious air. Yes, that was a good start...but not nearly enough of a statement.

There wasn't much time left to accessorize. Certain he was great under pressure, Nic stared out the broken window. An arachnid spun down from its home web, landing perfectly on the window still. Nic had begun handling these visitors as pets, and he did so now, letting the animal crawl onto his fur for a moment. Silence passed before a smirk grew onto his face, plot beginning. Placing the small thing back to where it had been, Nic turned roughly, tail sweeping upwards in triumph. The smirk became a grin. He stepped towards the unoccupied webs of this home's corners, its doorways and then the trees outside.

Enough to nearly cover him whole, he had found, but instead he used the webs sparingly. Some of them had to be handled with care, as they would easily break apart upon his disturbance. He put his hood down to settle the webs in his hair, his arms—anywhere they would sit. Still a few fell and fluttered away in the evening breeze.

He caught his reflection in the glass of the window, grooming the costume to its completion. Fashionably late, he may just be. Nicholai simply wouldn't show up a total mess, despite his costume borrowing from the wilderness as many would do. He set out into the night, reinvigorated for the little things that could give to him new life.

Nic arrived to the church in slow steps, keeping an eye on his 'prop': the largest eight-legged 'friend' he could find. It would be a star tonight in its own right. The spider danced from hand to hand slowly, sometimes resting on the Luperci's knuckles. At the entrance, Nicholai gave a nod of the head to Felix. Easily, he thanked him for the compliment. The Ravenking likely gave it out of obligation, but Nic welcomed it nonetheless. He floated in, eager to mingle with the others that had arrived.

Nicholai Cecil

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OOC: Walking undead shuffling in! ;P WC: 560

IC: When the news had first reached her of a party to celebrate the season, Sedona was hesitant to go. She had been in "work-mode" when a few other pack mates had gone by cheerfully announcing the details to those assisting her in the Orchard and barn, diligently trying to make the old stables completely safe and renovated for the pack's continually growing amounts of livestock and inventory. It had been a long day and her mind was completely set on her duties, not on a silly party nights away. However, as the days passed, the cowgirl woman's excitement grew and grew. The more the idea of mingling amidst the Mistwalkers, and having time to let loose a bit and dress up while pretending to be "something or someone she wasn't" played within her mind, the more her imagination went wild with thoughts of costumes.

The night of the gathering came and Sedona had narrowed her choices down to one final idea. It would be a bit unpleasant, but hopefully scary enough. Grinning into a cracked mirror she had hanging upon on the otherwise mostly barren walls of her living space, the Whitesage woman worked diligently with a couple different handmade dyes made from a few plants and seasonal berries. Red, like that of blood, was her primary hue and she used it as an accent within her already burnt orange and brown tones. She was going as the walking undead. She'd placed fake wounds upon her person, smeared red into her pelt like claws, placed streaks across her muzzle and upon her lips and teeth, staining them to appear as if she'd just consumed the juiciest kill ever. She then came in with grey clay-like mud she'd gathered from down by the river. It was just thick enough to spread like a mud mask beneath her eyes and into her fur to look like she'd risen from the ground. To top everything off, she donned a shredded, long sleeve top and a pair of tattered cut off linen shorts, also similarly adorned in dirt, muck and "blood". She made sure, not to use any actual blood so as not to cause alarm or to offend any noses of the guests attending the party.

With one last glance in the mirror, Sedona grinned triumphantly and growled at her creepy reflection, adding her final touches: a few cloth bandages wrapped around her ankles and wrists, which she let dangle and trail as she moved about. Messing her fingers through her hair she made herself look disheveled and dirty before nodding to herself and heading for the door and towards the entrance of the Church across the way. The moon was bright in the sky, the mists o so familiar to the Vale swirled eerily about, and she could hear voices from inside. As she drew nearer, the cowgirl woman purposely began to move in a lumbering, lurching gate and put on a deadpan, glazed-eyed look. As she lumbered from out of the shadows, she shuffled her way up the steps and came to a halt before Felix, breaking character only a moment to compliment his costume and receive praise in return. She chuckled and gave a appreciative low, throaty groan before moving inside to mingle amidst the others. She was glad to see that she was still on time, if not early.


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Saga D'Angelo
Word Count → 5+ :: Saga is wearing a short bearskin cape with a hood, she's also in secui form! F for imagination...

The rumour has traveled fast and Saga had been one of the first to hear it.

And it had not filled her with the delight that it filled seemingly everyone else in the pack. In fact, if she remembered correctly it had elicited a tired groan from her. Nevertheless, the Starkhelm wasn't a complete killjoy and began preparing well in advance, though she didn't put a spectacular amount of effort into it...

After some deliberation, it had taken her giving up entirely on figuring out a costume and retiring to bed that had given her sudden inspiration. Amongst the various furs and pelts that made up her sleeping quarters, there was an old bear hide that lay nearest the grown, half buried by elk and badger hides. 'Perfect.' She thought, and how fitting!

She took the large bearskin and began inspecting it. Predictably, it was a little ragged, having gathered a lot of dust and loose fur. It was particularly clean either, but it was the only other bearskin she had beside her other "good" bearskin that she kept safe for special occasions. This Halloween folly not being one of them. Chartreuse eyes picked apart the lesser bearskin, noting the ragged edges that had been covered over by other furs. She'd have to cut the ratty bits off, but that was probably for the best because this bear had been a rather large one and Saga would've been swamped by it had she attempted to wear it unaltered.

It had taken the Starkhelm some time to slice through the pelt in a way that looked presentable, but eventually she managed it. holding it aloft, however, she saw it was still in a sorry state and that it would need soaking. Soaking did not sound like a fun activity in such chilly autumnal weather, but she set to work without complaint, gathering up some of the scented soaps Baelish had traded for and gifted to her. As quick as the actual washing of the bearskin had been, drying it took almost another whole day, but once it was finally bone dry, it looked spectacular. The only thing left to solve was how she was going to make the bear's face look presentable. In the end, she gave up, taking out her knife again and cutting herself a hood, leaving the bear's ears intact above it.

The night rolled around and one by one the Mistwalkers filled into the now "spooky" church, which had been impressively adorned with painted rocks, candles, and skulls. Like usual, Saga was one of the first to arrive, creeping into the church in her secui form in a halfhearted attempt to look more like a bear. If anything she looked like a baby bear due to her size, but she was happy enough that no one could say she hadn't at least made some attempt. She'd made more of an attempt that Elizabeth at least... Though her efforts paled in comparison to Brom, who had whittled himself a sword and shield out of wood, decked himself in armour made of reclaimed trash and was proclaiming that he would "slay every monster here before the night was out". Saga sighed, he wasn't even drunk yet...

Saga D'Angelo
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OOC: Dark Souls Soulster fans behold Sineria's inadvertent take on Sif the great gray wolf. Honestly I just wanna have fun so you don’t have to consider this a submission if you don’t want to :3, I know in universe nobody will get it. Also he’s in secui form.


Sineria arrived to the party eager to participate in the costume contest, or rather he might as well considering what had happened to him earlier today. He had been digging around in his trinkets and a bunch of black oil stained the fur along his back, and whenever he tried to wash it out it stained his fur so he decided to embrace it a bit in such a fashion that he now seemed to look like a completely different breed of wolf as the dark oil faded to a gray along his back and tail.

He entered the church in his security form and carried a 2 ft long metal pipe with a broken edge that was a bit sharp on the end. He wasn’t too sure how others would think about it, so he tried the best he could to keep the sharper end away from others if at all possible. Hopefully the scent of crude oil didn’t entirely mask his usual scent of else he'd basically be seen as a trespasser, and he would have to explain himself immediately. Still, after this party he was surely going to give himself a vigorous scrubbing in order to get the stains out of his fur.

For now he just sat down on his haunches at one of the pews, and waited for something to happen at the party, and also for something just to happen in general whilst thinking,"Oh god, is anyone gonna recognize me as this? I look completely different, my fur is all dark and weird feeling in some areas and finally my scent is messed up due to this stuff. Oh I hope everything goes okay tonight, or I’ll have to sleep out in neutral territory until I get this crap off of me." Sineria sighed and placed the rusted pipe down in front of him, almost gagging at the taste, and he laid down in the corner and watched the crowd move by.

Word count: 335
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Word Count → 437 words :: Creepy death-flowers are creepy xD

When Jura had heard about the costume party, well she was a bit puzzled. Pleased, but puzzled. Felix definitely had a fun imagination. With winter fast approaching, her harvest was done and her garden prepped for frost and snow, so she suddenly had a lot more free time than she'd had in a long time. A few months ago, when she's been on a hunt outside pack territory, the snowy female had heard a story about massive sunflowers along the coast which turned anyone near it bat-shit crazy. Jura had a green-thumb, but that just sounded terrifying.

From her compost pile, the Mistwalker plucked some extra large sun-bleached leaves. They weren't as bright a yellow as a sunflower's but, to be honest, that made them even creepier. Some mashed up red berries made a dry scarily similar to blood, and when coated all the way around her pure white throat, it even made Jura do a double take at her reflection. A few more splashes of "blood" under her eyes and dotted on her arms and torso and she was almost done. She'd carefully tied the leaves to a branch she'd curved into a head piece. When she put it on, the wilted fronds did fold back a little, put what could she do?

When the sun finally dipped below the horizon, Jura stepped into her garden and looked at the church. Candlelight could be seen flickering in the windows and if she strained her ears, her packmates could be heard. With a grin, Jura grabbed her dish she'd made (summer berries with thick goat cream, courtesy of Calia's herd) and quickly made her way over to the party. She paused at the entrance when she saw Felix in his mixed skeleton glory. She tipped her head back and laughed merrily at the sight. "I wish I'd seen that creature when it was alive, Ravenking!" The arctic wolf grinned at his hodge-podge skeleton before making her way inside, setting her food down in a free space on the table. Already quite a few packmates were there. Sedona was looking particularly grotesque, an undead something. A hooded figure she guessed was Nicholai, a newcomer she'd seen around, and a wolf she didn't immediately recognise. As she wandered further into the room, she figured out that it must be their resident inventor, albeit with a different scent from usual. She smiled and waved at him before seeking out Saga, her friend bedecked as a bear with Brom the knight. "Bear-y nice costume, Saga."

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Optime | NPC: Glade (+582)

[MV] Costume Contest

Glade is a little snake! Ragna is…a ghost? Dead? Impersonating one of her white-furred packmates? Her story changes each time because Ragna’s a troll xD Basically, picture a black dog covered in flour. That’s Ragna.

Like many of the Nightlark’s off-the-wall ideas, Ragna had found herself simply going along with it. It was probably easier than the alternative anyway. Besides, her marten companion, Glade, had been—annoyingly—excited about the whole party theme idea. Ever since the announcement of the party had been made, he had been rattling off all sorts of possibilities for costume designs for both himself and her. Somehow, the Eklund doubted Felix’s supposed prize extended to non-Luperci. Or, at the very least, would not be something that the marten could fully appreciate as a Luperci might.

When the night finally came, Glade had decided upon becoming a snake after Ragna’s dry and sarcastic suggestion after finding a shed skin while out hunting. The snake was, thankfully, large enough that, when Ragna cut the discarded skin down the middle, it fit well enough to at least cover Glade’s small figure. Bits of twine wrapped around the mustelid’s neck, stomach, and along his tail were enough to keep the skin in place.

As for Ragna, her amount of effort put into her costume was minimal. She’d found an area of stone that left a chalky residue when broken up. A bit of painstaking chiseling of the rock, and thereafter rolling and rubbing the dust into the fur of her Optime form had coated her dark markings in a white hue. Well, partially, anyway. It was not a solid coat, and one could clearly see the colors beneath the fine powder. It was enough to show an effort was made though, as much of one as the ex-soldier was willing to give to humor the Ravenking when she showed up at this silly party of his.

What was she? Ragna had a handful of answers to pass out to any that dared ask. If Glade wouldn’t have been distraught over the fact of her not “dressing up” with him, Ragna would have simply shown up as herself. This peaceful existence that the ex-Boreas member was living within the Vale was pretty much a disguise anyway.

Ragna had arrived at the party bare of her usual clothing and weaponry, something rare for the scout. However, as Glade had insisted, the effect of her “costume” could not be fully appreciated if she covered it all up. The marten perched in his usual spot on her shoulder, and as they came up to the church door, she could feel his excitement through his little claws. He was eager to see what everybody else had dressed up as, as well, there was delicious food to be eaten.

Felix stood at the door, welcoming everybody in. Ragna’s offered a stony expression as she came to pass him. “Ravenking,” she greeted, allowing her eyes to briefly take in his choice of dress. A deer skeleton; fitting, as she often considered him to be one of the Elkenfrey.

Glade was more enthusiastic. “I’m snake! See! See!” He stuck out his tongue and wiggled it like a snake might.

Ragna continued to move through the threshold, hoping to avoid being accosted for her lack of regards to her “costume” if she didn’t give him time to really take it in. Inside the church, it seemed a few others had arrived before them. There were a few new faces amongst the growing crowd, and the disguises that the gathered Mistwalkers had donned were all unique, some more elaborate than others.

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In the comparatively short time she'd been a Mistwalker, Elle had learned rather quickly that their Ravenking had a knack for unique and altogether radical ideas. But this one? This one was brilliant and she was immediately on board with the idea of dressing up as something spooky and strange. In fact, she already had the perfect idea for a costume and could hardly wait to start planning it out and putting it together.

In the stories she remembered from when she was just a young Guppy living with her mother in Krokar, the each-uisge was a terrifying and dangerous water spirit that Ailie often referred to as a kelpie. With its horse-shaped body, it was the reason her mother was so mistrustful of horses (which meant, of course, that Elle would go against Ailie's beliefs and make it a point to devote much of her interests in them).

A more pragmatic individual, Elle didn't really believe in the existence of kelpies, though she couldn't help but enjoy the stories, and a lake monster seemed the perfect idea for a scary costume. So she set work that morning down at Emberfen Lakes, harvesting as many pondweeds, lilies, and reeds as she could find (the leafier and slimier, the better!), and began the painstaking process of tying them to her body.

She started with her legs, where she could stick the wet algae to her hocks, calves, and thighs and tie them in place with woven vines, before moving to her tail and waist. Her upper torso, arms, shoulders, and head, however, would require some help. So she snagged the first person she could find, which happened to be Brom, and all but forced him to tie the rest of the aquatic vegetation to her body.

By the time she was acceptably covered in plant matter, with bunches of wet lake weeds encasing her limbs and torso and tail, and longer, narrower fronds of leafy reeds falling down from her head like limp tresses, it was nearing dusk and she dismissed Brom to do whatever it was he wanted to do for his own costume. She had one final idea in mind to tie her costume together but, much to her disappointment, she wasn't particularly skilled at arts and crafts. So, after a few failed attempts that took her into the quickly darkening evening, Elle decided to just go as she was without the horse mask that she had tried to craft.

She doubted anyone would have gotten the reference anyway.

Stepping into the church, the damp aquatic plants making moist rustlings sounds with ever step, Elle paused to take in the decorations and the atmosphere and the costumed Mistwalkers already gathered, before she grinned and shuffled confidently within, her sea-green eyes flicking about in search of a specific individual who she could try to spook.

OOC: naturally, Elle is dressed up a lake monster. xD

[WC — 483]

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I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

OOC: WHOOPS. I didn't mean for it to get this long! Hope you all like it. Vampire Zuri is here with her two bats dressed up in little capes as her vampire sons in bat form. +1100 words.

The Ravenking had been quite the character in the short time that Zuri had either interacted with him, or had him stop by to announce something that was going on. He was fll of energy, and seemed to have a lot of ideas on his mind when it came to either honoring those that had achieved greatness within this new kingdom, or was just some silly idea meant to bring everyone together. There was nothing wrong with such a thing, as any kingdom would do something like this...

And they were far more exciting than anything Mortimer had done in the past.

The newest idea from Felix's head made Zuri's eyes light up. This was perfect for her. It seemed that since coming here from her escape, and even telling others about her past, none of them had been frightened by her expect for Mystery. Not even her bats seemed to put anyone off, having more interest for them and her relationship with them instead of fear. Well... this was going to be the perfect chance to spook them back.

The talk of a being called 'vampires' were common place in Mortimer, the royal family believing themselves to be such creatures, but were bound by some kind of mortal form. It was a big part as to why meany of their gatherings and rituals dealt with the blood of others. Well then, the night of this gathering would be he perfect time for this mortal to break those chains and become what those in her family were meant to be, even if for just one night.

Having an idea was one thing, but it was another to try and come up with a costume to accompany it. Her dresses were already enough to put her in the right direction, but she needed something more. One finger tapped along her lips, thinking back on some of the things she had been told when she was younger. One thing that had come to mind was a physical feature her father and Viper both shared. It was easy to see their long canine teeth sticking out past their lips, something the pale woman was missing from her mother's doggish heritage. Well, that would be the first task, but something better suited for her companions.

Since there was still plenty of time before the celebration, Zuri had sent out Darion and Alexandros on a little trip. All they need to do was see if they could find some sort of skull or pale claws that she could use. That should help make her teeth look longer. Now what about the rest of her outfit? Eyes drifted towards the frilly corset she had brought along with her from Mortimer. That could be a start. Hmm, what if she could get something else to go with it?

Wandering through the empty buildings, there were a few that had some tattered remains of curtains hanging in the broken windows. A grin moved over her face as she carefully pulled these clothes down, bringing them back home. Taking her dagger to them, she began to tare at them, roughly cutting one into a cape that would fit around her back. There would be no need to have something holding it together as she could attach it to her necklace for the night.

Another idea sprang into her head as the two bats came back through the open window, squeaking up at her. A grin moved along her face. She knew they were probably trying to get her attention, though she took her blade back to one of the black curtains, cutting out a small square. She took it, moving over to Alexandros as she wrapped it carefully around his back. The bat gave the woman a questioning glance, though she was filled with nothing but join. This would help to bring everything together.

Following the trail, the group of three picked up a small skull on the edge of the borders, stopping by the pack's storage to pick up a few items as well as a rock before finally stopping at home. Now it was time to bring everything together.

Taking the rock, the pale woman broke off the canine teeth, setting the rest of the skull to the side as she began to rub the broken part against the stone's surface. Even if she was able to fine down the top, it would still work. Taking the teeth, she took some fishing twine, carefully tieing these new teeth to her own. It wasn't too comfortable, but when her lips closed around them, it did show the long fangs her father and uncle shared.

Next, taking a black and red piece of equal size, three capes were sew together with some thread and a bone needle. It was crude, but as long as it all stayed together, it would be fine. Taking the two points, she wrapped the thread around two even points along her necklace, watching as the cloth flowed behind her. Next was her corset, easy enough to get on. Slipping on her black pants she "borrowed" from Baelish, she was just about ready.

Now it was time for the bats.

Moving over to each one of them, she had done the same trick with her own cape, tieing the thread of the cape along some rusted metal chains to make it look more realistic. So long as they could still fly, the costumes would work. Bringing the bigger microbat over to her, she had a small favor to ask of him, "Ok Alexandros, I need you to bite me on the neck." At first, the animal seemed confused before puffing it's chest out at her, "Hey, don't give me that look. It's just one little bite. You have to break the surface though." After a few more huffs, the bat finally bit down into her neck. It was a bit of a sting, but enough for a small amount of red to trickle out of her. The bat had flown off, moving his wing along his teeth to get the taste off them. Leaving her home, there was a small stop made to the pack storage to replace the items she had borrowed, also making use of some of the leftover paint to turn her claws red.

There was one final idea to bring all of this together. In her hands rested one of the drinks she had been able to gather through trade, one of deep red. This would be great to use for her "act".

Finally coming to the church, she could see the others gathered, their costumes very creative in the use of what they had. Zuri and her two caped "sons", made her way over to he Ravenking, grinning at the collection of bones he wore along himself, "Good evening Ravenking. Care to share an offering of blood." The bottle was held up, clearly wine inside of it.

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

POSTED: Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:28 pm

Word Count → +4 :: Shrug and cape - Mask

Baelish was always up for a party, but a costume party? Felix really knew how to get the excitement of the pack’s members pumped up, and the D’Angelo male was no exception. He was itching to get out and rub elbows with his fellow Mistwalkers, months of being outside pack borders tending to his trade left him exhausted. This was a great excuse to unwind and have some fun.

The Elkenfrey was lucky in that he not only had a lot of raw material to choose from for a disguise, but also a network of loners and merchants with creative skills that he lacked. Three days was not much time to get everything together, and the end result was not perfect, but it was good enough.

Baelish was dressed up as a bat; he did not care that his choice of costume was an obvious ode to his friend and very eligible lady, Zuri. The fact that the winged creature of the night was dark and mysterious only helped with his decision; he wanted to walk in and wow the other party-goers with how well it was executed.

The main accoutrements of the outfit were a heavy shrug made of clipped black bear fur; it was not of high enough quality for the use of it in this way to be a waste. Set about his shoulders, it simulated the furry and rounded chest of the night creature and from the back of it cascaded out a leather cape dyed black, the edge of which was cut to look like a bat’s wings. On his face, a carved mask in the shape of bat’s nose and ears. Underneath, of course, he retained his normal debonair visage and wore a fitted black cloth suit. All in all, he looked quite striking, and when he spun and swept out the cape, he looked like a bat taking flight.

When he entered the Brassard Church, it was already filled with many of his pack-mates, all dressed up to various degrees of success. He’s eyes quickly found his sister, in Halfling form and with a bear skin draped over her. Baelish could not help but laugh out loud when Jura made her pun; fitting. He made his way up to greet the Ravenking, who was covered in bones and looking very much the jovial skeleton that surely resided under his own skin, but was intercepted by Zuri. She was dressed like a vampire, of course; there was even a trickle of blood on her neck as if she had been freshly turned. She offered Felix a drink of “blood” and Baelish grinned beneath his mask.

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