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POSTED: Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:43 pm

The weather was more mild than he'd expect in early November - still chilly, but not nearly as cold as it could get. Unfortunately, that meant it wasn't nearly cold enough for snow, either, he lamented as large drops fell from the sky to splatter on his coat. A little bit of rain would roll right off, but too much, and even thick-furred wolves would get uncomfortably soaked.

Perhaps it was time that their sorting ceremony would be moved inside rather than out; the old Brassard Church was seeing more action than it usually did, what with the party not too long ago, and he was glad to have more excuse to use it. It was spacious and wide, and its thick stone structure provided plenty of cover from the wind and rain. The well-designed interior was just a plus, as was the opportunity for a fire in the small fire circle off to the side.

At the foot of the church, he let out an inviting howl; the pack would know what that particular sound meant by now. Nicholai, Dalia, Canary, Venus, and Sedona, all to be sorted. He propped the door open, the slight eave above protecting the entrance from the rain, and waited patiently as his pack mates began to filter inside. He waited for the last stragglers, and then trotted to stand before them with a grin.

"Hello everyone!" he exclaimed. "It's time for sorting once again, for all who are Crowstooth - now come and stand up next to me, and we'll find out your truth!"

all the promoted crowstooth are assumed to be here; let me know if you prefer not to be!

after 4 days of no reply (or after all the to-be-sorted members have posted), i'll reply again with felix sorting the characters. this thread takes place inside the old brassard church :)

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OOC: I leave town the 8th-11th, if I slow things down in that time I'm gone, feel free to skip my next reply. WC: 303

IC: Sedona hurried to meet the call of the Ravenking at the church, knowing that today was a big day. The day she would be sorted into her house within the pack. A promotion! She felt her heart flutter with pride and happiness. It'd only been such a short while she felt since she'd arrived on the borders to the Vale, but here she was, receiving her first promotion within the ranks. She couldn't help but keep the grin off her face as she gathered with the rest of her packmates and fellows awaiting their new titles. Wagging her tail, spattered a few remaining loose drops of chilled rain from her fur, she stepped forward with the others as Felix called them forth and came to stand before him, removing her hat with a deep dip of her head. She waiting in silence, for once having nothing to say in her anticipation, wanting to let the Ravenking address her before she spoke.

She could see all eyes upon her and this gave her a light bit of nervousness but not enough to make less of the excitement and pride she felt at her accomplishment. She'd proven herself worthy in the eyes of the Valemen and earned this new position. She would not squander this new opportunity to continue to prove to those around her that she was there for them, could be depend upon and come to for any reason. She was going to continue to work hard and be a solid foundation within MIstfell Vale so that for as long as she lived she could show her new found family she was dedicated to them and forever grateful for them taking her in and accepting her as one of them as they had. There was nothing quite like the feeling of belonging somewhere.

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Dalia too made her way to the church, but was frankly surprised to hear that there was an actual ceremony for promotion in this pack, at least considering her previous one. Nonetheless this was big for her to get her name announced in front of a crowd of people, although she would feel a bit awkward because nothing like this had ever happened to her in the past. Nonetheless Dalia was excited and her tail wagged happily as she waited anxiously to get called up to be recognized by everyone else in the pack, or at least those that showed up.

Dalia’s vixen, Red nudged her side and Dalia happily picked up her animal companion and smiled as she nuzzled Red on the muzzle only to have Red lick her back. After this Dalia sighed as Red would probably be much better in her arms than anyone else’s, especially here knowing how shy her little troublemaker can be sometimes.

As Dalia looked around and saw the Ravenking and she almost felt honored just to be in the presence of their pack leader, although she had met him face to face in the past. Still, she was happy to help out her pack and she didn’t plan to stop anytime soon, hunting was her favorite hobby/duty after all, and her experiences with fellow packmates thus far have been far from being negative. So she awaited with her time eagerly, and also wondered if she could socialize a bit while she was here today.

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She was out riding when the call came, a noise that caused the horse beneath her to shift uncertainly. She still wasn't entirely comfortable being up this high and riding a creature that outsized her so much. Flighty as the ridiculously named mare was, Saga found that her triggers were easy enough to spot and when they did occur she found that she was quick enough to react and settle the mare.

The Starkhelm and her steed had been out patrolling the borders, a task that was quicker (if less thorough) on horseback. And so when the call came, it was simply a case of redirecting the cream mare back towards the town again and kicking her onwards. They moved at a gentle pace, never passing a lively trot or a half-hearted canter. For all her courage and headstrongness, she was fairly green when it came to horse riding and was not likely to take risks until she felt more capable.

Soon enough, however, they were at the church, Saga having slid off Ghost and positioned the mare under the eaves as well as she could to protect her from the rain. It was much warmer inside the church, thanks to the large number of people sequestered in once space and they all waited patiently for Felix to begin the ceremony.
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Kenai remembered this call and was eager to come up again. Who would be part of Wolventhorne? Kenai smirked as she ran from her cabin home and to the church where everyone was waiting. The rain came down softly as she arrived at the church and stepped inside. The warmth from the fire ring in the middle was pleasing and comforted her otherwise chilly shivering. Kenai still hadn't completely adjusted to the amount of rain in this area, but she was making progress. This winter would be interesting, however.

Kenai greeted Saga as she passed, noticed Dalia and waved when she thought Dalia would see her, and saw another new face besides Felix. Dalia and the new face she didn't recognize must be getting sorted. Kenai sat in one of the pews close to the front so that she might be able to see the happenings. Kenai hadn't seen Dalia in a while so at the end of the ceremony, the earth hued wolf would grow the courage to ask her to join her hunting with a bow and arrow or practicing archery at some point.
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It was most certainly an exciting time for the girl. Venus was walking away from the outskirts of the vale when she heard his howl. Ears perked high, the items that were within her grasp now toppled on to the ground as the girl made a quick sprint in the direction of where she heard the howl. Others would be joining for this. It was finally time for a promotion!

Venus was quick, but definitely not quick enough for she was not the girl to arrive. Other members of the pack had found their way to the church, it gave her enough time to scan the crowd and sniff them out. Did she know anyone else here? Would Nicholai show up? She had not seen him in a while but did not worry too much over the man. He was strong and capable of handling himself way before the girl stumbled into his life. A soft sigh escaped her lips, Venus pushed herself to step into the church with a clear head and eyes filled with determination.

The girl walked ahead carefully. Not wanting to bump into anyone who arrived while trying to make her way through the crowd when the Ravenking spoke. This promotion was important to all of them, not just her. There would be a sorting, something she was curious and yet eager to find out where she would be sorted.


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