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POSTED: Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:33 pm

OOC: Hopefully this is a good start for us. Let me know if I need to change anything! :) I'm operating under the assumption the girls briefly spoke about arrangements for Qale at one of the pack events prior to this. WC: 433

IC: Since joining the Vale, Sedona's life had become productive and full of fulfilling duties far more so than what she'd previously had even back on her old cattle ranch. It was amazing to her just how much being part of a pack could change her life for the better. She had so many new friends now and so much responsibility and it made her feel good to have somewhere to belong that was always working together to improve and become a stronger entity. There was just one small hitch. The cowgirl had had very little time to devote to her hawk companion Qale since her arrival. The beautiful bird was in dire need for some one on one time and proper care and the coydog felt awful for her lack of energy spent with the raptor bird.

The Hawkesond's attention was mostly spent on the livestock and on all her hands-on building and restoration projects for the pack as of late and the poor creature was being left to his own devices most of the time, barely seeing his owner and rescuer more days out of the week than not. Thankfully the bird was quite self sufficient, but it just wasn't fair to the majestic beast to not have the care and kindness he deserved. Thankfully, Sedona had thought long and hard about whom she might ask to take over caring for him now that she was established within the pack. Venus. The woman had a raven of her own that Sedona knew of and she was hopeful that the other woman's experience with the corvid might give her the upper hand in potentially handling Qaletaqa as well.

With a long leather glove over her arm to protect it from his talons, Sedona brought the gorgeous raptor to the front door of Venus' home. The bird perched calmly there, used to his companion and even groomed at his wing feathers as Sedona removed her hat and knocked upon the door. "Venus? Are you there? It's Sedona." She called, hoping that she'd come by at a decent time to catch the other woman home for the day. The two women had only interacted briefly during pack events but it was the hope that maybe the two of them could bond further over their similar interest in avians. Qale gave a soft screech to emphasize his presence while awaiting the answering of the door, making Sedona smile. "Yeah, Qale, she knows you're here too." She chuckled, stroking the back of the bird's neck and perked her ears at the sound of movement within the home.


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Max had become the center of her attention since joining Mistfell Vale. The one-eyed crow had a strong personality, often complaining and becoming grumpy about certain things and folks in the pack (mainly Nicholai), but he adored Venus the most. He shows it in many different ways. Ways that she noticed when he perched on her shoulder and nestled close to her for warmth or protection. Even the soft noises he makes as his way of communicating with her. This was their time off and together they would spend the day relaxing as much as they can. Or until Max becomes restless.

The two enjoyed the moment of silence. Max digging his beak into his feathers and Venus using a wet rock to sharpen the dull knife of hers. It was not until they both heard a knocking that was followed by a voice. Sedona? Her head tilted to the side, wondering what she wanted from Venus. The thought suddenly hit her. Of course! Venus was meant to see Qale. As the girl rose from her seat and walked over to the door, a screech caught the crow off guard. Max turned his head toward the door, cawing at it as if he wanted to see who was behind the door.

“I know, I know. I’m already on it.” She chuckled, excited to see Sedona and the lovely bird of hers. While Venus was no expert in caring for a predatory bird such as Qale, she would still care for him nonetheless. “Yes I’m here!” she called out before finally opening the door to see the other hawkesond woman and the bird. He was so gorgeous up close, Venus could not help but stare in awe at him until Max made himself known to the two by perching on her shoulder and cawing at them. Venus blinked slowly, back to reality with a sheepish smile on her face. “Hello, Sedona! And Qale! It’s nice that you’re both are finally here.”

Both avian creatures were in her presence, her beloved Max and Qale. This meant that holding a conversation indoors would not be suitable for them. “Why don’t we take a walk while we discuss a few things?” It was a nice day out, chilly but an ideal way to spend the day out while getting to know Qale and Sedona a little better.


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WC: 300

Sedona waited patiently at the door, hearing noises, a voice call from within and then finally, the door swung open and she was greeted by the friendly face of Venus, and the curious one-eyed crow of hers, Max, perhced upon her shoulder. Instantly, the cowgirl's face split into a wide grin, her tail wagging as she watched Venus' face go from simply 'happy to see you' to utter awe at the sight of Qale perched regally upon her arm. After a moment of silence, Venus seemed to remember it wasn't just the bird she was there to greet. "Hello, Sedona! And Qale! It’s nice that you’re both are finally here." Sedona chuckled and tipped her hat in return greeting. "Aye, Qale wasn't too sure about coming along this morning, but I persuaded him in the end." Sedona then held up her arm, to give Venus and the now extra curious Max a better look at him.

Qale, noticing the sleek black avian poking around on Venus' shoulder and arm, tipped his head, blinking and gave a soft click of his beak before slightly shuffling his large reddish brown wings. He turned his head away, aloof. Looking to Venus, Sedona rolled her eyes. "He's being stubborn today I reckon. Don't mind it. He's always this way with new people." She reassured her packmate. "Why don’t we take a walk while we discuss a few things?" Venus suggested then and the coydog nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a great idea. We could let the two of them fly and stretch their wings, get to know each other better." Sedona stepped back from the door to allow Venus out of her home. "You lead the way!" She said and stroked down Qale's neck, making the bird 'chirrup' pleasantly and close his eyes.


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