Ride Through The Vale

POSTED: Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:19 am

OOC: Foxheel Point, mid morning. WC: 408

IC: Sedona rode along upon Hopi's back at a gentle lumbering walk. She was in no real hurry. Today's ride was simply about enjoying herself. She hadn't been out with the mare for a simple joy ride in what felt like ages. The two, horse and rider had been busy with tasks and always on some mission the past few times they'd ridden; it was nice to slow down and just meander along through the territory for once. It was a change of pace welcomed by both equine and rider.

The cold grip of November showed clear upon the lands of the Vale in the form of bare trees, their leaves stripped free and scattered in piles upon the ground. The sharp, biting cold in the air also reminded the Hawkesond that winter was fast approaching. Game was scarce as well, and the land itself seemed almost dormant underfoot. Almost as if it too, had entered a deep hibernation to withstand the bitter cold. Pulling her cloak tighter about her person, Sedona clucked her tongue to spur Hopi onwards through the trees, glancing over at the sparkling, partially frozen over river as she went. It was a gorgeous day, if not a bit cold. Sedona loved being able to take in the scenery and just enjoy her day. She'd been working so hard lately on renovating the barn and helping her fellow Mistwalkers with other building projects she hadn't had a lot of time to herself. This day off was much needed and she was happy to have it.

Leaves crunching beneath hooves made for a pleasant soundtrack as she went along. Who knows how far they'd go on their explorative adventure today. It all would depend on Hopi and her stamina in the cold. That and Sedona's tolerance to it as well. So far though, both of them seemed to be staying warm enough. Smiling softly to herself, the cowgirl adjusted her hat upon her head and steered Hopi between some familiar rocks and boulders as they passed along through Foxheel Point. The area was one of Sedona's favorites. Perhaps she'd stop there on the way back and have something to eat. The woman made a mental note to be sure to return later on. Keeping tabs on her horses general direction, Sedona sighed contently as she plodded onward. She loved her homelands. There was nothing like Mistfell Vale. And she was glad to call it her home.


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