Rain and Fire

POSTED: Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:15 pm

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The November storm had rolled in quick. Sedona had just started her rounds at the stables by the time the clouds were just rolling in overhead. She began by bringing the livestock into the barn and then going around closing the shutters on the windows before going about feeding and watering everybody. By the time she was finished taking care of the pack's animals, the storm was in full swing. The drenching, freezing rain sent the Hawkesond scrambling back from the Orchard into Winterwynd and to her home as fast as she could. The chill wind only made her want to move faster. She moved swiftly upon all fours in her secui form, eating up the ground in long strides.

The moment she hit the edge of her property line, the woman skidded in a puddle, coming to a halt and began to shift into her Optime form. Transferring her cowboy hat from mouth to paw she shook her fur, spattering ran drops and took off at a careful jog up to her front door, now solid on its hinges, and pulled the handle. With a hefty tug against a gust of wind, Sedona pulled open the door and slipped inside. Shoving the door closed, the woman took a moment to shake out her pelt free of clinging, dripping water before reaching for a ragged cloth hung up beside the door and hanging up her hat in its place. Toweling dry, Sedona shivered, the rain having seeped down through her fur in the long trek back home from the Orchard.She needed to get a fire going.

Hurrying through the entryway and into what was the living room, now mostly the den-turned-bedroom, Sedona grabbed some firewood from beside the hearth and threw the logs into the fireplace. Shivering some more, her teeth rattling, the woman tossed the now dampened rag aside and reached upon the floor for one of the many thick animal pelts strewn there before the fireplace. Quickly throwing the pelt about her person, the coydog began to warm herself up. She needed to be careful being out for prolonged periods in freezing storms like that before her winter coat was fully in. Kneeling before the wood she'd placed within the open maw of the bricks, Sedona grabbed for a flint and stone and struck them, sparking them and causing a small flame to begin beneath the new wood and bed pine needles placed there earlier in the morning.

It didn't take long before there was a roaring fire crackling warmly in the fireplace, and Sedona was able to unwrap herself from the bear skin she wore. Huffing, the woman watched the steam rise off of her fur and her breath rise out before her muzzle as a fog. 'Tonight it might snow.' She realized. It was a good thing she'd closed up the barn like she had in that case. With one last shiver, Sedona sighed and stretched out in front of the fire, laying back into the warm, soft nest of furs. Yawning, the Whitesage woman realized how tired she was. Staring up at the wood slats of the roof above her, Sedona's thoughts began to wander as she listened to the hammering of the rain. It was a blustery, wet night and she couldn't be more thankful she had a home of her own to keep warm in, out of the nasty, biting cold. With thoughts of warmth and comfort filling her mind, the Hawkesond drifted of to sleep as the winter storm raged on outside, changing from rain into the first snow of the season.


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