Morning Rounds

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The morning was crisp, white and almost completely silent. It was still early and the sun was only just beginning to rise over the horizon, the freshly fallen snow from the night before yet undisturbed. The Vale had endured another round of howling winds, flurries of ice and swirling clouds of fog that rolled in and claimed the lands. It was always this time of day that Sedona loved the most. A time when it was as if time itself has seemingly stopped. As she made her way up the lane along through the rows of orchard trees, she pulled her heavy fur cloak closer around herself to conserve the warmth she'd preserved from within her home back in Winterwynd. Her feet were now cold and her nose too was beginning to feel the nip of the Winter frost. The sun peeked over the top of the finally fully repaired structure of the pack's stables and caught some of the crystals of snow along the roof edge creating shimmering sparkles along the rim which caught the cowgirl's eyes in the early morning light. Blinking in the brightness, the Hawkesond woman made her way to the large building hearing the soft snorting within and a few whinnies of greeting at the sound of her paws in the snow crunching just outside the stable doors. The pack's equines were ready to start their morning just as they were every day at sunrise. Every day Sedona met them and the rest of the livestock at the barn and cared for their needs.

Pulling the heavy barn doors wide open, a swirling of frigid air whooshed inside causing an eddie of snow flurries to enter the structure on the coydog's heels. "G'mornin' everybody!" She greeted the animals cheerfully, all of which were now waking and making noises of enthusiasm and hunger seeing as their daily, familiar caretaker had arrived. Sedona first set about checking every still stall and livestock pen, doing a mental headcount. Deeming all the animals were safe and sound, she then began to measure out food for each horse from the feed stashes in large barrels. Anything they didn't eat in their stalls each morning, they'd supplement grazing for as they were turned out to pasture later in the day when it warmed up a little. It was often too frozen out most days now as Winter had fully set in for the horses to be left out ot graze of their own accord overnight. The snow was too thick and the ground too solid. Nothing was growing right now beneath three or four feet worth of fresh snow. Coming around to her own mare's stall, Sedona smiled and patted the Paint Mustang's muzzle, murmuring words of contentment to the horse before swinging a feed bucket up and over into the equine's stall and feeding her her daily allotment of oats and hay mixed. Hopi snorted and began to eat without second thoughts and Sedona watched her for a moment before the neigh of another familiar equine across the way caught her attention.

Yavapai, the offspring of Hopi was growing quickly and was more than ready to eat his breakfast too. Sedona chuckled and grabbed his food next and approached his stall. "Easy boy." She told him as the beast danced about excitedly in his stall. The paint colt was almost fully grown. Soon he'd need to finish his training. She was going to finish the last of his official training getting him used to pulling a cart. So far he absolutely loved riding and would prove to have the makings for a very good endurance horse. The Hawkesond figured by Spring the colt would be ready for his debut behind a cart if she worked close enough with him in that time. She was proud of him and the progress he'd made in the few months she'd bee working with him since arriving in the Vale. Dumping Yavapai's meal into his trough as well, Sedona smiled and patted his neck before moving to feed the rest of the horses as the sun slowly rose higher and higher in the sky. Once she'd finished feeding the horses, she'd be able to work on getting to the pack's smaller livestock's food and care.
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Hellooooo! I'm assuming that these two have met before, even if only in passing :)

Of all the activities she developed within the pack, Cairina enjoyed checking on the horses. Crassus had had a hard time getting used to the new stables, so she had allowed the mare to stay outside while the weather got better. However, snow had fallen and she could notice the horse beginning to show signs of illness. The hybrid decided that was enough, stuborness would only lead to worse, and the horse had to eventually break through her fear.

"Come on, pretty, just...this once!" She had tried to convince her to approach the building where the rest of the pack's horses were. She whined and snorted, and Cairina just let out a frustrated groan and dropped on the ground, trying to think what to do. Just as she thought about letting the damn beast have her way with the cold, a familiar voice entered the stables. She perked her ears when Sedona cooed at its various inhabitants, and the Crownstooth thought that maybe she could be of aid, if she so wanted of course. A last glare was spared in Crassus', who in return gazed in her master's direction innocently.

"I'm not done with you yet..."

The brunette jumped on her feet and sprinted with the intention of requesting help from her packmate. As she crossed the entrance, she noticed that the Coywolf was already far into her chores. She doubted for a second, thinking that maybe she could come back later. Cairina had neglected the rest of the animals except for her own. Not a very pack-oriented attitude on her part, and even if she did not admit it, it made her feel a certain degree of shame.

"Se-Sedona? Are you free? I... kinda sorta need some help right now." She said, twisting a few strands of her hair nervously.

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Sedona went about feeding the horses that she knew she was allowed to do so. In particular the pack's communal stock. Some of her packmates preferred to care for their own animals and that was perfectly fine with the cowgirl. But that didn't mean she didn't still get to know the creature just in case she ever needed to interact with them. Dumping a bucket of grain into the feed trough of another horse, Sedona smiled and patted the animal's neck before, setting down the bucket. She was starting for the chicken coop to check for eggs, when a familiar voice called out from the entrance to the barn. "Se-Sedona? Are you free? I... kinda sorta need some help right now."

The Hakesond turned on her heels and met her company with raised brows and a concerned gaze. "Cairina. What's wrong?" Although the woman didn't sound too panicked, the worry was evident in her posture. Seeing the fresh snow that still dusted the Crowstooth's backside fur from outdoors, Sedona put two and two together quickly. "It's Crassus isn't it." She guessed and frowned. "What is it this time?" She asked, her tone becoming dutiful, ready to handle whatever she may need to in regards to the headstrong beast. The mare was irrationally fearful of the barn and would not enter the large structure even though it was warm and there was a stall prepared and waiting for her already. The harsh conditions of winter were not meant for the poor beast to withstand for extended periods of time. Sedona had constructed a temporary overhang off the back of the barn for the stubborn equine, but it wasn't meant to be a solution. "Lead the way darlin'." She smiled reassuringly, not showing any sign of the small knot forming in the pit of her stomach.


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As if reading her mind, Sedona guessed what was giving her trouble. Cairina nodded in response to her questioning. "It's Crassus" Again. She saw her leave what she was doing, before motioning her to lead the way.

As they exited the place, Cairina led her packmate towards a small slope, where the mare had wandered to try her luck at something more edible than snow. It would be hard for her to stay in the open. Cairina had managed to coax her into some kind of shelter the last winter, but now in the pack, she couldn't be on her horse's tracks all the time.

"She's still acting up, I don't know why she's so stubborn." Actually... "Well... I guess she was just too used to being on her own, didn't really interact with many horses."

Except for occasional interaction, Crassus did not like either crowded or closed spaces, much less if big groups of her peers were in one place at the same time. She felt partly guilty for that, remembering her earliest year and how she had pulled the mare away from a familiar environment and into the uncertain, the wild,the...

As the horse was being approached, the brunette spoke to it softly, moving ahead from her packmate. "Hey, Crassus." she said, stretching a hand towards her. In response, the animal turned and sniffed at her hand, calmly approaching the pair of luperci. "That's right..." She grabbed at the rope attached to her halter and pulled her towards Sedona. "I no longer know what to do about it, honestly." Her voice was defeated, but she was subconsciously petting the side if the mare's head, to her delight. As much as she complained, she'd do anything to make sure her horse was taken care in the best way possible.

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Sedona smiled knowingly as Cairina responded with an air of exasperation, "It's Crassus." The cowgirl wasn't surprised one bit. Any time Cairina wasn't sure of herself, it usually had to do with the mare. Otherwise, Cairina was generally a sure-footed, confident and outgoing person. Not someone with lines creased across her muzzle, slumping shoulders and worry in her eyes. The Whitesage woman placed a paw on the other woman's back as they made their way across the snow-packed field, approaching the dark coated equine with the ivory markings standing on her lonesome. "She's still acting up, I don't know why she's so stubborn." Sedona flicked an ear, listening. "Well... I guess she was just too used to being on her own, didn't really interact with many horses."

The coydog nodded, grabbing a rope from the side of the barn as they passed it, just in case she needed to assist in lassoing the stray mare. "Sounds to me like we're going to need to work on breaking her of that fear come as soon as possible." Sedona suggested seriously. "If she's goin' to integrate into the rest of the herd, and if we're going to be able to guarantee her safety, she's gonna have to learn to live inside the barn, not in her own little suite off to the side of it." She explained to Cairina with a
small chuckle. "I can work with ya to get her broken. Hopi or even Yavapai may even be able to help her get used to other horses, my two are really docile." Cairina coaxed the mare towards them and managed to grab the lead rope without much fuss and Sedona was glad for it. That at least prevented them from having to chase the stubborn beast all over the corral.

Once Crassus was securely in her master's grasp, Sedona reached out to the mare, allowing her to sniff at her palm before patting the large equine's neck as well. "She's really a big, beautiful gal ain't she. I think I may know another reason why she's not enjoyin' the stables too much." The cowgirl said after a moment of checking over the mare as she walked around her, checking for any signs of injury or illness, being sure to keep one paw on the animal's flank so as not to end up spooking her as she passed. Seeing nothing of immediate concern, the Whitesage woman clucked her tongue in thought. "Being so large, the stalls we have in there might be on the smaller side. I can expand the one on the end for her so she's closer to the door, and has more room to move about. That should help 'er get used to the other horses without them all being atop her too." Sedona smiled, wagging her tail. The idea of having another project was exciting for her. She knew the other horses wouldn't much like her banging around in the barn but, anything she could do to help out a fellow Valemen (and her horse) she would do. Coming back around to Crassus' front and to Cairina's other side, Sedona rubbed her paws together. "What do you think? I could have that all done for ya by the end of the week." She said with a slight tip of head. If all was in agreement, the next task was going to be getting Crassus to come back towards the barn with them quietly, and stay over by her makeshift stall overhang until they could arrange her new sleeping quarters inside.


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No wonder Sedona had climbed so quickly in the hierarchical ladder, she was hard working and very skilled at her trade. In the short time that took them to leave the stables behind and reach the open space before them, she had put together a plan about how to start working on Crassus, which was all around a good one. She had met the woman's horses shortly after she joined, and they were some amicable creatures, of a gentle demeanor and very friendly. Crassus was, as always, tolerant and amicable enough, but didn't show any particular liking for them. However, that was a lot coming from the horse that would rather spend the night under the cover of the canopy instead of in the close proximity of the populated stables. If anybody could manage to break her demeanor, it was those two and their owner.

The brunette nodded at this plan. "Sounds good. Whatever works, I'm in on it." She smiled and rose her thumb to emphasize her approval, but the look in her eyes was that of someone who was on the brink of frustration.

With the mare's lead safely grasped, Sedona put her hands to work. The wolfdog carefully scrutinized her packmate as she approached the mare, making sure she did not scare it by offering her hand to smell. Cairina smiled at this, knowing that Crassus was actually very friendly with luperci, rarely rejected strangers' advances on her, or even got spooked. She was just... stubborn and quite mischevious with those she was most familiar with. Still, her reaction to being approached by the Hawkesond was to sniff at her hand, and then softly snort, turning her head to nuzzle at her owner's hand. But otherwise, did not react to the hybrid's touch throughout the quick health checkup. Cairina was relieved that no mention of illness was done afterwards, even if she was aware of this already. Her attunement with her hoofed companion was such that she knew when she felt discomfort due to health-related issues, or when she was simply in a foul mood, and would act accodringly.

"I'm not so sure about the size being the problem." She replied. "I've kept her and another horse in a semi-open building before, with little to no problem..." She hesitated for a minute, stroking her chin with her free hand. "Though, now that I remember, it was usually temporary, and she was usually free to exit the place. Being in the same enclosure for a long time usually made her irritable." Finally, she sighed. "I guess there's no harm in trying. A bigger enclosure may as well fit the princess here and her demands." She said the word princess in a mock scornful tone, along with a smile as she caressed said animal's head. She snorted again, softly, delighted to being in the recieving end of such attentions.

However, Cairina was aware that such a favor, even as the girl's self-assigned duty of taking care of the pack's horses, meant a good deal of extra handwork. So she may as well lend her help in as much as she could. As long as she did not get in the way, of course. She stepped forward. "I will help in anything you need" she offered "just speak the words and I'll be on it."

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