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OOC: Gift bringing thread for Sedona's Drakehund rank. <3 WC: 454

IC: Since arriving and her acceptance into Mistfell Vale, Sedona had settled in and become what she felt was an integral part of the pack. She'd so far helped restore the pack's corral, barn, and quite a few of the homes in the central area of Winterwynd. Every day she took care of the livestock and horses feeding, watering and other needs. She had made friends and acquaintances with nearly every single member of the pack, though she was still certain there was still a handful of fleeting faces she'd not yet truly gotten to know better. She was always friendly, always up for anything social, always available to help out a pack mate in need. It was in her nature to be the reliable one, the go-to girl. It wasn't like her to be a let down. She was always that battery of endless energy. Giving, never taking.

And today, was just like any other. About giving. As the cowgirl was going about her home doing a bit of cleaning and rearranging, shaking out some of her furs and pelts free of dust, she had accidentally knocked down a silver bracelet that she had set upon the mantle above the fireplace when she first moved in. The piece of native made jewelry was a trinket that had withstood time well. It wasn't ancient made, but was from some what was once considered an 'attraction site' back home for humans when they'd been alive according to her grandpa who'd given the item to her when she was just old enough to shift. She'd worn the bracelet for a time as a youth, but soon found it not much to her liking. The turquoise stones were not her favorite color. Smiling wistfully at the old forgotten thing, Sedona got an idea. She knew that she would never wear it again, and since she'd given Sineria so many other little trinkets of hers since they'd become close, this particular one she knew needed to go to someone else. And she knew just the person.

She quickly donned her fur cloak and cowboy hat, darting out the door and into the snowbound town of Winterwynd. Paws crunching softly in the snow, the Hawkesond made her way to Felix's home, hoping that dropping by midday wouldn't be of any nuisance. Clutching the bracelet in one paw, the woman raised the other to knock on the front door. "Felix? Ravenking? Are you home?" She called and took a glance at the window for signs of movement. "It's Sedona." She announced before stepping back from the door to wait. If he wasn't home now, surely she'd catch him later in the evening. She could always finish her cleaning and return afterwards.
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He was tinkering at his table, a cup of lukewarm tea beside him as he stripped sinew strings into thinner segments for smaller traps. He was getting decent at his large traps, and they came in handy during times of scarcity, but it was harder to trap large creatures in the winter, where the snow and ice could render the traps useless. He sat back and took a swig of his tea, humming thoughtfully as he looked at his strings.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Felix swung his head towards his entrance, pushing back his chair as he got up to see who it was. The stranger, whose voice he instantly recognized, asked if he was home.

"I am indeed," he said jovially, trotting towards the front door to let the dog woman in. She added that it was Sedona - he would be a poor leader not to know that by her voice and scent! - as he finally reached his front door and opened it, giving the other a warm look.

"How lovely!" he chirruped, stepping back to let her in. "Sedona, Sedona, to what do I owe the pleasure?" He'd admit that he hadn't spoken to the dog much yet - he'd exchanged greetings with her and he saw her around, but he hadn't gotten to know her as well as he'd like. Perhaps this would be a good time to change that, he thought.

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Sedona smiled as the Mistfell leader's door swung open and his usual, smiling face greeted her. The woman couldn't help but grin back, it was infectious that handsome grin. "How lovely!" The generalized compliment made the cowgirl's tail set to wagging behind her and ears to splay. It was true, Felix really was just one radiant ball of positivity no matter what. "Sedona, Sedona, to what do I owe the pleasure?" The Ravenking asked and the Hawkesond removed her hat and held it in one paw, while shifting the other holding the bracelet which she'd wrapped in a thin white cloth to keep the metal from freezing to her paw.

"Howdy Felix!" She greeted back warmly. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but I had this ol' bracelet that ain't really somethin' I wear, but I thought maybe it'd be something you might like or be able t'use." She said and held out the cloth wrapped metal and turquoise native made jewelry to the leader. "Y've been such a kind and and generous leader, and well, it ain't much, but I haven't much of any other way to express my gratitude for yer accepting me into the pack, and making me feel welcome, like family, these past few months." She dipped her head respectfully. "Mistfell Vale is my home now. And if there's anything y'need from me, all ya gotta do is holler." The coydog's eyes met her alphas own for a brief moment before returning downcast. "I...I hope y'like it. It was something my gran' handed down to me." She smiled at her feet, eyes slightly misty from the sentiment.


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