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OOC: Along the border between Noxweald and the Mire. Mid-morning. WC: 411

IC: As a personal endeavor and as part of being an integral member of the pack, Sedona had taken upon herself to take up the practice of a few new hobbies and responsibilities around the Vale. She wasn't just someone whose talents lie solely stuck in the stables with the livestock, or up some abandoned building working on a roofline. The Whitesage woman had plenty to offer elsewise and she intended to show this through action. As of late, she'd chosen to try out a round or two of of patrolling the borders. She knew that it was a task important to those trusted and established in the ranks and therefore felt that it was something she could and even should undertake. It was also something that went well with her duties in the barn. After she'd cared for the livestock, she could make her rounds on the borders every morning if need be.

It could be a lonely and often times uneventful business, border patrol, but it was a way for Sedona to take Hopi out on a daily ride while ensuring the security of the pack. And that was enough for the coydog. As she was still learning the ropes, today the cowgirl had enlisted the company and guidance of the Starkhelm, Saga, on her rounds as she wanted to ensure she was thorough as she checked the markers and looked for any signs of trespassers. Sedona was glad for the company if for no other reason. Riding along side by side with the galaxy pelted woman, Sedona steered Hopi enough away from Ghost to give her room and not to crowd her as they two equines and their riders crunched along through the thick snows and swirling mists. They had completed about three quarters of their patrol without much fuss. It was a quiet morning it seemed. Winter had quieted the lands and left peace in its wake.

Sighing softly, running her fingers through her hair, Sedona replaced her hat upon her head and stretched in her saddle glancing over at Saga after another long patch of silence as they rode. The Starkhelm was known to be very dutiful but not all too chatty. "How often do you come across trespassers out here this far from Winterwynd?" The cowgirl inquired after a moment, eyes glancing about. It was sure to be rare occurrence as Sedona hadn't heard about any incidences in recent months, but it never hurt to ask.


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Saga was, admittedly, not the biggest fan of patrolling on horseback. In fact, she actively disliked it. While, yes, it made the task a little shorter, she felt it lacked the thoroughness. Nevertheless, when Sedona had suggested they both take the patrol as an opportunity to ride, the Starkhelm didn't decline her. In a sense, it was a chance to get to know her packmate more, despite the fact that it was probably a well-known fact that Saga wasn't much of a fan of interaction below surface level. Her ethos fitted well into the original Mistfell Vale one, loyalty to the members and the full belief that they were free to do whatever they wanted. Within reason. Saga just seemed to think that not asking more questions than necessary went hand in hand with such things.

'No. Not really.' The D'Angelo replied to the Hawkesond's question. 'We're left well enough alone most of the time.' And most of the time those strays meant nothing by their intrusion, stragglers that had gotten sidetracked or lazy folks eager for a quick bypass, hunters too caught up in the hunt to realise they'd passed boundaries. All in all, Saga came across little that got her hackles truly raised.
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OOC: Feel free to play the coyote. He'll high tail it once he's truly chased off. :) WC: 410

Sedona was at home on horseback. Her cattle ranching days were the reason for this. She grew up with the beasts and their other hooved counterparts as a major part of her youth. Now as an adult, she was an expert with all things barnyard and animal husbandry. If ever any of her pack mates had troubles with animals, she was usually one of the first persons they'd call. And the cowgirl was more than fine with such an arrangement. She loved being of assistance to her fellow Valemen. And anything to help her pack made her feel more and more useful and like she was making a difference.

Like today. The border patrol may be something new to her, but she was glad to learn the skill just in case some extra hands were needed. The pack was growing rapidly and new forces would be needed along the border before long to help with the newcomers and to weed out anybody who wasn't here with good intentions. The sound of soft hoofbeats in the snow was the only sound for a moment as the two women rode along side by side, eyes ahead. Saga responded with her usual simple and to the point answer to the Whitesage coydog's query and Sedona nodded. "Glad to hear." The cowgirl knew better than to press for further conversation from the galaxy furred Starkhelm.

They rode along, taking care of business without much ado until they rounded the terrain near the mire, up ahead Sedona spied movement, just as her mount too snorted in alarm. The slinking figure, a reddish brown male, a coyote by the smallish stature was sneaking his way through the short grasses, using snow banks and some bushes to try and hide behind. He'd seen the patrol coming and was trying to make it back the way he'd come, but it was too late. "Well, Saga. Looks like today we've got ourselves a trespasser." She gave a narrow eyed stony gaze at the scraggly fellow, meeting his yellow orange eyes from a distance and gave a low growl. The male stopped in his tracks, lowering his posture and then bared his teeth, shifting into his slightly larger secui form as the two women watched high on horseback. "Is he seriously gonna try and stick around to fight? Just run you fool..." Thought the cowgirl spurring her horse forward, following Saga and her superior rank and experience in the matter.


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