Torn Asunder We Fall Victim To Darkness

Hee Haw Orchard/Stables

POSTED: Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:33 pm

OOC: A something's in the dark plot thread! WC: 792

IC: Sedona was up and at 'em early as was usual for the cowgirl. The chilly winter morning was just like any other. The night before had brought with it more snow which meant the coydog had to first clear the walkways around the barn before she could even enter. Using a shovel and broom she completed the task in record time, much to the happiness of the hungry animals within the large structure. The Whitesage woman was glad that her and Brom's hard work was holding up so well. She was grateful that this winter hadn't caused any further damage to the building and that it stood sturdy and safe for the livestock in sheltered.

Pulling open the heavy stable doors, Sedona smiled, blinking into the dimly lit barn at ll the peering, long faces of the horses and could hear the shuffling about of the pack's sheep and goats farther to the back. The chickens clucked away busily, coming inside from their indoor/outdoor enclosure through a flap in the wall, ready to eat their morning meal. "Hello everyone, Hope you slept well!" She greeted the animals with a cheerful tone and then entered the barn, going around opening the shutters to let in light. During the day, the horses were either turned out to the corral or left in their stalls based on owner preference. The ones that she knew stayed indoors she left closed to conserve warmth. Later on she'd come back around and swap which windows were open and which were not so that the cooped up beings were able to get a good look outside and get some fresh air.

As the cowgirl was making her rounds one by one to each horse, checking on them, looking in their stalls for messes and/or any problems, the woman suddenly was struck with an overwhelming scent of dead, rotting flesh. Pinning her ears and covering hr nose at the sudden bombardment to her senses the woman worriedly looked closer into the stall she'd just passed. There was nothing to be seen but empty hay. No horse occupied that stall.It was one ready and awaiting a newcomer. The gutroiling smell didn't dissipate the more she moved around and Sedona grew even more upset. "Where is that coming from? She spoke out loud, the scent so putrid and sickening she could feel herself actually growing nauseated. She did a swift sweep of the goats and the sheep, then the chickens. Nothing. The smell seemed o be simply overwhelming the entire barn!

Sedona's eyes smarting from the smell. No matter how many windows were open, she felt like she was suffocating. Near her tolerance, the cowgirl began to hurry from the barn only to suddenly feel very very cold. SHe stopped in her tracks, looking around. She stood right next to the brazier that helped keep the barn warm at night. This made absolutely no sense at all. Shivering violently the woman stepped closer to the low crackling flames, her entire body feeling like she'd just been dunked in ice water. What was this strange affliction? Was she growing ill? A great sense of foreboding crept into the woman's bones as she huddled next to the brazier desperate to bring warmth to her body. She noticed that the sick smell of flesh gone bad had all but dissipated. She must be going crazy. Finally able to better control the tremors of cold, but only after stealing a blanket from a shelf above her, the horsewoman again started for the door, vowing to return to alert brom she wasn't feeling well and return home. Just as she reached the door, she was turning to close them when out of the corner of her eyes the gruesome sight of a mangled horses' corpse laying gutted and strewn viscerally across the walkway caused the cowgirl to give a scream of terror and horror. That had not been there when she first arrived. She jumped back, horrified by who or what could have done such a thing and then just as suddenly as it had appeared, the body and gore was gone...

Now questioning her own sanity, feeling panicky and fearful the woman closed the barn doors with more force than intended and began to turn to run home. She didn't care if she slipped along the way. All that mattered was she got home. She couldn't' explain what had just happened and she quite frankly, in that moment didn't care to try. She was rattled in a way she'd never felt before. Breathing heavily, eyes darting about, still wrapped in the blanket, tears rolling down her face, Sedona took off, spooked out of her mind about the events she had endured but were beyond her comprehension.


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