What's In Your Head, Zombie


POSTED: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:35 pm

OOC: Foredated to the 13th. A something's in the dark thread. WC: 1,018

The night was chill and crisp, the snow was falling at a slow, even pace, covering everything in a fresh powdered blanket of white. There was little to no breeze so the flakes fell near vertically to the slushy ground below. The buildings around Winterwynd were dark and silent, the residents of the Mistfell Vale all asleep or away from their residences for the evening. The hour was late and the moon shone brilliantly through the foggy, iced over windows of Sedona's home which was much like the rest of the town's. It was quiet inside save for the soft breaths of the cowgirl sleeping soundly in a large pile of furs and blankets next the the fireplace in her large open living room. The home she'd chosen was still very much a work in progress, but the coydog did her best to keep the place at least clean and presentable in case she had guests. The woman had scavenged some logs and worked to hand craft them into benches and stools and places to sit within the cottage. Currently those items had been pushed and stacked into the corner of the living spaces they usually occupied, filling the otherwise, open spaces.

A throw rug of a dusty green color adorned the next door room from the sleeping luperci, the frayed edges often times a tripping hazard for both Sedona and her companion, Sineria. The two spent much of their time together and the Whitesage woman knew she'd need to find an alternative to the rug to help prevent any injuries to their paws when they caught their nails and toes in the fibers. Hanging in the window in the empty sitting room was an ornament made of wood. It was carved to look like a running horse. It was given to her by Brom this past Solstice as a gift. The herdswoman was surprised by the touching sentiment by the male. She'd worked so closely with him on all the repair jobs for the pack's stables and corral she figured it was his way of saying thank you. Sedona had nothing to give him back in return, but the male had insisted that he didn't want anything. So she let the subject drop.

The little horse ornament faced into the kitchen which was also quite barren considering the fact that the dwelling was occupied. Sedona had very little to her name. Her biggest assets were her horses, Hopi and Yavapai. The animals were her pride and joy and provided her with companionship and hands on work that she couldn't get any place else. Speaking of horses, on the counter of the horsewoman's kitchen set out for the next morning were some carrots from Jura's garden. She'd kept the items frozen just for the occasion. The orange colored veggies would serve as a treat for the occupants of the pack's barn. Sedona always knew how to care best for the livestock and gave them special treats whenever she felt like. From the kitchen was a view into the the short hallway which led to the two bedrooms. Sedona hadn't bothered to fully clear those two rooms out since she hadn't much use for them. They were messy, cluttered with some human artifacts Sineria had brought home and other miscellaneous junk. One day she'd get around to the task, but during the heart of winter the girl really didn't feel like undertaking the job. Come Spring the bedrooms would be decluttered and properly cleaned up.

As Sedona slept peacefully in her empty home, he dreamed of happy times back on her ranch with her family. She smiled softly in her dream state, tail tip twitching and paws occasionally running in mid air as she slept in lupus form dreaming off snapping at cattle's ankles and roping stubborn mustangs. It wasn't until she heard a strange creaking sound near her head that she started, and woke from her dreams with a gasp. "Sineria?" She asked, but there was nothing but heavy silence. The winter snows blanketing sound from echoing. Feeling uneasy, the woman rose to her paws and shook out her brown and rust pelt, stretching. As she yawned, suddenly a strange cold sensation crept over her and she shivered. It was as if someone had suddenly opened her front door and let in a draft of cold air. "What in the heck...?" The woman asked into the dark and started to feel a little spooked. "Who's there?" She growled, shifting into her Optime form quickly as she could and grabbing for her knife set beside her bed of blankets. Shaking the hair free from her yellow-green eyes, the cowgirl, shivered again, the chill in the room coming from out of nowhere, despite the low crackling flames still left in her fireplace.

Stalking into the next room the woman checked her windows and the seal of the door, feeling cold to the very bone. Her teeth chattering from the sudden freezing sensation, Sedona struggled to hang on to her knife as she looked around for the source of the cold. Just then a shadow appeared in her kitchen doorway. A slant of moonlight in the entrance gave the woman a brief sight of a figure only for her to gasp and blink and the shadowy stranger was gone. As was the cold feeling. The Whitesage woman wasn't even sure she saw the shape in her kitchen but in her heart she new something wasn't right. She remembered her experience back at the stables a few days back and shuddered. Something was wrong here. Very wrong.

Lighting a candle and stoking her fire in the hearth, the coydog remained awake through the rest of the night. Paranoia getting the best of her senses. If that shadow returned she was prepared to confront it. Come morning, her first stop was to Felix's home, she needed to tell someone about her creepy encounters. And despite how crazy she sounded, she knew that the Ravenking would take her complaints seriously. She couldn't know that she was not the only Valeman going through such horrors.


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