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[M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:34 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

OOC: Mature warning for sexual content between Sineria and Sedona. Background plot is basically the two finally hooking up when Sedona is in heat discussed ooc.


IC: This was the most stressful day of Sineria's life as he stood in front of Sedona’s home holding a gift to her. Whilst scavenging Sineria had found something incredible that he believed she should keep to show how much he loved her. It was something he had found burried near a human cabin and within a broken box of sorts. He cleaned off the object and found it to be a glistening green emerald, and at the time he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The gem wasn’t flawless and it was half the size of the paw pad on his thumb, but the color was just a perfect match for her eyes. Sineria wouldn’t have the resources to trade for something like this on his own, and even if he did he wouldn’t know where to find one. At the moment he kept it in the palm of his hand, and stood there as he tried to think of what he was going to tell her when he got inside. Would it be some kind of one-liner? No he was far too nervous for that. How about expressing his feelings flat out to her? No again, for the same reason.

After awhile he finally had gotten the butterflies swarming around in his stomach to settle, and he slowly walked up to Sedona’s doorstep and paused as he stared at her door. He opened his palm and looked at the gem one last time before he took a deep breath and closed his eyes and clenched it tightly. He gulped and almost without thinking he knocked on the door three times and waited patiently for her to answer it.

Word count: 285

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:40 pm

WC: 730

The signs were all there. They'd been oncoming for the past week and as they had, slowly but surely the cowgirl had spent less and less time out at the stables and had to turn care over to Brom and Cairina whom both had become mentors of sorts under her. SHe couldn't risk any accidental slips in judgement, not to mention she hated to torture all the males in the pack any more than she already knew she was. Sedona was in season. February was one of the few months out of the year the female went into receptive heat and could become pregnant. While grown enough to know how to handle this most frustrating, instinct driving time, the urges still existed, and the woman's mind strayed often to thoughts of pleasure and release from the ache low in her abdomen.

Within her home, the Whitesage gal had done some rearranging, moving her nest of furs and blankets more into a wide, less cushioned pattern. She'd placed a few soft, brightly colored blankets down in the center, blankets she'd brought from home, back in Arizona on her family's cattle farm. The fabric of one in particular still smelled of the comforts of her old "place" where she'd go when she needed to ride out these wiles when growing up. Her mother always had lavender and flax infused into the blanket, the soothing scent helped her to remain grounded and not lose herself to desire. But even still, this time was much more difficult than she'd anticipated as she longed in these cold nights for the closeness, comfort and...her loins screamed for more, but she tried to reason with herself she'd accept anything that her sweet Sineria would be willing to give.

Sighing, laying amidst her pile of comforts near the fire in lupus form, Sedona watched the dancing flames, nose buried in the scented blanket, breathing slowly. She was about to close her brilliant colored eyes when there was a knock on the door, which startled her fully awake. Shaking herself, she blinked and stood, stretching on her four paws. "One moment!" She called out and took a moment to control herself before trotting to the front door, keeping her tail tucked and ears back. She sniffed at the crack at the underside of the door. "Oh god..." It was Sineria. Sedona's body suddenly flushed warm and she felt her claws dig into the wood of the floor she stood on. She grit her teeth a moment as a wave of need coursed along her core. She wanted to burst open the door and leap out at him and tackle him, show him how much she loved him and wanted him and ohhh shit she needed to reign it in. She stared hard at the wood grain of her front door. And then it was back under control.

Shifting up to Optime form, Sedona cracked the door, one beautiful green and yellow eye peering out of the otherwise dim slit in the door. "Sineria.... Um...H-hey there darlin'. W-what can I do f-for you?" She winced at how formal and unfriendly that sounded, realizing for once it was her stuttering in her embarrassment and anxiety at her predicament. "I-I mean now isn't...really.... um....the greatest time?" She let out a deep whimper that she couldn't hold back. She smiled sheepishly. "But I am really happy to see you!" She wagged her tail behind her. "Oops." And that was it. She'd done it. Her heady scent wafted out the door where even he could surely detect it. "I....uh... shit... Oh, just come in, hon." She huffed in defeat and opened the door entirely, revealing her slightly bedraggled looking self, missing bandana and hat and all for just a brief, fleeting second, before darting away into the den-like darkness of her home (even during daylight), silently expecting him to follow. She shifted down to Lupus form again and curled up in her blankets in the living room where the two of them spent so much time but never fully gave an identity to their relationship, waiting for him, trying her damndest not to start acting a total fool due to her hormones. "What's on your mind Sin?" She asked gently from her place in the blankets, trying to be as normal as she could, voice soft and slightly husky, eyes glimmering in the firelight.

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:26 pm

Ooc: This was too funny not to do XD, no romance Sin is fun XD

The moment Sineria lair eyes on Sedona he blushed, but as she spoke to him he couldn’t help but pause. She said it wasn’t a good time, and yet she was really happy to see him now? "What was that supposed to mean?" He thought for a moment and then the door opened completely and he was suddenly hit by a wall of an alluring hormonal scent. As a child Sineria had never received "The Talk" for his parents sheltered him and kept him away from stuff like that. Sineria didn’t entirely know what the rituals for mating were either, or what this mysterious scent was coming from Sedona's home.

"I.... uh... shit... Oh just come in, hon,” She said to him as his nose twitched and he was a tad bit curious about the origins of this odd aroma. He shook his head though and ignored it for now as he entered the home of his beloved Sedona with his gift in his hand as he closed the door behind him when he entered. Sineria watched as Sedona shifted down to lupus form and as she walked over to where they usually spent time together he noticed the scent grow a bit weaker. His nose only half-worked, but a scent like this was eerily distinct and it was strong inside of her home.

Sedona then asked what was on his mind and Sineria walked over to her in optime form still and knelt down on one knee. He couldn’t just outright say it, or else he’d look like some kind of idiot or offend her, at least he felt like he would. He had practiced day and night over and over again in his own home and he felt that all of that practice melted away with the pressure presented in this situation. Still he had to keep his cool in order to prove his own determination.

"Sedona, I’ve... I've known you for awhile now and..." Sineria began and thought,"So far so good," then his voice suddenly cracked,"I've been fIGHting..."

He blushed and groaned,"Aw... damn it!"

Sineria took a deep breath and tried what he could to save his dignity in this situation."I-I’ve fought m-mys-self and... ugh! I love you, okay! M-More m-much more th-than you know! He exclaimed then he opened his palm and revealed his gift to her. "I-I found this a-and it reminded m-me of your eyes s-so I-I kept it s-so I c-could ask y-you s-something r-really r-really impor..."

Sineria paused, the hormonal scent in the air was getting to him and bad, he felt aroused and the moment he stopped talking was when he felt a stiffening feeling between his loins and his face turned red. Why did this have to happen now if all times? What was this scent? What was it doing to him?

"OH FUCK! WHY NOW?! Why NOOOOWWWW?!?!?!" Sineria howled then used his free hand to cover his pelvis, and frantically set the gem down on the floor in front of Sedona before he quickly shifted down to lupus form and sat down in front of her with his eyes closed as he tried to turn away.

"This is a disaster! B-But hopefully she didn’t see it, hopefully she doesn’t see it hopefully..." Sineria slowly opened his eyes and noticed that he was looking directly at Sedona with his untamed masculinity exposed to her now. His blush deepened and he whimpered, and his beneath his front paws and whined,"I-I’m so so sorry... it was that smell n-not m-me I-I swear." Sineria had regressed to use such a puppyish excuse in that instant. He made the scene that much more overdramtic.

Word count: 677

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:43 pm

WC: 651

As he knelt before her she noticed not only the nervousness that was ever present in the male, but a distracted far away look that he had to visibly keep shaking away. The coywolf whined, she knew her heat scent would be a problem. The young male was now surrounded by it inside her home and so up close and personal to her. Sedona felt her loins ache with how close her was, her need to breed. But she had to be strong. She focused hard on his words. "Sedona, I’ve... I've known you for awhile now and..."I've been fIGHting...Aw... damn it!" His shift in vocal tone caused the rush of panicked words to almost overwhelm the White sage woman but luckily, she was used to these emotional outbursts from him when he became overly worked up about something and anxious.

She splayed her ears and was about to tell him to calm down and take a moment to formulate his thoughts when he bowled through. "I-I’ve fought m-mys-self and... ugh! I love you, okay! M-More m-much more th-than you know!" He displayed his palm to her and her eyes widened as his words struck her. Her heart skipped a beat and she knew what he was doing. The three words, although rushed, she knew he meant and the small emerald gem made Sedona's heart soar. She rose to her paws, tail wagging a mile a minute, tears brimming in her eyes as he continued to speak. I-I found this a-and it reminded m-me of your eyes s-so I-I kept it s-so I c-could ask y-you s-something r-really r-really impor..." He cut off and she realized what she'd done. She'd lifted her tail again.

His howl of embarrassment rang through the rafters of the house and Sedona's eyes widened in surprise. She rushed forward to soothe him but knew it was only going to make the situation worse the closer she was. She did her best to keep her own mind from clouding over as she swallowed back the urge to nip at his scruff and tease him. The cowgirl nuzzled his cheek, licking his muzzle. "I-I’m so so sorry... it was that smell n-not m-me I-I swear." He muttered and Sedona couldn't help but laugh. " you not know what that scent is?" She asked softly, eyes glimmering, but her ears splayed embarrassed. Everything that had just happened previously was second thought as she realized once again just how sheltered and still young the white coated male was. Had his parents failed to teach him about how the birds and bees worked too? "I'm...I'm in heat, Sineria. I... I am ready to breed... I can make pups." She chuffed softly, eyes darting to her beloved's exposed wolfhood and down to her own paws, gritting her teeth. So many instincts she had to fight right then. She whined unable to help herself. Her voice strained. "I'm so sorry that you are trying to be so romantic and sweet and here I am a massive pheromone bound idiot." She growled huffed to herself. "Sineria, I want you to know... that regardless of my state, I'm not just saying this..." She met his bi colored eyes with her shimmering own. "I love you too. I've loved you for many months now... And this gem..." She smiled. "Means the world to me." She licked his ear. "I want to share my life with you, I want to learn and grow with you..." She stepped in closer her voice becoming a gentle, loving whisper and she rested her head over his neck. "Oh...Sineria...." She breathed, closing her eyes, taking in his comfort and closeness, body desperate for more, but mind and heart content. After a moment she lifted her head and met his gaze again, still fighting back her womanly wiles and urges. "You wanted to ask me something?" She said and tipped her head.

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:08 pm

"I-I-I..." Sineria paused and gulped as he stared into her eyes and said,"S-Sedona I... uh...." The moment he heard about her reproductive heat a light bulb clicked on inside of his head and something in him thought,"Well... that’s at least part of how it works then." He took a deep breath again then nuzzled her cheek and he swallowed his fears as he remembered the thrilling feeling she taught him when they went sledding with one-another. Sineria felt that Sedona at least deserved someone special for her in her life, and he figured now that if he couldn’t leave a mark on the world in memory of his parents then he should perhaps follow in their legacy to continue the lifelong tradition of reproduction.

"Sedona... I came h-here because.... Sineria's cheeks turned a bright red as he sighed one last time and spoke,"I-I want t-to be your mate, s-start a f-family with you. B-But..." Sineria paused for a moment then said,"M-My parents were o-overprotective a-and th-they n-never told m-me about w-what all happens when t-two creatures m-mate b-before they.... passed..." Sineria’s ears lowered for a moment as he thought back to his parents for a brief moment as he reflected on his life.

Sineria then sat up on his haunches and shook his head to clear his mind, and he looked to Sedona with a bit of confidence in his eyes now. "Sedona I... I wanted to leave a m-mark on this world in honor of what my parents d-did for me, b-but I’m not so sure I can at this rate," Sineria explained,"Then I met you and.... you opened my eyes, my world t-to something new. I-I wanted to... have a legacy of m-my own, of our own.... I just... want t-to be there f-for others... a-and..."

Sineria shed a single tear as he thought back even more and sighed,"If... if it’s okay w-with you I’d l-like to become your m-mate and s-start a family... h-have pups w-with you and be th-there for them where my parents w-weren’t for me. I-I just n-need your c-consent of c-course... b-but I-I won’t do anything unless you ask m-me to, o-okay?"

Sineria then gulped with his ears still lowered and muttered,"S-So... w-will you let m-me become y-your mate Sedona, a-and well.... sh-show me how exactly... t-two wolves m-make pups?"

Word count: 474

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:22 pm

WC: 422

Sedona let Sineria speak. Let him express all his emotions and doubts. His anxiety was something she was used to , and right now, his stuttering and rambling and uncertainties just made her smile and find him all the more adorable. He spoke of leaving behind a legacy, of having pups. The Whitesage woman had almost forgotten that the product of her heat could be a litter. Duh. She was glad someone was thinking rationally. "If... if it’s okay w-with you I’d l-like to become your m-mate and s-start a family... h-have pups w-with you and be th-there for them where my parents w-weren’t for me." The coydog chuckled and scooted closer to the white male, nuzzling him reassuringly. "I-I just n-need your c-consent of c-course... b-but I-I won’t do anything unless you ask m-me to, o-okay?" He said and Sedona just shook her head, amused.

"Sin. You have my consent thricefold honey." A low churr of happiness rose in her chest as she smiled at him lovingly. "We can make a family together, yes. And... honestly, I think yer parents would be very very proud of how far you've come since we first met." She licked his nose and wagged her tail, once more filling the room with her heady scent. She huffed and leaned into his side, their pelts mingling and once again reigniting the intense desire in the Whitesage woman's loins. She met his eyes with a husky, desiring look. "You'll make a great father..." She said softly, encouraging him with a nudge.

After a moment of silence where she simply snuggled against him, breathing him in, enjoying his closeness, head swimming in need, Sedona stepped back as he spoke again. "S-So... w-will you let m-me become y-your mate Sedona, a-and well.... sh-show me how exactly... t-two wolves m-make pups?" The cowgirl grinned ferally. "Of course m'love." She said simply and then sauntered back to the nest of blankets, gesturing for him to follow, tail flagged so he could get an up close and personal view of what lie beneath. Her heat-swollen sex, ready to mate, was a temptation that would be hard for any male to resist. "Come. Explore me, Sineria. Explore my body. Let your mind wander and your body lead and instincts kick in... I promise, you'll know what to do." She said with wink but gave him an affectionate look. "I love you... And I want you. Please my mate." She whispered and gave an encouraging whimper, standing still and awaiting his next move.

Re: [M] Finally Releasing that Passionate Feeling

Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:45 pm

Sineria felt his heart leap with excitement as he heard Sedona’s words of acceptance to his offer. For once in his life Sineria felt like his life was whole, but that feeling turned into something else as he watched his lover guide him back to their favorite spot. He then blushed red as he watched Sedona’s tail raise up before his eyes, and he got a clear view of just what he was getting himself into. He felt the throbbing between his legs, and instincts in his blood rushing to his brain with all sorts of suggestive thoughts.

Sineria didn’t know how something like this worked, but it didn’t take a genius to see what a male lover was to do in this situation. Still out of curiosity, Sineria leaned forward and took in a deep whiff of the captivating aroma of Sedona’s heat. All sorts of thoughts passed through his mind at this moment, but there was only one true thing he could do in this situation. Sineria took one last deep breath before he made an official move on Sedona and thought,"Oh.... fuck.... this is it!"

Sineria then jumped up and mounted Sedona, and he claimed her as his mate once and for all around him to know. He felt the adrenaline rush through his veins as he inserted his masculinity into her femininity, and all he felt after that was bliss.

Word count: 242


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