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OOC: A Rum Bridge Plot thread. Takes place shortly after this thread. Vida, you can have the rain let up once they reach the bridge so they don't have to be in such a hurry? :) WC: 255

IC: Sedona hurried as fast as she dared through the rain and mud slicked streets of Winterwynd to the Ursarcharn's house. It was the nearest leader's home to the stables where she'd just come from after safely securing away Bub the horse and the cart of goods he pulled by the storage shed. Both cart and horse would require further attention later on when there became a decent break in the awful weather. Conditions called for her to act quickly right then and time was of the essence.

As she splashed through the puddles, drawing nearer to Saga and her pup's house, the cowgirl let up a yapping howl of urgency to the woman she knew resided inside, skidding in the wet grass out in front and coming to a halt. Shielding her eyes from the slanting torrential rain, Sedona panted, spattered in mud, with some debris stuck in her fur and wind whipped hair. She looked like hell that was for sure, but there was no time to worry about her appearance, she needed the Ursarchon to follow her and quickly. The Rum Bridge appeared to be about to give out. They needed to assess what needed to be done and come up with a plan to maybe try and save it. The bridge crossing was one of only two reliable crossing points over the St. John's river. Even though Saga wasn't the most knowledgeable about construction, she was a fast thinker and knew when to take action. That was something Sedona needed right then.


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She hadn't slept soundly since the year began, for varying reasons, all of which still related to her sons. Both unborn and as young puppies, they'd prevented deep sleep and now the mantle of leadership further prevented it. In a way, it was fortunate. The Ursarchon was easily roused by the erratic call, rising from her fur pile hastily and affording her sons a quick glance. There would be no time to take them to Posey, her only choice was to leave them. Nosing both of the awake, she whispered to them softly, 'I need to leave for a moment. Stay here and sleep.' Neither of the boys stirred significantly, but their little ears twitched enough to let their mother know they'd heard enough to know she'd be away from them for a short while.

She made her way outside quickly, cantering towards the Hawkesond who stood on the overgrown lawn, slick with rain. The weather was torrential, and Saga knew that her sudden summons must have something to do with it. 'What is it?' she asked, coming to a graceful halt despite the terrain underfoot. Hopefully, this wouldn't take long, she didn't enjoy leaving the boys unsupervised and she didn't much enjoy the current downfall either...
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WC: 340

Sedona didn't have to endure the downpour alone for long. It wasn't but a minute or two before the dappled figure of the Ursarchon came into view through the dark and damp, accompanied by splashing paws in the over-saturated grass. Saga came to a halt before the Whitesage woman and met her urgency with collected seriousness. "What is it?" Sedona didn't want to waste too much time. She had afterall called the other woman from her bed with her children. And with the events of late with Ragna's pups, the cowgirl didn't want to keep Saga from her kids any longer than she needed. "I'm sorry to wake you, Saga, but it's the Rum Bridge. I think it's going to give out." She cut to the chase. "If ya could follow me, I can show ya what I mean." She had to speak loudly over the torrential rain and rushing wind. Annoyingly, she also had to keep spitting her hair from her mouth as well. "Ah, damn this weather! Gimme a second."

Optime form seemed to not be the best form during the storm right now. Without another word, Sedona spun on her heels, and began to shift down into Secui form, and then into Lupus. She shifted in less than a minute and shook out her soaked pelt, hopelessly. Chuffing to the galaxy woman, the cowgirl flicked her tail and began to hurry her way towards where the failing bridge was spanning the swollen St. John's river. She glanced back to make sure the Ursarchon followed, and blazed ahead, avoiding the largest of puddles and fallen tree branches.

Once reaching the crossing, the damage to the bridge became obvious, by the crumbling stones on the base pillars and the audible cracking and groaning that could be heard with the passing brown-tinted and debris filled water below. Frowning deeply Sedona turned grimly to Saga. "It's not safe, that's for sure. If the rain keeps up, I don't think it's gonna hold." She explained to the woman, her voice uncharacteristically worried.


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