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POSTED: Sat May 04, 2019 12:19 pm

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The ground underfoot was soaked as Saga made her way to the Old Church. A call left her dappled throat, a summons to all the Mistwalkers to attend to her. Precious few knew about the collapse yet, save for those who had already been caught up in the chaos of it all. The rest needed to be warned, instructed to stay away and, if they so wished, to aid Sedona and Brom with the reconstruction. The cold, stone floor of the interior was a welcome change as she led both of her boys into its vast nave, the interior icy from the recent weather. She waited upon the raised altar platform, secure in her decision to hold the meeting inside despite any real difference in temperature. The ground outside was uncomfortable to stand on let alone sit on, and she wouldn't risk anyone getting a cold when they had construction work to be getting on with.

The Ursarchon hoped that this would be a fairly quick construction project, the idea of walking miles out of ones way just to cross the river was enough to give her a headache. Granted, there was very little on the other side of the riverbank save for the eerie Ruins, but that wasn't the point.

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Still recovering from her unexpected swim in the river, Ginny was still quite sore from the ordeal. Her chest hurt from the water she’d inhaled, and her arms hurt from the strain of holding on and being pulled from the water. Even though there was not a mid-winter chill in the air, she was still wrapped in a blanket sitting in front of a fire when she heard Saga’s call. Rupert stepped out of their house and Ginny looked at him before starting to stand.

“I’m sure you can stay here if you want to,” Rupert told her while hurrying over to help her up. “Saga would probably understand.” But Ginny stubbornly rose to her feet and he sighed. She was pretty sure she heard an ‘honestly’ muttered under his breath but chose not to comment on it. She left her blanket in a heap, far enough from the flames that it wouldn’t catch and together they walked to the church.

Ginny’s arm was tucked through Rupert’s as they entered and he shuffled her over to sit down. She gave him a look but sat anyway and he stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders. He was being strangely tactile, and Ginny wasn’t about to complain. She liked any sort of positive physical contact, and she guessed that he needed it after her dip in the river.

As she settled, she looked up, intending to meet Saga’s eyes. Ginny could guess what this was about, and she was glad to have been the one that fell into the river if it meant that it was not one of the many puppies running around. She doubted that they would have made it out like she had. While waiting for others to arrive, Ginny leaned back, resting her head on Rupert's stomach and he squeezed her shoulders gently.

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Sedona knew the meeting was to take place ahead of time. She'd just parted ways with and got a head start of the Ursarchon after once again confirming the plans to rebuild the bridge. They decided to go with a mostly wooden style as the forests surrounding them was vast and would be able to provide the Mistwalkers with plenty of building material. There would, of course be some brickwork required too, and that's where the Constructor's knowledge from her homelands, back in Arizona, would be invaluable. The Whitesage woman would be heading the project, alongside Brom. With the assistance of the able bodied Valemen, the cowgirl estimated they could complete the repairs in a two months if they worked diligently. This would be a trial and error project. Admittedly, this would be Sedona's first bridge. She'd never built one before, but based upon the still standing structure on the far side of the St. John's river, she'd be able to mimic it, only in wood, rather than stone. There just was not enough limestone around to make enough concrete for such a large scale project.

Already standing within the church, having pre-lit a few candles to provide more light in the dim chamber where Saga would speak,the soggy coydog, nodded to the galaxy furred woman as she entered the cool chamber and stood upon the middle dias. Standing before her, Sedona folded her hands and awaited the arrival of her fellow packmates. While waiting, she did her best to ignore the steady drips of rain leaking from the roof behind the Ursarchon. She made a mental note to take care of the leak as soon as the bridge was complete.

Turning as the soft footsteps of another sounded behind her, the coydog was surprised to see Genevieve the first to arrive. The woman was still a bit bedraggled looking after her perilous fall into the river after the bridge collapsed beneath her. Everyone had heard how she'd been rescued. She was lucky to be alive. The cowgirl smile kindly and tipped her cowboy hat. "Genevieve, Rupert." She greeted them. "Kinda surprised to see you here. But I'm glad ya made it all the same." The Whitesage woman lightly placed a paw on the other woman's shoulder before giving her a friendly wag of her tail and then returned her gaze up to Saga.


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When Saga’s call rang out over Winterwynd, Falcon was surprised. They weren’t due for another sorting ceremony yet, were they? He turned to his old friend and her new beau, but Naya offered to hold down the fort before he’d even asked. Falcon left the pair with an appreciative smile and his sincerest thanks before darting out the front door; he had a meeting to get to.

Falcon trotted the short distance to Old Brassard Church, finding himself soaking wet by the time he reached the end of his street. Dirty water splashed against his ankles and he was happy he’d tied his skirt up. It was already going to be a pain to dry, especially with company around—it didn’t need to be muddy, too.

The Elkenfrey stepped from the cold, wet street into the cold, dry church and shivered. He glanced from the smattering of candles to the unlit fireplace; maybe getting a fire going would help. Whatever the meeting was for, it would be better held while warm. Falcon turned to Saga to ask her permission, but something about the Ursarchon’s expression stopped him. This wasn’t a good meeting, was it?

It probably wasn’t devastating, otherwise she wouldn’t have brought her young sons along, but it definitely wasn’t good.

Falcon looked at the other Mistwalkers already in attendance—Genevieve, Rupert, and Sedona—and hummed thoughtfully. None of them seemed particularly confused by Saga’s call, which made him wonder what he was missing. Falcon had been busy with his guests since yesterday, but he couldn’t have missed that much, could he?

He supposed he just had to wait and see.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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The rain made her joints ache, but Posey was insistent on attending the meeting herself, rather than allowing Lyric to simply bring back the news. With her daughter walking beside her, the old wolf hobbled toward the church, her chin lifted and expression determined as her paws moved over wet cobbles. No, it wouldn't do to stay home; and maybe the church full of her packmates' bodies would warm her.

She was far from the first to arrive, thanks to her stiff legs, but once she did she offered the Ursarchon and her boys a wink, then moved to settle somewhere near a glowing candle. Settling on her haunches, she looked around at the others, unable to quite tell from their expressions—many curious, some weary—what the news might be about. Saga seemed as solemn as ever, but if the other leaders were not present, the meeting must not be about something too awful or important.

Her legs folded beneath her with a deep, old wolf grunt, and she curled up in herself for warmth as her golden-brown eyes watched the Ursarchon, her ears pricked. Lyric sat down beside her, leaning her haunch into her skinny mother's side.

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Both Zuri and Baelish had heard the call go out. Though their home was a bit more secluded than most, it was still well within range of the church as well as the homes of others that lived in the Vale. The girls were getting up in age, a month old now. Both of them were romping around the house, at least when the two parents let them out of their pen. The male had helped her to extend the reaches of this area now that the pups were not as small as they used to. It was nice to see that they were well behaved enough to not try and break out.

Zansa had begun making noises as the call had gone out. Guess she heard it too and was interested in it. Of course she would be.

The pale woman turned to her husband, whom had agreed to watch over the pups until she had returned. Now that they were not relying on her for nursing, it was easier for her to get out of the house. Either one of the parents could chew up the meat they needed to have the pups eat. All she would have to do was fill him in on the events that took place at this meeting.

As Zuri entered, her crimson gaze moved about the room. There were those there she already recognized. Word had gone around about Genevieve's fall into the river, but not many details had been reached towards her home. It was a shame she hadn't been able to check up on anyone with her hands full with her own little projects. Perhaps sometime soon then.

Padding over to join the rest of the group, she found herself standing next to Sedona. The tan cowgirl was not only a Hawkesond like herself, but someone that had been a frequent face in the pale woman's home. A smile crossed along her muzzle, flashing it to those that were here before turning her attention to the newly made Ursarchon, listening to what it was she had to say.

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Ezra had not been in the Vale long, and since his initiation into the first of ranks for an outsider like him, he hadn't much left the northern church that his family had claimed and the stables to work his horses. It was out of character for him to keep to himself, but there was a workshop that needed to be set up, a garden to be planted, and plenty of work on the building itself to ensure it was sealed up to prevent the rains from slipping in. The poet wasn't anywhere near done, but the call of the Ursarchon had sounded her summons, and Ezra slipped out of his home to meet it.

Aside him was Arrow, but a quick glance reached around their home to see if Fiora had risen from where it was that she worked. He wasn't sure as to where his mate had gone for the day, but he was sure that he'd find her in the meeting that had been called.

Slipping into the scene, but remaining at the door, Ezra stood at the edge of the meeting in the Old Brassard Church. Still to fresh to be of any great importance to them, but present in order to provide anything that they might need. Arrow hadn't seemed nervous at all, but he couldn't help but look this way and that at all the folks that gathered around with a great smile on his face. The grapevine hadn't found them, not quite yet, so any insight as to what this meeting was about would be new news to Ezra's ears. As so, he placed a kind hand on Arrow's shoulder.

Doggish eyes looked up to Ezra as Arrow pouted a bit, but settled down. This could be very serious, or a simple and easy going meeting. It would be up to Saga, or course, and then Arrow could rejoice if that was the proper thing to do. The Lee man still had a great deal of learning to do when it came to pack life, but he was sure that Arrow would fit in soon enough. The boy knew what hard work was, and didn't skip a beat. The poet, however couldn't stop his eyes from following the crowd. Was Fiora here, yet? Finding Saga, at last, he did offer a small dip of his muzzle in her direction. It wouldn't bother him if she didn't see it, or respond, but he wanted her to know that they were here for Mistfell Vale should they need them.

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Dalia made her way through the rain and arrived completely soaked with a large piece of leather covering her bow and arrows. She certainly didn’t want either of those to get wet, and damaged just from a fit of pouring rain, but she didn’t really mind herself. In Dalia’s own opinion she wasn’t much for looks in the first place, so she was completely fine as she walked in drenched after she shook herself off on the porch with her pet fox, Red. As the two entered they found their way towards a corner to listen in, Dalia felt a bit ashamed for not attending these things earlier, especially since the bridge was down and she wanted to help out. Hopefully this meeting would provide her with some insight about how she could assist the reconstruction, or at bare minimum see a few new faces around the pack.

Dalia picked up and held her fox in her arms now, and close to her body to keep the poor wet creature at least partially warm. Dalia didn’t normally use the bridge much, but there was so much that she wanted to ask about it. "What can a huntress contribute to a construction project?" Dalia thought to herself, and then Red let out a small whine, so Dalia looked down and shushed her then whispered to her vixen,"Not now please, I promise we’ll stay a bit longer to dry you off, okay?"

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To say he had been a bit distracted of late was perhaps an understatement. When the call came out and he knew it was his sister he went to answer, soon sliding beside Dalia silently and his frown a bit more worn looking than normal. To say he had not really spoken to anyone lately was another understatement, he hadn't even interacted with his best friend; Dalia. Looking to the female he hoped she would not be too angry with him...but it would be understandable if she was. His gaze drifted away from the familiar female and sought out another specific member that was familiar to him now. When he didn't see the other male he just sighed and crossed his arms and leaned back against the closest surface.

Malfoy was tired and had been sifting through thoughts and emotions so much lately that time had passed like sand through fingers. So caught up in HIMSELF that he had not made time for others. It made him a crappy friend and an even crappier sibling. Gaze settling on Saga he did wonder if his sister had even noticed that he had kind of...faded into the background. With how busy she was it wasn't likely and if she had he was sure he would get an earful from the female later. For now, he was here and willing to see why she had called everyone here.

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