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“I haven’t done a lot of exploring out this way yet,” Ginny told Sedona as she trotted next to the other Mistwalker. Ginny was on two paws for once so that she could bring her board and sharp rock with her. She was beginning to find that it was more effective to have it with her so she could mark things as they were fresh in her mind, rather than trying to make a few updates to it after getting home from wherever she had been exploring. It made estimating distances easier, although she knew that her map was not going to be all that accurate anyway. It was really more for directions and landmarks. ‘If you’re looking for this, but you pass that, you’ve gone too far.’ She also wanted to somehow use it to track prey movements.

Before she could put any plans into motion, though, she needed to explore as much of the pack lands as she could and get it recorded to the best of her abilities. Today, that had the added effect of giving her something to do that wasn’t reliving her plunge into the river. She had found that if she was moving, it let her mind do something else. It was even better if there was someone to talk to. Ginny hadn’t wanted to bother Rupert with everything, so instead she and Sedona were exploring.

“It’s kind of a blank spot so far, see?” Ginny held out the wood plank with her current work in progress map on it. She pointed to the area where they were heading, which was, indeed, untouched wood. “I added these after… you know, the bridge thing.” She gestured to where she had Rupert had been. She would have to eventually go back to that area again and make sure she had everything in the right spots. She did her best to mark it on the map, but after everything that happened, the exploration part was kind of fuzzy.

After a few moments, Ginny stuck the board back into her bag so that she could navigate a small hill without falling on her face. At the top, she looked around, searching for any prominent landmarks that she could add. She tried to pick really big, obvious things that anyone could see and recognize. Funny shaped trees were okay, although those might change over time. Bends in the river, areas with more dangerous water flow. Buildings and human-built things were added as well.

Up ahead she spotted a large, bent tree at the top of a hill and made a little tick mark on the map, estimating where it was. It was a possibility anyway.

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The bridge rebuild was coming along nicely. Materials were being gathered, debris was being moved, and the official design for the new crossing had been finalized. With the assistance of the other Valemen, Sedona was pleased with how much progress was already done. She felt it was safe for the time being to leave the overseeing of the project to Brom while she took a couple days off to rest, or spend time doing things unrelated to the bridge. Today she'd promised to show Genevieve around Drakeside Hollow. The young woman was undertaking a project of her own making a landmark map for the Mistwalkers to know where the best hunting grounds were, where certain natural dangers were and other natural points of interests lie. Sedona had only become aware of the endeavor when she'd come across Ginny's past scribblings upon the back of an old board in the storage shed. The cowgirl never really thought anything of it, until she spotted the other Hawkesond by the shed just the other day when they had arranged this little outing.

"I haven’t done a lot of exploring out this way yet." Ginny spoke up and showed Sedona the blank space upon her carved map so far, breaking the hybrid from her reverie. The Whitesage woman nodded and grinned, her tail wagging as they made their way steadily towards the hidden copse of trees and mossy hollow where the large climbable dragon rose from the ground, spanning over the river. "I can't wait to show you the wonders of this place! Yer gonna love it." The cowgirl had visited this place many a time with her mate Sineria. She was beginning to know it like the back of her own paw. She was the perfect choice for someone to give a tour of the 'dragon's lair' as she so fondly called it. "It’s kind of a blank spot so far, see?" The cowgirl paused again and gave the map another look. "Yer gonna wanna mark this next thicket on there. It's one of many ways into the hollow, but it's my personal favorite. It's actually got a tunnel through here." The cowgirl wagged her tail, eyes lighting up with adventure, pointing ahead to a dense clump of bushes and trees that came right up to the base of the hill with the bent tree but didn't climb it. She placed a single digit on the piece of wood, tracing their approximate next steps. "Ya ready? Mind yer head now." She told the other woman, before gently taking her by the hand, and placing her other paw onto her hat and ducking into the thicket, straight into a nearly hidden tunnel just barely tall enough to crouch in that pushed deeper into the heart of the greenery as they drew nearer to the river where the stone dragon of Drakeside Hollow loomed.


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“Oh, yeah good idea,” Ginny said. She held the board steady as Sedona pointed to the path and nodded. After double-checking the estimation of where it would be in comparison to everything else that was already there, she made a couple of careful marks where Sedona had pointed. Ginny could add more detail in later, especially if there were multiple ways into this area. She would want to put them each on the map to make it as useful as possible. Hopefully there would be enough room. It would depend on how far away from each other they were and how small she marked them. They would still need to be clear enough to tell what they were. That was all something she could figure out later when she was sitting still.

After tucking the board away again, Ginny focused on her surroundings. Half of what she was doing was creating the map. The other half was just exploring, memorizing her surroundings so that she could be familiar with as much as the pack’s territory as possible. She would need to come through here again several more times, she thought, but it was good to have someone else guide her this time. In her mind, Ginny equated it to how some of the pack patrolled the borders; she did the same, only within the territory, looking for signs of prey and possible danger.

Ginny ducked automatically to make sure she didn’t bump her head as she let Sedona lead her down the path. It really was neat, and Ginny could see why this was her favorite way in. She was still curious about the other ways, too. Interesting how they all converged on the same area.

She eyed the river and pushed away the sudden nervousness that tightened her stomach. This wasn’t like the river at the bridge; she was not going to fall in again. It would be okay. Swallowing hard, she forced her attention back to the rock formation.

“Wow,” Ginny breathed. “It really does look like a dragon.” Why hadn’t she come here sooner? It was really neat. She could see how it might be pretty in the winter, too, all frozen and white. It was pretty now, too. It made her wish that her map would be more detailed than it was, so that she might be able to carve a drawing of the dragon into it. It would be silly to do now, on an unfinished map. Maybe some other time if she was any good at it.

“Is there a cave down by the river?” Ginny asked. It was tough to tell by looking at it from here.

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As they emerged from the thicket tunnel, Sedona's eyes lit up with wonder and joy as the great stone statue came into view. The rushing river was far enough away from the two luperci that they were safe from any potential danger and were free to explore the hollow without worry. "Wow. It really does look like a dragon." Standing up straight, the Whitesage woman, beamed at Ginny and spread her arms wide. "It's brilliant isn't it?" She exclaimed and then trotted up to the grey stone figure, placing a paw upon it's permanently statuesque side. She ran her paw over the weather worn stone surface and smiled thoughtfully. "It's a wonder why the humans would have built such a thing, but I'm glad that it remains for us to enjoy." She commented before moving around the large statue's side.

"Sineria and I climbed this thing once. It was a lot of fun." She told the other woman with a wistful smile. "It's a great view of the river from up on it's back." Sedona chuckled. Exploring around the area would take some time and Sedona was perfectly content to allow the pack's map maker to take all the time she needed to get all the landmarks she wanted for her map. "Is there a cave down by the river?" The blue eyed Hawkesond asked and Sedona shook her head. "Nah, but it is a small little cove that usually is super mossy and has a lot of ivy and wildflowers. It's quite lush and beautiful in the heart of Spring." She explained with a happy wag of her tail. "Up here to yer left is the other more obvious pathway into here. It comes around that thicket we came in through through a small meadow between two tall pines." She told the woman, pointing to an approximate spot on the wooden board she held, marking the Vale terrain. "And over this way..." She began to lead the way to the far side of the lush green hollow. "On the other side of the dragon just a ways past this rocky outcropping, is a rabbit warren which if I'm not mistaken, should be quite thoroughly populated right about now..." She winked at the other female. "It'd be a great spot to mark on the map, for hunting purposes."


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Ginny really hoped that she would be able to remember all of this. She wished there was a better way for her to take notes, but she did not have any paper, and even if she did, it was really delicate, so she was not sure that it would survive the trip all the way out here. Either way, she readily marked her board with the spots that Sedona was pointing out. Ginny drew two pine trees and then created a dashed line to mark how the path went.

As they continued, she looked around, taking in her surroundings. The point of this was not just for the map; Ginny was learning the lay of the land herself, too, so that she could navigate it easily and describe where things were to anyone else in the pack.

“The warren sounds great,” Ginny said, having marked it with a little drawing of a rabbit. Later, she would add more rabbits, smaller ones to indicate that there were lots who lived there. She had been struggling with how to mark prey spots on the map since they could change easily, but a rabbit warren seemed like it would be more permanent.

She kept her eyes up as they continued walking, taking in the path they were on, compared to its surroundings, as well as how the dragon looked. The little cove was just as pretty as Ginny imagined it would be, with the moss and all the fresh green, kept healthy by the river. This would be a great place to tell new pack members about.

“How big is the warren?” Ginny asked as they continued walking towards the rocky outcropping. She wouldn’t be able to indicate the size on her map, but she could describe it if someone was looking to hunt rabbits. Ginny supposed the size of it might also affect how many rabbits they hunted. They wouldn’t want to hunt them all and then not have any left.

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Sedona was rather impressed with Ginny's creative ways of marking her map with the things the cowgirl pointed out to her about the landscape and paths and secrets around them. The westerner was no good at art. She had tried her hand at sketching before and it'd come out okay for a first time, but she'd determined in the end her skills lay elsewhere. Glancing over at the wooden board, the coydog smiled and wagged her tail at the image of the rabbit that appeared upon it at the mention of the warren.

"The warren sounds great." The other woman said with interest and Sedona nodded, leading the way around the rocks careful not to make too much noise. "How big is the warren?" She hushed her company as they started through a small patch of rather annoyingly swishy grasses and then she crouched low, beckoning Ginny to do the same. "See for yerself. Up ahead there in the shorter cropped grasses and those dirt mounds is where they all live." She gestured slowly our before them where a fairly large network of rabbit burrows could be seen and a dozen or so rabbits were bounding about above ground even as they spoke. Grinning and licking her lips Sedona felt her instinct to hunt flare up a moment watching the scampering prey and smelling their abundant scent so close. She gave a low chuckle. "Best get me movin' outta here or I'll need to stop for lunch." She shook her head and started to creep back the way they'd come back towards the rocks and then the dragon statue, her hunger pangs steadily dissipating the farther from the delicious rabbits they got. She couldn't let herself get too distracted right now. They had a map to finish! TUrning to Genevieve she shook herself out and smiled. "Where to next?"


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