A Moment To Breathe


POSTED: Wed May 15, 2019 8:26 pm

WC: 518

Sedona had been working herself hard for the past couple weeks since the Rum Bridge collapsed into the St. John's River. Her muscles ached, her paws were sore and keeping herself from becoming a stinky, matted mess was a constant chore. There was barely enough time in her days to spend for herself, to take a breather and rest. Although her pack mates often encouraged her to go take breaks, usually every time she finally caved in to their insisting words, something else would crop up where she was needed.

This sunny afternoon, Sedona was actually able to break away from the bustle of the bridge project and slip away for some time to herself. Having been up since before the sun rose, the Constructor was already feeling her hard day's work. And the day wasn't even half over. She loved her work and doing everything she could for her pack, so nobody would ever hear her complain, but naturally, the woman would and could grow tired. Rubbing her aching paws, the Whitesage coydog closed the door to her red brick home and sighed with relief. The world outside no longer mattered once she was home.

Hanging her hat on a hook just inside the doorway, she crossed into the kitchen where she had a bucket of cool, fresh water from earlier in the morning ready and waiting for her to refresh with. Wagging her tail, she smiled to herself and grabbed up the bucket, and moved through the house and exited out the broken back screen door. Out upon the quaint concrete porch, crawling with ivy, the cowgirl took the bucket and set it on a small stool and reached for a comb hung on the wall. On the count of three, she dunked her head and hair into the cool water. With a small yip she threw back her head, her head and wet fur flinging water everywhere and soaking her upper body. Shivering she shook out her pelt and then began to comb through her tangled hair, enjoying the refreshing breeze through her water cooled fur.

Taking her time to groom through her hair was something of a minor ritual to the cowgirl. Her hair was one thing she took pride in. She took very good care of it. It was soothing to be brushed through and allowed her to focus on settling her breathing. She was constantly so active, an activity so personal and centered around self care helped slow her down. Closing her eyes, Sedona spent the remainder of her break time from the rebuild of the bridge to take a moment to breathe. Satisfied with her hair, and knowing her pelt would dry just fine, she gazed out upon her overgrown lawn making a mental note to pull weeds soon, her mind slowly returning to work mode as she dried in the cool spring air. Feeling the pull to get back to work, the cowgirl made a conscious effort to make herself remain relaxed. Once she was fully dry, she decided, then she would head back to help her fellow Valmen again.


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