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POSTED: Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:03 pm

(OOC: Apologies for the long wait times, and general inactivity lately. I’ve been working at a summer camp so a lot of my hours were eaten up, and I was generally exhausted otherwise for the past five or so weeks. If you’d like we could end it off here.)

Sineria nodded to Zuri and said,"R-Right... I’ll take good c-care of him. S-Sedona practically t-taught me everything I know on h-horses so... heh," Sineria gave Zuri an awkward smile then suddenly he felt a warm puff of air down his neck, and he looked back to see Yavapai with his muzzle up against the stall breathing nervously. Sineria then gulped and thought to himself,"Oh no, bud, don’t get all acted up on me, please?"

The white male then turned back towards Zuri and whimpered,"I think Pai is a bit s-stressed out, h-haven’t seen him freak o-out yet, but... don’t w-want to find out. I think I should tend to him until he at least calms d-down to where he’s c-comfortable with Tirion next door," Sineria then paused and realized that he could’ve phrased his words better, so he blushed and whimpered,"B-Because Yavapai i-is sh-shy a-around m-males a-and stallions..." Sineria’s ears fell flat now, and he pressed his fingers together and bit his lip while he hoping that Zuri wouldn’t take what he just said as a problem with her own horse.

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[+200] • We can probably start wrapping this thread up.

It was nice to see the passing down of skills from one to another, and how interesting that Sineria and Sedona would share common interest just as she and her own husband did when it came to trading. Granted, the tan woman had known more, and it was something new he had latched onto, but it still held the same merit between the mated pairs.

Crimson gaze moved over to the horse that came up to the stall, placing its muzzle and seemed to breath nervously at the white male. He was quick to turn to the pale woman, once again explaining about the horse's nervousness towards other stallions. It could present a problem with one being next door. She gave him a smile to the man's over nervousness and wanting to tend to the other horse, "Of course, I understand."

She paused, pondering for a moment, thinking on it before she moved her own hands up to Tirion, "I have an idea."

Her eyes peered around the stables, thinking for a moment before turning back to Sineria, "What if you tried to introduce the both of them in a more controlled setting? Is there not a pasture or something they can use? Or, maybe if there's another empty stall, make it a gradual thing to help Yavapai grow used to having a male in the next stall over." She offered him a shrug. Horses were not her thing, but it seemed to make enough sense in her heard to help the shier horse grow more comfortable with the other space.

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