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Rum Bridge Mud Fight!

POSTED: Thu May 30, 2019 3:37 pm

OOC: Foredated to June 13th. Mid-day. At the Rum Bridge rebuild site. All welcome, the more the merrier! <3 WC: 624 +10 use co rank in a thread

IC: The project was well underway. The bridge was more than halfway completed, the woodworkings, rope and recycled stone all coming into place slowly but surely with the efforts of the Mistwalkers working together. It was not easy work, but the time and energy spent was definitely showing. It didn't just look like some weird platform anymore, the bridge was actually looking like a bridge again. Soon enough, they'd have a safe and sturdy new crossing to use over the St. John's again. They'd of course run into plenty of snags here and there. One of the biggest challenges had been having to wait for the flood waters to recede and the newly carved riverbed to reveal itself before they could begin working. The luperci had built a makeshift isle in the center of the river to create a new center support structure for the new bridge using old stonework from the previously collapsed pieces. It had taken nearly the entire past month just to move all of the unwanted junk from the area underneath where the new felled logs and trees were being brought over and lain and then measured, cut and shaped to become planks and beams and rails for the bridge. And even that process was trial and error for a bit. Neither Brom nor Sedona had ever built a bridge of this magnitude before.

All in all there were multiple teams working themselves to the bone night and day on the project. Sedona was probably working hardest of them all, but somehow the coydog never let it show. In her moments alone, sure the exhaustion took over. But every morning she rose to meet the day's duties with a grin and a wagging tail. Her calloused, bruised and aching body never gave up. Today was no different. Once more finding herself overseeing the placement of planks across the flat top of the bridge, Sedona stood on the berm that Raydiance's team of workers had created in the center isle of the river and ensured the boards were straight before gave a thumbs up for Brom and the other to begin securing the newly added plank with nails. The planks was longer than any of them were tall, so it took four luperci to hold the plank in place while a fifth darted about hammering nails into place.

Shielding her eyes from the sun, ankles deep in the fresh mud from the previous night's rainstorm, the Constructor looked over to the far bank and saw a group of her fellows gathering for break time. They were passing around some jerky and other provisions. She smiled, sighing, deciding now would be as good as any to rest herself. "Looks good guys! Go ahead and take a breather!" She called up to the the workers on the bridge and then slowly began to pick her way out of the muddy embankment and across the raised stone pathway through the waterway and towards her pack mates. Just then, out of nowhere, a glob of muck came sailing from her right and splatted right into her chest, covering her red bandana and fur with the deep brown gunk and leaving spatters of mud all up the cowgirl's muzzle and front. Sedona blinked, surprised, and looked around. "Alright... Now, who threw that?" She grinned then, and bent down to pick up a wad of mud herself. "Yer in trouble...." She chuckled, looking to strike back playfully at her attacker. But it was then that a second ball of mud got her from behind, hitting her squarely in the back. "Oof! Hey now!"She laughed now completely muddied front and back. She wagged her tail playfully and turned, aiming at the first target she spied and sent it flying...


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Admittedly, Zuri had not been participating much in the reconstruction of Rum Bridge. For one, she didn't have much experience in dealing with a project like this. Something of this nature would have been taken care of by the lower class or the slaves back in Mortimer. That wasn't to say that she wouldn't try taking her hand at it, but there was also the problem of watching over her growing daughters. It was easier to just take care of smaller tasks, and return home to her small family.

Much more had fallen on her shoulders too now that her husband had gone away for a month. She was taking care of many of the things he did around their home too.

One good thing was that the girls were now of an age where they could come around the territory with their mother. Now they could see much more of the world that was waiting for them outside of their home. Zansa had been far more excited to see everything than her sister, but so long as she was close to her mother, she was willing to go anywhere the others went.

Having not been able to offer much time to the reconstruction, perhaps it would not hurt to at least stop by and see the progress that had been made. Before leaving, the pale woman gathered the two bandanas that had been given to her by Sedona, wrapping them gently around each of the pups' necks before heading out.

It wasn't a long walk from their home to Rum Bridge. The darker pup kept herself a few strides ahead of her mother and sister, but made sure to never leave her mother's sight. At least they were both well behaved. Coming closer and closer to the bridge, crimson gaze picked out the earthy tones of Sedona, made even more so by the mud she had been splattered with. Pulling up the ruffled end of her dress, she was careful of the mud herself, giving a wave to Sedona as he approached, "You all look like you're having fun."

Zansa couldn't help herself, having put a couple of paws in the mud before she was bouncing around in it. Zelda did not do the same, having moved behind her mother's legs at the sight of so many new faces.

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

POSTED: Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:05 pm

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Note: Falcon uses she/her pronouns privately and he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to the pack).

Despite Falcon’s nerves about her potential parenthood, she enjoyed keeping herself busy around Mistfell Vale. The Rum Bridge reconstruction took up a significant part of her time, as did plans for her next show; everything was coming together for the panting, messy-haired woman. She wasn’t sure her if heart was healing just yet, but she was getting there.

The Elkenfrey washed her muddy hands in the river and stepped away from the shoreline for a quick break. She was tired and sore from working, but it always helped her sleep a little bit better. Falcon stretched and glanced around the bustling construction site. She wasn't the only one who needed a breather; a few of her packmates were breaking for lunch, too.

Before Falcon could trot over to them, Sedona's voice rose above the construction noise and her packmates' chatter. It seemed a break was in order for everyone, then. Falcon's tail wagged approvingly; building a bridge was hard work, and she knew Sedona wasn't the only one overworking herself.

"Aye aye, captain!" Falcon called out, padding over to her packmates. They were already passing around jerky and other work rations, and the smell made Falcon's stomach growl. She bit into a proffered strip of meat when a loud splat caught her ears. Turning toward the sound, Falcon was surprised to see Sedona covered in mud and questioning her packmates on “who threw that.”

Suddenly, the green-eyed hybrid was happy she’d left her skirt and shawl at home.

Another mud ball went flying toward Sedona, smacking her in the back. Falcon laughed before she could stop herself and grinned from ear to ear. ”Need some help over there?” she asked, shouting over the river. Her tail wagged in great arcs as she watched the mud fight, half-tempted to get in on the action herself.

Zuri’s arrival distracted Falcon, however, and dragged her attention to the muddy earth at her feet. Zelda and Zansa were out and about today, the former hiding behind her mother’s legs as the latter bounded into a mud puddle. Something warm stirred in the Elkenfrey’s chest, and her smile softened. ”Putting them to work a little early, aren’t you?” she teased, as if Zuri’s pups—or Zuri herself—were in any state to construct a bridge today.

Falcon made quick work of her snack, brushed her hands off on her pants, and crouched down to make a mud ball of her own. She had a good arm on her, but she wasn’t quite sure it would make it across the river. ”Zansa?” Falcon asked, hoping to get the more adventurous girl’s attention, ”Do you think I can hit Sedona with this mud ball?” She pointed at the constructor across the riverbank, mud dripping from her fingers, and grinned again. After finishing her projectile, Falcon stood and reared her arm back. Then, she lobbed it full-force across the river at Sedona.

This was going to be fun.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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IC: Sedona's mud ball went flying and splattered into one of her pack mates who cheerfully laughed, and began to gather their own projectile in return. The Constructor grinned, knowing what she'd just started, and began to move, hurriedly across the stepping stones to get safely to the middle isle in the river where there was more cover, dodging the flying mud balls all the while. Reaching the shore, Sedona caught her breath just in time to scoop a mud ball up once more and lob it into her fellow Mistwalkers. She avoided those still eating on purpose, not wanting to mistake a mud fight for a food fight.

Laughing and covered in muck by now from multiple failed dodges, the Whitesage woman scampered with a small yelp into the safety of a small patch of brush and a few logs in waiting for construction, her back to a small group of her pack mates still eating. Giggling, she peeked over the logs, panting, and glanced to her left as she noticed a familiar figure and two smaller ones coming down the far embankment she'd just come from. Ears perking, Sedona stood to her full height and called to everyone. "Timeout for me! Y'all keep havin' fun!" She chuckled, waving a dismissive hand and then began to cross back over the river, over to where Zuri, her daughters and Falcon were chatting. Just as she set foot on solid ground, she heard Falcon's last uttered words to the grey pup. "Do you think I can hit Sedona with this mud ball?" "Wait, wha--" Was all she got out before the mud ball came soaring towards her and hit her squarely in the face.

For a moment, everyone stopped throwing mud. The work site went quiet. Nobody was laughing anymore as the cowgirl stood there with clenched fists, a bristled tail and not uttering a word. She slowly rose her paws to her eyes to wipe the muck from her vision. Still she said not a word. Was she really angry? Had someone actually, at last done something to piss off the always high spirited, friendly Hawkesond woman?! Sedona, spat a chunk of mud, green-yellow eyes narrowed in the direction of her assailant, the tense moment drawing on for what felt like an eternity...

And then her expression changed entirely. She huffed and her tail began to wag like crazy. Her maw split into wide grin and loud guffaw left her. Excellent throw, Falcon!" She laughed and soon the rest of the gathered Valemen began to join in the laughter too. "Now you know, this means war!" She smirked and began gathering up a new mud ball, a big one, and hurried forward, readying it for Falcon. "Zuri, if ya don't wanna get that pretty fur of yers muddied, I'd move if I were you! I'm a lousy throw!" She playfully growled, lobbing the mud, aiming for Falcon, but sure enough, her aim was off and the muck went flying straight for the pale woman and her young daughters instead! "Heads up!" She called, wincing at her horrible throw.


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Zuri was careful in her approach to the sight. Though she had long since tossed aside her life of royalty for this kingdom, she still felt the need to uphold the appearance that clung to her. It was rare to find her without a white dress or something that matched along with her pale fur. It was one habit that she found nearly impossible to break. Seemed to be one of the only good things that came out of Mortimer. Being this was the case, she had to be careful about where she was going while wearing such a garnment.

Mud was not a friend to something pale like her.

There had been a small pause in the mud throwing when the others had noticed her coming closer, especially with the pups in tow. Falcon had been the first to address her, giving a quick quip about putting her dear girls to work so early in their lives. A small grin covered her muzzle as she pulled the back of her dress up a bit more away from the ground beneath her, "Only the best way for them to learn. I'm sure Sedona could find some small task for them to help with."

At least now with the pups at this age, there was more room to assist herself.

Crimson gaze peered up to see the woman in question making her way over to the small group. She had already been covered in some mud from the stray balls, and seemed that her friend had been enough of a distraction for Falcon. He had leaned down to her daughter, questioning if he could hit her with the ball he had in hand. The young pup bounced excitedly, "Ya! Ya!" Zelda shrank a bit more behind her mother, seeing as there were two more around rather than just the one.

Zuri's eyes followed the throw, watching as the mud ball as it hit her friend right in the face. There was a pause from everyone in the area, all their eyes turned on Sedona. There wasn't much of a clear way to see her anger aside from her fists, but it soon changed to something more light-hearted. The fight was back on again.

Given her eyes had not left the tan woman, it had not been hard to dodge the incoming mud ball, and Zansa had been close enough to Falcon not to be hit. The golden pup followed along her mother to get out of the way, "I find it a bit hard to believe you didn't just do that on purpose Sedona."

Pondering for a moment, she looked down at Zelda, "Wait here. I'll be right back." The mother began to make her way back up the slope, disappearing overhead. Zansa had made her way back over to her sister, seeing that she was alone. It didn't take long for the pale woman to return. Her dress had been removed, as had her necklace and other accessories she wore in her hair. It would be much easier to clean herself than it was going to clean everything else. Returning to her shy daughter, she gave Zansa a soft pat, "Go on Zansa. How long do you think you can go without being hit?"

"A long time!"

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”You think so?” Falcon asked, smirking at the young family, ”Maybe they could deliver snacks up and down the riverbank.” Assuming the girls didn’t just eat the snacks, of course; Falcon certainly would have, at least at their age. ”Or… Tools, maybe. Maybe they could deliver tools.” The idea of Zelda and Zansa sprinting through the mud with hammers in their mouths was as adorable as it was terrifying. One, good head shake and someone would lose an ankle.

Zansa bounced up and down excitedly at Falcon’s question, wholeheartedly convinced of the hybrid’s throwing ability. It was…Cute. Adorable. Delightful, even. And it made Falcon’s chest twinge with a strange mixture of ice-cold anxiety and heartwarming excitement. What if she… What if they... Nevermind, she’d think about it more later. Falcon winked at Zansa, and sent the big, dripping mud ball flying in Sedona’s direction.

Maybe it would hit the water and splash her, or go sailing past and hit someone else, or… Smash directly into Sedona’s face. Falcon froze alongside the rest of her pack mates, green eyes wide with shock. She rolled her throwing arm absently and stared at the other woman, half-convinced that someone else had hit her instead. Shock quickly turned to nervousness, then to guilt. Falcon hadn’t meant to hit Sedona in the face, it just… Happened.

The Elkenfrey opened her mouth to apologize when Sedona’s demeanor changed. The red woman’s shoulders relaxed, her fists unclenched, and her tail began to wag wildly behind her. She praised Falcon for her throw, and the hybrid’s tail began to sway in confused relief. ”I… Thank you,” she said, a broad smile spreading across her dark lips.

She still owed Sedona an apology, but at least the constructor wasn’t mad.

Falcon darted down the riverbank with a loud, rapturous laugh as Sedona prepared a mud ball of her own. She was keenly aware of the constructor’s next target and she didn’t intend to get hit anytime soon; at least, not if she could help it. Fortunately for her—and unfortunately for Zuri—Sedona announced that she was a “lousy throw” and warned the pale woman to run. True to the constructor’s prediction, the mud ball landed in the wake of Zuri’s long, ruffled dress as she dashed to safety with her daughter.

”Nice aim, Sedona!” Falcon called out, already scooping up another handful of mud. She lobbed it haphazardly in Sedona’s direction and missed by a long shot, the mud ball sinking into the river with a loud splash. ”Nice aim, Falcon,” she chided herself, still grinning from ear to ear.

Zuri’s sudden departure was less interesting than her quick return, free of her dress and other civilized trappings. Now, the young mother could get covered in mud with the rest of them. Building another mud ball in her pale, wet hands, Falcon whistled in Zuri’s direction. ”Hey Zuri, catch!” She aimed lower this time, hoping to avoid a repeat of her last successful hit, and sent the mud ball flying at the older woman.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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