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the ground where on she goes

Sat Jun 15, 2019 12:07 pm


Gradually, her independence returned as the boys steadily continued to earn theirs. Despite the constant assertions to others that that event was something she was long awaiting, there was a bittersweet tang to it. The boys were still boys, but soon they would be men, old enough to have no need nor interest in her. Even now they spent the vast majority of their time separate from the Ursarchon, and in recent weeks she'd taken to savouring the ever scarcening moments of affection she was blessed with. They'd both long since been witness to hunting trips and before long they would be doing their own hunting and then they would truly be on the road to self-sufficiency.

As she watched them sprint out of the lacklustre cabin that served as their home, Saga wondered whether now would be the time in which to impart the knowledge of their father, and by extensions the remainder of Krokar now known as The Shoal. Truthfully, she had no idea why she'd so avidly avoided the conversation, though now her son's distancing act gave her all the more reason too. Once they knew, would the Vale be too small for them? Would the lure of lonership and unknown family ties be too great for them to resist? Them leaving for their father's family she could cope with, but she truly worried for them if they ever discovered her father's pack.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:21 pm

OOC :: Words→ 352
Note: Falcon uses she/her pronouns privately and he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to the pack).

Falcon watched the ghost of the moon overhead, already almost full again, and worried her skirt with pale hands. She tried to ignore the strange mixture of fear and hope in her gut, but the uncertainty of it all was getting to her. There had been no sign of the Avalon docked along the loch, and no Cavaliers had arrived on horseback to deliver the good—or bad—news.

Honestly, Falcon wasn’t sure which news was which anymore.

The Elkenfrey groaned as she stood up from her stoop. Her body ached from moving supplies around the bridge construction site, the new structure already rising above the tumultuous Saint John’s river. She’d also started tentative work on her “wall”—a small pile of stones in the woods near Ragna’s house. It wouldn’t be as tall or imposing as the Fort’s, but something standing between Winterwynd and the vast, unguarded territory around it was better than nothing.

Falcon wanted to protect Mistfell Vale with everything she had, but she couldn’t do it alone. She needed to sit down with Saga and see what the Ursarchon thought—even if her answer wasn’t what Falcon was hoping for. She padded toward the small, stone steeple of Wyvern Church, keeping an eye out for Saga or her sons along the way. When Daniel and Caspar blew past her, laughing as they sprinted through the old, gray streets, she smiled.

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, there was something… Exciting about the idea of motherhood; she just wasn’t ready for that kind of excitement.

The green-eyed hybrid spotted Saga’s home from a distance, gaze drawn to the large, well-kept porch. Falcon had brought the new mother food after her sons were born, but she hadn’t stopped to chat for very long. ”Anybody home?” she called out, trotting up to the older woman’s front steps, ”I’m looking for Saga D’Angelo, Usrarchon extraordinaire.” There was a teasing lilt to Falcon’s words, and she waited patiently for the older woman’s response.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:43 pm


There was scarcely any age difference between the Ursarchon and the Elkenfrey who served below her in the Vale, though as with most it was Saga's sage nature that created the seemingly stark age gap between leader and membership. Saga hadn't felt like a child in aeons, she remembered idly. Not since she'd left Portland, the city she'd been born in. Further still, motherhood had added far more years to her mentally and emotionally that the passing years had done physically. She regretted nothing, of course, she cherished her position within Mistfell Vale and adored her sons. This was simply the manner in which she lived her life and it was a manner in which she enjoyed doing so. Saga sought no change in the way she did things, even though she sadly contemplated the fact her sons were growing ever more distant. For a woman who'd once never desired progeny, she found herself wondering whether another litter was ever a possibility. Perhaps she would ask Oscar. Perhaps not... Considering that he didn't even know of the two sons he had currently, let alone any further ones.

'Good morning Falcon.' the Ursarchon greeted with a neutral smile, 'How's your day been so far?' Saga was no stranger to interaction, she scarcely passed an hour without being accosted by one Mistwalker or another. Not that she minded, it was all part and parcel of the role she'd accepted. The role she'd be born to play.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:14 pm

OOC :: Words→ 237

”Good morning, Saga,” she replied, tail wagging as she stepped into the cabin, ”It’s been… Good, I think. I’m exhausted from working on the bridge, but I think we all are, besides Sedona—I think the work makes her more energetic somehow.” The coyote hybrid lived for her work, and it made her an amazing foreman. Falcon… Not so much. She was happy to follow instructions, do a good job, and leave it at that.

The Elkenfrey had her passions, but they were less… Useful than some of her packmates’. Everyone loved a good show, but it was hard to appreciate it if your stomach was empty and your house was flooding. ”How was yours?” Falcon asked, smiling warmly at the older woman, ”Daniel and Caspar ran past me on my way over—they’re getting big.” Saga’s sons were growing like weeds, just like the rest of Mistfell Vale’s puppies.

Well, almost all of them.

Once basic pleasantries were out of the way, Falcon glanced away for a moment. Every Mistwalker had felt the blow of Steinarr’s death, whether they were close to Ragna or not, but that didn’t make talking about it any easier. ”Saga… Can we talk about what happened to Steinarr?” Falcon asked, her voice soft and hesitant. She turned back to Saga, her ears pressed against her skull, and waited for the mottled woman’s reply.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:59 pm

Word Count → 2+ :: ooc

Saga nodded with understanding as Falcon admitted his exhaustion and lamented Sedona's boundless energy with good humour. The Ursarchon smiled pleasantly, 'Yes, I see her around from time to time when she's transporting lumber to the bridge.' Green eyes drifted from Falcon, scanning the area that surrounded her home, warmed by the summer sun that hung above them as they conversed. 'She is very enthusiastic about her work. Very fortunately so for us, I think, given the recent events.' Saga doubted that Brom would have been able to repair the bridge by himself. He was still very much green and lack the experience necessary for such a huge project. Sedona was much more suited to the role of foreman, and fortunately, Brom accepted the status quo without complaint and actively seemed to be learning from the older builder's work.

'Oh, you know...' The dappled woman, laughed dryly and shrugged, 'Taxing. The boys are getting more independent, which-' The Ursarchon gave a slight shake of her head, 'Is more work than watching than when they were small, I think.' It didn't stop her loving them both dearly, nor did it stop her wanting more. It was surprising after how reluctant she was to be a mother at first. She supposed she'd been bitten by the bug of motherhood.

The tone of the conversation took a sudden turn, and Saga's face mirrored the change. In truth, she did not want to talk about Steinarr at all. As a leader, she had no choice in the matter, however. It was her duty to nurture those who served under her, to listen to their problems and worries. Reluctantly, she nodded silently.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:23 pm

OOC :: Words→ 285

Saga nodded at Falcon’s assessment, a pleasant smile on her spotted face. She praised Sedona’s work ethic, yellow-green eyes scanning the area around her cottage, and the hybrid’s gaze followed. She hummed in agreement; they were fortunate to have someone so passionate helming the project, even if she was running circles around her packmates in the process.

The Elkenfrey’s ears perked at Saga’s laughter, coaxing a chuckle from her own, dark lips. Saga always seemed so… Put together. It was hard to imagine the Ursarchon as anything but a leader, even though Falcon hadn’t met her as one—and watching her become a loving, dutiful mother was another matter entirely. ”I never would have guessed,” the hybrid teased, ”You can’t exactly block the door and hope for the best anymore.”

Falcon could feel the tension building in the warm, summer air as she spoke, and Saga’s expression cooled accordingly. The Ursarchon’s slow, silent nod made a cold knot of something form in her gut. Was it nervousness? Regret? Guilt? Falcon wasn’t sure, but it was too late to back out now. ”I’m just... Worried. I know Ragna… Handled things, but what stops it from happening again?” she asked, voice wavering slightly.

It was hard not to connect the dots. Ragna had disappeared into the woods and returned… Different. She didn’t know how else to describe it. But not every Mistwalker could go stalking into the forest, ready to do who knows what to avenge their dead child—and no one deserved to, either. They’d found a hole in their defenses, and now they had to figure out how to repair it.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:44 pm

Word Count → 2+ :: ooc

'Especially not when they've nearly surpassed me in height.' the dappled woman agreed, still smiling. They'd be outsizing her altogether soon, for Saga had never been a particularly sizeable creature. Nearing shifting age, they'd only grow more and more as summer reached its climax and the petered out into autumn.

'I've been assured that it was an isolated incident. There will be no repeat.' Saga did not offer any further explanation on the matter, it was not her place to discuss openly what Ragna had told her and nor had Saga herself prompted further explanation from the Eklund woman. While she knew that, truthfully, a well balanced and level-headed leader would have condemned Ragna's hasty, and undoubtedly vicious, retaliation, the Ursarchon could not bring herself to scold her fellow Wolverthorne. Saga knew that she would have done the same had it been one of her sons. She did her best to keep those particular what-ifs far from her mind. Such things weren't something many people could stomach thinking about, even if they were a stoic and collected figurehead.

There was a beat of silence, then another. The gap in the conversation grew discomforting and with her eyes moving to the horizon, unable to confidently face Falcon, Saga spoke, 'I trust Ragna.'

Re: the ground where on she goes

Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:25 pm

OOC :: Words→ 332

Falcon wanted to believe Saga’s words. She wanted to believe that the serious, level-headed Ursarchon was right, and that no harm would come to the rest of Mistfell Vale’s children. They would grow up into strong, healthy troublemakers like Daniel and Caspar, and the pack would never have to mourn another murdered son. It was a comforting thought, but it was difficult to reconcile with Falcon’s fears.

What if Ragna—and Saga, in turn—were wrong?

The Elkenfrey took a deep breath and looked away from Saga again. ”I trust Ragna, too, but I… If I had…” She trailed off, struggling to find the right words. It was hard to figure out where normal, rational fear ended and the stress of potential parenthood began. Maybe if she started from the beginning, the mottled wolfdog could help her make sense of it; Saga was usually pretty good at that sort of thing.

”I used to live in Casa di Cavalieri,” Falcon said, smoothing her hands over the fabric of her skirt, ”I didn’t grow up there, but they took me in for a few moons when I didn’t have anywhere else to go.” When she’d left Portland to chase rumors of shadows of ghosts, driven by wanderlust and a need to belong. ”I just… I just keep imagining Winterwynd surrounded by tall, stone walls and watchtowers, and I wonder if that would have changed anything.”

Maybe that would have saved Steinarr, or at least given him a fighting chance somehow.

”I see the trespasser… Giving up, or getting caught, or something. But Winterwynd isn’t a fortress, and I don’t think we could make it one if we tried. We’re too… Big. Too spread out,” Falcon said, taking in the maze of streets that surrounded them. Another deep breath. ”How do you feel safe again, after something like this?” It was an odd question, but she wasn’t sure how else to ask it.

Re: the ground where on she goes

Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:34 pm

Word Count → 2+ :: ooc

Saga's dappled coat bristled, her ears inching forward as her body stiffened, her gaze finding Falcon and locking onto him sternly. Still, she allowed the Elkenfrey to speak, not so arrogant as to presume she knew everything even if being questioned irked her.

'Casa is a very different place. Their way of life is the reason they need such high walls.' The Ursarchon assured without wavering. The Vale kept themselves to themselves, they were not the noble, chivalrous knights that sought to save the world and under Saga's rule, they were unlikely to become so unless hard pressed. Her only concerns were those that directly affected those in the Vale, and she figured that such an outlook meant they were unlikely to make enemies.

'What happened here,' she repeated, 'was an isolated event. I can assure you.' Ragna had told her very little, and in Saga's opinion, it was not her place to pass on that information and so she didn't. 'We have many in this pack that are capable of defending it. I've made sure of that. I've made sure that the borders are more protected.' There was a heavy pause, 'I will not, however, cage us in out of fear.'

Re: the ground where on she goes

Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:09 pm

OOC :: Words→ 302

When Falcon first arrived in Mistfell Vale, she would have cowered under Saga’s stare. Instead, heartbeat thundering in her chest, she spoke her piece. There was some… Compulsion to solve a problem that didn’t exist, and she had flip-flopped on its legitimacy since Steinarr’s death. A moment of lucid clarity fell over Falcon when she ran out of words, her question hanging in the air. She needed to say it to someone, really say it, to realize how silly it sounded.

She gave herself two days before she started piling stones in the woods again.

Saga didn’t hesitate to speak her mind, and Falcon wasn’t quite sure if she was chastising Casa or not. Something… Sparked within her, hot and irrational. She still felt a deep loyalty and appreciation for the pack that took her in when she was starving. For the girl with sky blue eyes who always knew what to do. But Saga was right, and Falcon had left for a reason.
The Ursarchon continued, her reassuring words as serious as a scolding. A pause. Then, a solemn promise.

Falcon stared past Saga for a long, quiet moment. She didn’t feel guilty, even though a little voice in the back of her mind told her she should. ”I’m… Glad,” she said, blue-green gaze returning to the older woman, ”I don’t think I’d be as rational as you are, if the roles were reversed.” Falcon hazarded a small smile and smoothed down her skirt again.

”Thank you for talking with me about this. Do you mind if I stay and chat a little longer?” she asked. The “or would you rather I leave” was left unspoken. If Saga wasn't in the mood for conversation, the Elkenfrey wouldn't push.

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