Re: Brotherly love or harm?

POSTED: Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:48 pm

Malfoy raised his brows in surprise then gave a small smile. "I'm sure he will be...very happy that you like them" he chuckled, that was a understatement. If he knew anything about the brown wolf-dog it was that his excitement didn't ever seem to quench. When Baelish said he would like to meet James, Malfoy looked over his brother and decided that right now was not the best time for such a meeting. "I will let him know you want to meet him" he looked over to the tall male and saw James just give him a nod and a smile. It was like the other understood as well that this was not the right time for a meeting. Smiling broadly to himself he looked back to his brother.

Right when his attention shifted back to Baelish, his brother mentioned the rapier. "Oh, but of course" he loosened it from his side and easily moved to hand it over "I wouldn't mind looking over whatever you have brought back either. I owe our sister a visit, and lets see...I will trade for something off you to get something for Dalia....perhaps something for James hmm..." He honestly didn't have much to his name and Baelish would likely know that. Still, he was pretty set on getting small gifts for the three people mentioned.

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