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Conclusion of Rum Bridge Plot!

POSTED: Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:18 pm

OOC: Foredated to June 30th. It's non-mandatory for your character to bear witness, but it would be super supportive to Sedona and the pack in general if they diiiiiid! ;) WC: 256

IC: They'd finished at last! The construction of the new Rum Bridge was completed. It had taken the efforts of the entire pack (minus a few otherwise occupied hands), the Mistwalkers, from all the Houses: Elkenfrey, Hawkesond, Wolverthorne. They had all come together in a communal effort to build the bridge, trial and error until they'd got it just right. It was a long, gruelling, exhausting couple of months to move all the debris from the flood, gather the appropriate materials, and then actually build the new bridge. But everyone put in their all and now their hard work was rewarded by the reconnected pathway across the St. John's river.

Now, the pack Constructor and lead of the project, Sedona, stood next to her horse, Hopi and her second in command, Brom at the head of the newly made crossing. A few packmates already gathered on the nearby bank, excitement and nervousness clear on their faces. Sedona, however was confident in the teamwork of the pack and the solidity of their design of the new bridge. Patting her mare's neck the coywoman grinned and gave a thumbs up before throwing back her head and giving and yapping howl, calling to the rest of the pack to join her at the bridge to witness the moment of truth. Would the bridge hold up as the Gamekeeper walked her horse across it? She was about to find out. Giving the rest of her packmates the change to congregate, Sedona continued to pet her horse and idly chat with Brom...


POSTED: Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:12 pm

Optime | Winterwnyd (Rum Bridge) | yNPCs: Skadi & Sindri, NPCs: Glade & Einarr (+356)

Ragna watched as the three of them, Skadi, Sindri, and Einarr, trotted eagerly ahead of her and her marten companion, Glade. The children were getting along better than she had expected they would, though, it was obvious that Einarr had quite a bit of adjusting to before he'd feel comfortable with the Luperci way of life. He was still mourning the loss of his mother, she could tell, but, it seemed having Skadi and Sindri around helped him cope well enough. The bear cub loped along, keeping stride with her two children who were explaining what it was they were going to see that day.

The Wolverthorne had been largely absent for the vast majority of the bridge project. The collapse and initial clean up had happened around the time of her son's death, and the mother had spent her time afterwards with her remaining children while she silently mourned her loss. It was a poor excuse, perhaps, but, it seems that the pack had done well enough without her help anyways.

When the newly constructed bridge came into view, Ragna called her children and bear cub back to her with a soft bark. "Stay next to me," she told them. Ragna led them to a spot where the children had a clear view of it all with their short heights. The three of them sat around her feet, craning their heads and chattering with one another as Skadi and Sindri pointed out their packmates by name as they gathered around.

"There Sedona," Glade chattered from her shoulder as he spotted the head builder for the construction project. "Riding horse across?" He asked as he realized what the coyote hybrid was standing next to.

Ragna leaned her head to the mustelid. "Mmm, looks that way. Probably to test the strength of the new bridge. If it can handle the horse with its rider, it can handle a Luperci." It would the first feat of its kind that Ragna would bear witness to; a Luperci-constructed bridge across a large river. It would certainly speak of how skilled the coyote hybrid was at her work.

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POSTED: Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:51 pm

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Falcon wound through the streets of Winterwynd toward the new Rum Bridge, her hair tied into a tight bun at the crown of her head. As the new bridge neared its inevitable completion, she’d spent more time socializing, eating, and even sleeping around the bustling construction site. There was always something to keep her hands busy and her mind focused—and if the work made her too exhausted to wallow in guilt and self-pity, all the better.

The idea of it being over, of being alone with her thoughts again… It was almost too much for the Elkenfrey to bear.

Falcon’s growing excitement about being a mother had crumbled under the weight of Naya’s words, as brief as they were biting, and she was still recovering from the blow. Each day was easier, but there was something about their exchange that felt… Final. As if something had been irrevocably broken that drunken, spring night on Casa’s borders and Falcon had finally stepped on the shards.

The Elkenfrey had been so scared of following in her father’s lackadaisical footsteps that she’d stumbled down the same path on accident. It was… Difficult to come to terms with, especially when Falcon was surrounded by so many young families in Mistfell Vale. If she had stayed in Casa di Cavalieri and found some way, any way, to make it her home… What would her life be like?

A long, yapping howl pulled Falcon from her thoughts. The constructor’s voice was unmistakable, as was the message it carried on the wind. Falcon knew the bridge was almost finished, but she’d thought… But she wasn’t… The hybrid sighed in frustration, scrubbing pale hands over her black and white face. The news warranted pride and celebration, but it was hard to bite back her fear and uncertainty.

Falcon paused when she spotted the new Rum Bridge in the distance. There was something breathtaking about the large, luperci-made structure that spanned the St. John’s river, even from afar. They had cleared its predecessor’s corpse from the water, repurposed the mossy, old stones, and built it anew in a matter of moons—if that wasn’t worth admiring, Falcon didn’t know what was.

By the time she arrived at the riverbank, a handful of other Mistwalkers had already gathered. Sedona sat astride her horse while she chatted with Brom, Ragna wrangled her children from a safe distance, and the rest milled about in anticipation of Sedona’s crossing. Falcon, not wanting to distract Sedona from her work, hazarded a conversation with the stoic Wolverthorne.

”Hello, Ragna,” she greeted pleasantly, giving the small family their space as she settled in the grass nearby. Things were… Different in the wake of Steinarr’s death. Falcon didn’t want to get too close to the mourning mother, fearing frigid glares and bared teeth. ”And hello Glade, Skadi, Sindri, and… I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.” The small, black bear cub was an orphan, but Falcon knew little else about Ragna’s adopted son.

The boy was introduced as Einarr—Snakeroot's whispers about "true names" and "bonded souls" flashed through Falcon's mind—and they shared careful pleasantries as they waited.

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POSTED: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:03 pm

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Sedona was anxious but excited. A she stood at the head of the bridge, she watched the gathering crowd below with a grin. A good chunk of the Mistwalkers had come to see the finale of the Rum Bridge rebuild and the cowgirl couldn't feel any more proud. With a surprised but pleased wag of her tail, the Whitesage woman noticed the arrival of Ragna, her pups and the newest arrival to the Vale, the young bear cub whom the mother had adopted. Sedona had yet to meet the new child but knew soon enough it'd happen.

When Falcon arrived on the scene, Sedona's heart leapt joyfully. He'd been integral part of the rebuild project. The grey and white wolf moved to speak with Ragna and the Constructor returned her focus to the bridge she was about to cross. Beside her Hopi gave a soft snort, bobbing her head up and down in her boredom, tired of waiting. Sedona chuckled and pet the paint mare's neck. "Alright alright. Let's get this show on the road then." She spoke gently to the equine before moving to address the gathered below.

"Howdy everyone!" She waved her paw to grab the attention of the crowd. Once all the faces were turned towards her she grinned. "Thank you for coming. I cannot tell ya how much your attendance at this most monumental event means to me and to all of us who worked so very hard on this bridge." She paused nodding her head to acknowledge the other builders. Her eyes lingered on each of their faces for a second before she continued. "As the final test of our efforts, I shall now ride my horse across the new bridge." She winked. "Wish me luck!" She said, before turning to Brom who held Hopi by the reins and took them from him with a reassuring smile. Sedona had confidence in their construction. Nothing would go wrong...

Mounting up, the coydog, waved to the gathered Mistwalkers one last time before gently pressing her heels to Hopi's flanks and the two rode forward across the wooden planks. The equine's hooves made audible sound as they began their journey across. They went at a steady walk. Unknown the the crowd below, Sedona sat more stiffly than normal in the saddle as they rode. Of course she was nervous, but still she held her faith. After what felt like an eternity, horse and rider crossed the St. John's River safely. The new Rum Bridge held without any problem! Upon reaching the other side, Sedona stood up in the stirrups and waved both hands, giving a happy yapping howl to signify their success. "WE DID IT!" She shouted over the rush of the river, encouraging the crowd to applaud and get hyped.


POSTED: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:25 pm

OOC :: Words→ 272

Falcon’s brief conversation with the scout was interrupted by Sedona’s loud, excited voice. She smiled and tipped her head at Ragna, even as her ears twitched in the direction of the bridge—she did enjoy the woman’s company, even if the wolfdog didn’t always enjoy hers. Maybe another fawn or two would help.

The Elkenfrey swallowed her nerves as she turned to watch the proceedings, a bittersweet smile on her black and white face. She hummed appreciatively as Sedona thanked her packmates and fellow volunteers. Then, Falcon’s chest swelled with pride when the constructor met her gaze. It was hard not to grin back at Sedona, but not impossible; she compromised with a wide, closed-lip smile. That felt… Doable, today.

Falcon tilted her head at the words “final test” and leaned forward in nervous anticipation. She knew that Sedona wouldn’t cross on horseback without complete confidence in the new bridge, but countless “what ifs” played out in her head. What if something startled Hopi? What if the bridge gave out, plunging them into the river? Falcon resisted the urge to spring to her feet, which would save precious seconds if they fell.

Sedona mounted her horse, waved at the crowd, and rode toward the bridge. Hopi’s hooves clopped slowly and steadily against the wooden construction, but never faltered. There were no loud, horse-startling noises; cracked boards; or snapped supports. Falcon grinned as Sedona hopped up in the stirrups and cheered. They were safe, and the hybrid jumped up to cheer with her.

Maybe the bridge’s completion wasn’t so bad after all.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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POSTED: Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:31 am

Valencia had heard the celebration of the new bridge was today, however she was still startled when she heard a loud howl. She was excited to see and celebrate the result of months of work, so she ran to the river as fast as he could, even running on all fours. It had been hard work, especially for the young she wolf, who was slender built and not made to carry heavy stones or a pickaxe. But it had also been an awesome opportunity to meet her new packmates.
When she arrived at the river bank, quite a crowd had already gathered there. Sedona especially caught her eye, because she had her horse with her. Valencia's sharp ears caught other Luperci saying that the coydog was going to cross the bridge on her horse, to proof its strength. Valencia was sure the bridge would hold them, because she greatly respected the wisdom of the hybrid, especially when it came to building. The young wolf scanned the crowd for familiar faces. She saw Falcon chatting with a she wolf with cubs, one of which seemed a little out of the ordinary for a wolf cub. But when she tried to study him closer, Sedona began to speak, thanking everyone who helped rebuilding the bridge. Valencia felt a warm wave of proudness flow through her, not just pride for her own work, but also for the effort of the pack. Step by step, the coydog led her horse across the bridge, and after what seemed like an eternity she finally reached the other side. Valencia cheered and let out a short howl, together with the rest of the crowd. They did it! After that, the crowd went back to chatting with each other, and Valencia, still curious, tried to find the strange "wolf cub" again. But when she looked at him, she saw it was in fact a bear! What was he doing here? He played with the she wolf's other pups as if he was one of them. She walked through the crowd, to the back of them, and crashed down on the grass next to Falcon, who seemed to enjoy the celebration with a small smile on his face. 'Hi!' she said. 'Why does she have a bear cub with her?' she whispered to the hybrid and and made an inconspicuous head gesture towards the other wolf.
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