On To The Next Big Thing

POSTED: Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:51 pm

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Before Felix and Calia's departure from the Vale, Sedona had gleaned one last bit of information from the former Ravenking and Nightstag. The whereabouts of an old ferry boat on Prince Edward Island that could be used potentially for the good of the pack. Now, the Constructor knew of the Wildwood horses from talk of people who had been to the island before as well. This started to turn the gears in the tan cowgirl's head and over time she began to form a plan.

She'd first need to figure out the best place to swim or raft across to the island. Then she'd need to locate the old ferry amidst Midnight Shores' old territory, and assess the damages to it. While there, she would also be assessing the health of the Wildwood herds to see just how many horses the Vale might be able to bring back for themselves. The horses would mean healthy stock for the Vale as well as good trade opportunities with other packs. It would take more than just her hands alone to repair any damage to the ferry and to man it back to shore, and it would most definitely require more than just her skills to rope the wild equines. When it came to that point in the plan, she'd have to get some volunteers.

As the Whitesage woman stood on her front porch, contemplating her plans, bathed in moonlight while Sineria and Phoenix slept soundly inside, she smiled softly to herself. Now that her brother was part of the pack, she felt even more confident about pitching this project to Saga. Deciding that that was just what she'd do come morning, the tan coydog turned and went back inside and began quietly packing a bag of supplies. She wanted to get ready to leave on this expedition as soon as possible. She didn't want to disturb the boys yet however. They'd had a busy day and deserved their rest. Soon she would join them in sleep, but for now, she had too much energy to lie down. A typical Whitesage. Once she set her mind on something, it would take a miracle to stop her momentum.


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