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Non-Mandatory Mill Meeting. :3

POSTED: Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:16 pm

[[9/8 - The supplies have been delivered and it looks like the building can start! A non-mandatory meeting is held to dictate the work out to the volunteers that would like to help.
Taking place by the supply drop located near the build; Non-Mand meeting.
Anyone may participate in this thread, volunteers can offer up work for their related requested threads if they'd like. Feel free to PP Arrow coming to your character and having them tell him where to put them if you'd like! <3]]

The wrinkled crinkles of paper fluttering against his chest in protest to the breeze were flattened against his heart with a scrap board, embraced there tightly with one arm as the other willowy hand reached out with a charcoal willow branch and bounced to and fro in the air. This much mortar. That much stone. Over here, frame work logs and over there, planks for flooring. All in all, it was decently organized and it made it far easier to tally up the numbers.

Small upper incisors pinned the black of his bottom lip as he focused now on the paper backed with the board. Scrawling marks dotted the page as he put it all out to be seen, the charcoal making it's way from his hands and up his arms. Fiora wouldn't be pleased when he came home with dirty paws again, but his enthusiasm would not let him worry about that all now. There was far too much to be excited for the Mill not withstanding.

As the numbers added up, his grin widened.

“That's it!” He burst out loud as arms pumped into the sky. Honrin's metrics measured up to the numbers that Ezra had found. They were even a little bit over what had been called for, but extra supplies never hurt should a mistake be made or an accident happen. With the new found information, he turned his face to Arrow,” We have it all. Now, all we need is to organize the labor for the rest of the project,” The collie boy nodded happily. As Saga's previous permissions to oversee all the details of the project itself, and her current condition, Ezra took it upon himself to throw his head to the sky and called out a doggish cry. It rolled from his throat and Arrow couldn't help but join in, the boy delighted for the meeting to take place.

"Now, when they arrive, I want you to let them get a good read of this," Handing the paper to Arrow, he had the boy look it over for a moment," This is the list of what steps we will have to take to get the Mill done in good time. Organization and communication is key," Handing Arrow the charcoal stick, it was much akin to handing the boy a pure gold bar," Now, if they'd like a job when you show this to them, write their name here," A finger gestured to a space beside the steps," Keep it clean and easy to read, Arrow, my boy. This is very important!"

[[PPS if you wanna hear what a borzoi howling sounds like, it's beautiful XD Youtube Borzoi Howl]]

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POSTED: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:21 pm

WC: +2 +10, use co-rank in a thread

Sedona was on eager standby. She knew that there was lots to be done to get the Papermill site ready and then the structure itself properly constructed. She was more than ready to take on another large project for the betterment of the the pack. Since the Rum Bridge rebuild she had taken plenty of time for herself and now was ready and raring to go. Idle paws never suited the Whitesage woman well.

While she still had side projects of her own, they would take a lot more time to come to fruition than the building of Ezra's mill. Grinning as the call she'd been waiting for rang out into the air, the pack Constructor grabbed her tool belt and buckled it on before heading off towards the sound of the Elkenfrey's summons.

It didn't take her long to cross Winterwynd to the supply yard near the Orchard built site. She was so familiar with all the trails and pathways to and from the stables in the same direction she could travel there with her eyes closed. Grinning and waving a paw as she approached the two males it seemed she was one of the the first volunteers to arrive.

"Howdy!" The coydog wagged her tail in greeting, nodding to Ezra and Arrow in turn. Holding out a paw to the male with the clipboard she smiled. "I don't believe we've met, I'm Sedona, Pack Constructor. I'm lookin' forward to workin' with ya!" She then turned to the taller black and white male whom she was becoming fast friends with especially through their familiar interests. "Just tell me where ya need my expertise most and I'm yer gal!" She chuckled and then hung back to discuss plans as other pack mates arrived.


POSTED: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:42 am

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OOC: +300 words.

The Paper Mill Project was one that Zuri had been eager to get in on, especially given her lack of involvement when it came to Sedona's own project of repairing Rum Bridge. It just wouldn't have made much sense for her to be trying to work as hard as she was while also pregnant and nursing her daughters. It didn't help that Baelish was away, so that would have only left Posey to watch over the girls.

And it wouldn't be fair to keep dragging her back and forth between her own child and Saga's children, whom had been born only a short time before her own. The leader's held a greater priority, as there was much more on her plate than there had been on the Hawkesond's.

Things were different this time around. Zelda and Zansa, though distracted for most of the time, had been of great help to herself and to Brom when the two of them had been gathering some of the natural materials that would be needed for the construction of this building. The adults had done much of the heavy lifting while the children used their energy to search for what was needed. It took longer than was probably necessary, but the task was done in the end.

That was all that mattered.

Crimson gaze moved up to the sound of the call ringing out. Ever true to her nature, the woman padded along towards the sound, coming to find Ezra, the young Arrow, and those already gathered by his call. Eyes were quick to pick out Sedona, the two women always seeming to work so closely with one another. Padding over, she waited for her to be done addressing Arrow before she stood at the tan woman's side, "Well, here we are again Sedona."

Her head turned down to the young male, seeing as he was still close by, "I'll be taking a look at your list in a moment. I'm not as experienced as my friend here, but I can follow instructions."

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POSTED: Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:58 pm

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When the call from Ezra went up, Ginny eagerly headed towards the area where the new mill was going to be. She practically pulled Rupert behind her in her haste to get there, and he surprisingly didn't complain about the rough handling. He even let her pull on his wrist for the first half of their walk.

When they arrived, Ginny waved at those who were already gathered and looked to the paper that the canine with Ezra was holding. She caught a flash of what was on it, and based on what Sedona and Zuri were saying, it had something to do with the next steps.

"Oh, are we signing up for more building stuff?" Ginny asked. Rupert stood slightly behind her. "I don't know much about building, either, but I can learn. Do any of them have to do with digging?" Ginny could picture Rupert rolling his eyes at her, which he was doing behind her. Ginny figured that something had to do with digging because she wasn't sure how else they would stand up some of the really big logs she had helped bring to the construction area.

"Of course you want to dig," Rupert said with a sigh. She guessed he was imagining the mud she would track through their house this time. Ginny stood and waited patiently for her turn to get a close look at what all they needed to do next.

POSTED: Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:35 pm

OOC :: Falcon is wearing dark linen pants rolled at the knee and has her hair tied up like this.
Words→ 442

Falcon ran her hands through her mane, pale fingers getting caught on hidden tangles. She reached for the wide-tooth comb on the window sill and separated a section of her hair from the rest; she was considering braiding it, if only to give her something to do. The long, dark locks parted as she combed through them, tugging out small knots along the way.

The Elkenfrey was still sore from hauling stones from the Ruined Vasts to Ezra’s future papermill. She needed to do something, anything, to keep her mind occupied while she rested; the moon was too full, and her thoughts were too busy for mindlessness. She reached down to adjust her rolled-up pants legs, both cut at the knee. They’d be less useful during the winter, but at least they matched.

A low, doggish howl captured Falcon’s attention, then a higher one: Ezra and Arrow. There would be a meeting at the papermill site. She leaned toward the empty window pane for a moment, staring out at her still-overgrown garden, and combed through another section of hair. They could wait a few more moments while she got out the knots and tied it up; there wasn’t time for anything fancy, but “fancy” rarely benefited the Pack Aide.

After a few minutes, the black and white hybrid trotted out her front door and headed for the Orchard buildsite. It wasn’t long before the scent of sickly sweet, fallen apples and livestock reached Falcon’s nose, and she plucked a low-hanging fruit from the first tree she passed. She had spent most of her life appleless, and they’d become a guilty pleasure over the summer.

Falcon padded up to the buildsite and greeted her packmates with a smile, ”Good afternoon, everyone.” The crowd was small, but she expected it would grow with time. Sedona, Zuri, Genevieve… Friends, acquaintances, and near-strangers alike had gathered around the piles of supplies. The thought filled Falcon with pride; Mistfell Vale always came together when something needed to be done, and the pack was made better by it.

As her packmates chatted about building and digging, the Elkenfrey peered around Arrow to look at the paper he held. Blue-green eyes scanned the page for anything interesting, and she hummed when she spotted something she liked. She’d have to volunteer for that later. ”Is Ezra keeping you busy?” she asked Arrow, smiling at the young man. Certain words wouldn’t leave her friends’ lips at a public meeting, but it was nice to be close to luperci that understood her.

Or at least tried to.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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