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[+300] • Co-rank thread, open for one. Come hang out with Zuri, her bats, and a little guest.

Night was a time of peace, at least when it came to Zuri. Most were asleep when the darkness began to hang into the sky, which meant that she would be able to wander around without much worry as to others being around or even haivng to do something. That wasn't to say that either one of these were an issue when it came to being part of the Vale.. but sometimes it was nice to be alone.

Well, alone save for the creatures flying around her and the bundle in her arms.

Crimson gaze turned up to the sky. Night had not completely set in yet, instead the sky holding bright shades of pink and orange. Sunset was always such a splendor to look at. Since the girls were at home, it was fine to leave them alone with Baelish, leaving her to take the new daughter along with her while she was out. No doubt that sent a surge of worry though her husband's body.

What if she were to go out and not return with Callisto. She was still not about to toss out the idea of just killing this child, but she played nice for Baelish's sake.

Shifting the pup into one arm, she lifted her now free one to allow the bats to rest along her. Darion was quick to tangle his way into the warmth of her curls. One of the new bats she had gathered, still one that she had not thought of a name yet, had clung itself to her arm. As she brought it back down, a low bark came from the child in her arm. Though Callisto's eyes were still not that developed, it seemed she had been able to pick out the form of the bat along the other arm.

Squirming, the pale woman gave a sigh as she continued to walk, letting her feet carry her along the borders where the bats had been patrolling. It seemed they could take a break since there was nothing worth pointing out from outside the borders.

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OOC: Hope you don't mind me nabbing this, cus omg new baby!

Malfoy was also walking through the night, just now wondering if he and James had been moving too fast. Sure he loved the taller brown male, but he was sure everyone in the pack thought they were foolish or rushing things. Giving a sigh, an unfamiliar bark had him halting and turning his head to the sound. Though the sound was not one that he recognized, the scent he caught was. Zuri, most likely out with her bats while his brother watched his nieces. Smiling he approached, thinking a familiar face would help lift the cloud over his worried mind.

Once he was close enough he noticed her holding something and raised his brows in surprise. Well, that explained the unfamiliar bark. Zuri had been pregnant again? Frowning lightly he moved closer with caution, sensing that maybe Zuri was not in the best of spirits right now. "Hallo...." he greeted then realized he had used German. Since being with James, German came a lot more often and a lot easier to his lips. Oh well, Zuri likely picked up on her share of the language as well. "How are things Zuri?" He halted and did his best not to stare at the child she carried in her arms.

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Zuri had not been expecting anyone else to be out here, what with others getting ready to turn in for the day. Then again, considering there had been a number of times when she had come across others in the middle of the night, be it for various reasons of not being able to sleep, she should not have been surprised when the scent of the Vale began to approach her.

Crimson daggers turned on the one that appeared, loosening slightly when she noticed that Malfoy had been the one that found her. A curious question began to swirl through her head. As far as she knew, only she, Baelish, and Saga knew anything about the child that she held in her arm, and only she and her husband knew of the fate that had fallen the woman that dared to try and take advantage of him for a second time. A scowl crossed along her lips just at the thought of the mess she had been thrown into.

But she had to keep the peace with her husband and the Vale. She had gotten away with one crime, and another would not be able to come to pass.

The small bat took off from her arm, joining the other in her tangled hair as the D'Angelo man approached. She shifted Callisto slightly, giving another bark from her lips as the new mother turned her attention on him, "Evening Malfoy."

A deeply sarcastic tone laced her words, "Just wonderful." It was probably obvious that there was something more going on, especially with the child shifting around. She began to walk ahead, turning her head over her shoulder to the Wolverthrone man, "I'm beginning my round with Darion and this new bat. You're welcome to tag along if you want."

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

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Malfoy gave a soft sigh and moved to follow the pale woman. "Are you sure my presence won't bother you?" his gaze went to the bats and he watched them fly for a bit. " is this child? I am sure you were not pregnant??" At least he hoped he would have noticed his sister in law being round with child. His orange orbs went to the squirming child and he smiled. What would it be like to hold something so small and precious? If things went the way he and James wanted, they would find out before too long.

"Is it another female?" he tried to get a better look and his tail wagged when he spotted the young features. "So cute..." he paused "May I hold...her?" he held out his arms for the child, hoping Zuri would let him hold the child. It would at least help him to know if holding a child would be as nice as he felt it would be. Or would it be horrible? Shaking his head he doubted that holding such a precious thing could be considered horrible in any sense of the word. Focused on the child, he didn't see any expression that Zuri might have.

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Zuri had realized that much of her disdain for the child was being projected on her face, and in turn, at Malfoy. Part of her could not help the reason she was behaving, having somewhat reverted back to past times and letting her anger get the better of her. Even though she had come to this realization, it had not caused her to change in the slightest.

Maybe it would have been better if she just left Callisto at home with the rest of the family while she was working with the bats alone. Now there was a distraction.

At first, the pale woman didn't say anything to the man's questions. He had every right to know about what happened. After all, every sibling knew about this event save for him. He had not been present when Salena came to their borders, nor had it seemed Baelish was wanting to tell him about what happened before she even turned up. Upright ear pulled back as she mulled over things in her head.

Eventually, she turned her cold gaze on Malfoy, offering the child out to him so that he could hold her, "You're right, I have not been pregnant. You remember when Baelish was away for a month?" He paused, waiting for the Wolverthrone to give an answer. She soon continue, venom lacing her words, "Someone.. a woman.. dared to rape Baelish while he was away. That's why he was being an ass and a child when he came back. This child is his', a result of that."

Zuri gave a flick of her tail, raising one arm up for the little bat in her hair, giving it gentle pets, "Her mother came to our borders very recently.. and tried to use her to blackmail us. We took the child from her when she realized there were enough of us to kill her outright."

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Malfoy gently took the child from Zuri and held the small girl in his arms as naturally as he could manage. His tail wagged happily and he smiled down at his new niece. Looking up he found the smile slipping away "Wait...what? Baelish was....?" Forced? This child was a result of something that he would never wish on anyone...not even his worse enemy. Looking to the child again, he adjusted his hold a little bit and sighed. It was still his niece, even if the way she came to the world was not the best. "I see..."

Why was he not told until now? Did his own brother not trust him? Gritting his teeth he felt a kind of cold anger that he was just now finding out this sort of information. Was he truly that estranged from his family?? Malfoy rubbed the young pup's cheek gently. She was innocent and had not asked to be a result of such actions. A thought came to mind, that the blonde female that was with Dalia had also had a child that resulted from such actions. The grey male had seen the black pup and found him to be quite happy. This small girl could be happy too. Maybe just not with him in the picture, since it was apparent he was not viewed as a trustworthy member of the family.

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At first, Zuri didn't say anything, turning her attention on the bats now that the child was out of her arms. Darion was much more comfortable being around those in the Vale, but the unnamed one was still getting the hang of things. Maybe having Darion near Malfoy would help get the other one to open up a bit more. The small bat moved to cling to the side of her arm, where the child had been before. His soft squeeks seemed directed at the smell on her, leading her to take the bat a small bit closer to the pup.

But not enough that she would be able to do anything to Darion.

Crimson gaze moved over to the male as she watched the information process in his head. His smile had faded, and it seemed that some anger had been replaced by it. Then again, the anger didn't seem directed at the child, as he had soon lowered himself down to rub her cheek. He accepted her much quicker than her own foster mother.

Perhaps that was for the best for the time being. Instead, she let her upright ear pull back a bit, "Don't feel too bad about not knowing. I didn't find out until just before that woman came to our borders. He didn't have the guts to tell me himself until Saga got him to talk. That tension you felt when you came over to extend an invitation to us? That was why." To this day she didn't understand why he kept himself silent from her and the rest of his family.

So much would have been avoided if he had.

The pale woman paused for a moment, feeling the movement in her hair. She offered a hand up to the other bat before turning her attention back on Malfoy, "Suppose things will be different now around here now with her here. Everyone else seems accepting of her."

Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

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Malfoy looked up at his sister in law, surprised that she too, had not known of what had happened. Perhaps he would talk to Baelish about such things later. Some of his anger eased away and he heaved out a sigh, his gaze going to the bats momentarily, before going back to the small girl in his hold. "Why should they not accept her? They accept that small black male well enough, and from what I recall he was the result of similar actions." This pack was very open when it came to accepting others, and the way that they chose to live. For that he was glad...but still...

Shaking his head lightly he moved to give his niece little pets. "I would be more than happy to watch her if you ever want me too. It will be good practice for when James and I have a young pup around..." That reminded him, he had promised Zelda that he would talk to Zuri. Looking up again he focused on the pale mother "Oh right! I was going to ask if it was all right if I took the twins with me around the borders?" he knew it was something that Zelda at least wanted to do, and the light-colored female had asked for her sister to join on her own.

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One eyebrow rose to Malfoy's choice of words. That small, black male. She recalled seeing a dark pup when she had met with Yvonne, Tora was his name. He had been playing with her own children.. and it had been unknown to her until now that this child was also the product of a rape. It seemed everyone in the Vale had been accepting of that child, even herself.

But to look at the little girl resting in her new uncle's arms just made the anger fuel in her. Maybe it would have been better if she looked more like her father and less like the mother that came to get rid of her. There was little to show that she could pass off as her foster daughter's mother save for the white patterns along her pelt.

A sigh passed through her lips, crimson gaze focused on Callisto, "She's too young to be far away from me right now. When she gets a little older, I will have no problem seeking you out to watch her." Much like when she had her own children, leaving them in the care of Posey when she left to take care of her own duties. She had not been neglectful to any of her children, but rather dutiful to her kingdom on the whole.

The eyebrow from before had fallen, but rose back up to his question. He wanted to take Zelda and Zansa along the borders with him? While there didn't seem to be anything wrong with such a notion, it seemed out of the blue... and oddly suspicious.

Call it instinct from her old home. Though she trusted Baelish's brother, there was no telling what anyone might do if they were able to get alone with young ones.

But then again, Zansa was more outgoing than her sister, even though both of them had a tendency to seek out what was new to both of them. Her eyes shifted down to Darion and the new bat before she glanced back up to Malfoy, "I am fine with that, as long as you don't mind taking one my of my bats with you. Just as a precaution. It'll give them some good practice in scouting and spotting for danger."

The unnamed bat inched closer, giving Zuri the chance to move her other arm out so it could join Darion on her other arm, her eyes moving from the bat to Callisto, watching as she turned her head into the pats that her uncle was giving her. Must be nice to be around someone that wasn't looking to outright try and kill her.

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Malfoy nodded when Zuri said this child was too young to be away for too long yet. Still, he wouldn't mind when it came to watching her. Then she mentioned having a bat with him when he took the children for the walk around the borders. "I am more than capable of protecting them...if such a need to would arise." What else did he have a sword for, decoration? Sighing he shrugged if it meant upholding his word to Zelda... "That is fine though I suppose if the bat truly needs such practice." Just another sign that he may not be fully trusted.

What wrong had he done towards his own family? Looking down at the bundle in his arms he sighed again and felt like he needed a warm hug from his mate and lover. James could always lift his sour moods just with the simplest of actions such as a hug or even holding his hand. Such a strange power, but Malfoy appreciated it none the less. "Just let me know when a good time to take them on such a walk would work best for you." His gaze stayed on the newest member of the family as he waited for Zuri to reply to that request.

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