Seasons Changing

POSTED: Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:30 pm

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Walking through the heart of Winterwynd, it was plain to see that the town was slowly coming to life after a deep sleep from the night before. Here and there Mistwalkers were moving about their homes and dens, some were even out and about like Sedona was. The sun hadn't even risen yet and a thick fog still clung in the air obscuring distance vision. The coydog was used to it by now though having lived a full year in the Vale. The lands here were very different from the ones back home in Arizona, but the Whitesage woman liked the change of scenery. There were more trees, more prey and overall just generally, more here than she ever thought she'd find when she'd first left her ranch.

Smiling to herself, breathing in the crisp Autumn air, the Gamekeeper started up her usual path towards the Orchards and the barn. She would be taking on her normal AM duties of caring for the pack's livestock before setting about helping Ezra with more of the tasks needed doing in order to get the Paper Mill up and running. The building project was well underway and Sedona was an integral part of making sure it all went smoothly without a hitch.

As she walked under the canopy of trees leading to the orchard Sedona marveled at the different colors of leaves fallen all underfoot and still clinging desperately to the branches above. They made a soft crunch with each step and Sedona couldn't help but wag her tail. She enjoyed Fall here in the northern regions. The seasons were much more...vibrant. Stopping to pick up a few brightly colored leaves, the tan woman stuck them carefully behind her ear and continued towards the barn. It was a good day to be colorful.


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