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I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

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Zuri stood tall inside of the church, despite holding the wiggling child in her arms. She had gathered here to see about reviving a long old tradition, one that she had been a part of when she first came here. The departure of the old Ravenking left one spot empty, and that was of the silly man that would try to see through those that stood before him, sorting them into their house.

Saga did not seem as enthusiastic about the whole thing, but she was one of those that didn't really seem to show happiness in any sort of setting. Being a leader was rough on her, especially now that she too had another child that she was taking care of. At least this one, as far as she was aware, was the woman's actual child, just to a different father than before.

Being the newly appointment woman of the Hawkesond's council, she saw to handle this while the Ursarchon focused on her new family. She was extended an invitation prior to coming, but she didn't have to if there were complications.

The pale woman stepped outside the doors to the church, leaning her head back as she released the call into the air. Her body soon turned, stepping back through the open passage. Crimson eyes trailed down to Callisto, the pup letting out a loud cry of her own. It seemed she was trying to immitate her foster mother. A simple scoff passed through her lips. This pup would do nothing to change her mind on how she felt about it.

Risegard stood, eyes focused on the entrance to watch as those of the Vale came to gather. At first she said nothing, watching them as those that came filed into the space. She remained silent, sure that their eyes were going to wander to her, as well as the strange bundle that was resting in her arms. There would be time to answer any of their questions afterwards, but those of the Vale came first.

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IC: The news hadn't yet spread among Hawkesond house of Zuri's promotion. At least not to Sedona. Saga had been sequestered away with her new pup and except for a few short orders here and there the Constructor hadn't heard much from Vale leadership in the past month or so. She knew leading was tough on the Ursarchon alone, with Felix and Calia leaving like they had it left a large hole in the pack, but one that the tan coydog knew would eventually be filled. She just didn't know by whom.

When the voice of the other Hawkesond woman and Sedona's good friend rose through the mists, Sedona's ears flipped up. The call came for a gathering at the Old Brassard Church, a sorting ceremony. Now she'd not heard of one of them taking place for many a moon. She could only assume Saga had given Zuri permission to reinstate such things. Why Zuri hadn't told her about her plan was a little odd, but Sedona just assumed she wanted to keep it a surprise.

Grinning and gathering herself up from where she was chopping wood on her front lawn, she struck the axe into her chopping block before running inside her home, grabbing her hat off the nail by the door and then dashed back out the door towards the summons. Skidding around a mud puddle that always seemed to gather between her house and the church, the Whitesage woman was the first to arrive due to her close proximity to the gathering spot.

Entering the church, she let her eyes adjust to the dimmer light within. Spying the white pelt of her packmate, Sedona trotted up to stand before the woman and the small bundle held in her arms, eyes bright and glittering knowingly as she'd been though many sortings before, awaiting what she had to say.


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Even though he was busy at the stables, he wasn't too far away not to hear the call.

Tohopka murmured to him lowly, asking what it meant, and Phoenix gave him a little shrug. A summon for something, he presumed, the nature of which he didn't quite catch, but he felt compelled all the same to go. Something-something-sorting-something.

"Alright, gotta go, buddy," he whispered to the stallion, giving him a generous pat on his nose before taking off, making his way over to the direction from which that howl came.

The church was nearby Sedona's house, his temporary house, and he gave a precursory look around the place before heading inside, still slightly panting from his run and having to hike up his jeans as they began to sink further on his waist. He spotted his sister first, smiling a little as he made his way over to her. "Hey, what's goin' on?" he asked her, exhaling deeply to catch his breath and slipping his hands into his back pockets.

His green eyes wandered around the structure of the building before they finally settled on the woman at the front, and my, was she something. Pale fur, ruby red eyes, a ten-out-of-ten stunner — and a little puppy in her arms, too, who was cute, sure, but she was the true star of the show. He'd seen her before, he was certain; he couldn't forget her memorable appearance, blindingly white as she was.

"Is she one of the higher-ups?" he asked in a hushed tone, covering his mouth with his hand as if that would make it any quieter. Not that she could hear him, but still, common courtesy. Maybe the ivory woman's ears wouldn't burn if he talked about her.


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Zelda D'Acidic

The cinnamon-eyed girl hadn't known what to think when she heard her mother's howl coming from the church nearest her small hideout. She sounded urgent and it was mimicked by a much smaller voice that she associated with the small girl who had been a resident in their home in the most recent weeks, leading up to her having spoken with her father. Dressed in nothing but her hide, the D'Acidic girl had rushed along with those few passersby who had chosen to gather to her mother's call, absolutely curious and full of anticipation about why she, and the others, had been called.

Part of her wanted to go up there and stand with her mother, considering her half-sister was but times had changed and she knew that with her own new rank came the responsibility to act as if she were an adult now, even though she hadn't yet changed or taken her first shift.

It would come within the changes of the moon at some point this month and that thought was aided by the comforting sound of the adults she had questioned in earnest wonder at the possibility of finally being able to dress as the others did befitting a member of her family. She remained in the background, a blur at half the size of the other members where it was made easy to hear her mom but also to blend in so that she was not the object of her mother's attention or anyone else for that matter.

She did not know where her sister was and wasn't making a big deal of searching for her. Already, she could see a few familiar faces in the crowd, people she may or may not have come in contact with but had seen in the few weeks of exploring she had been able to get in recently. No one, other than her mother, that she was as comfortable with as she was with family. Cousins, aunts, uncles.. Just familiar pack mates who questioned the reason of their being here or her mother's rank within the pack as a whole.

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Zuri’s voice woke Falcon from a fitful nap, blue-green eyes blinking open in confusion. Why was Zuri calling for a… Oh! She rolled out of her hammock, bed frame creaking in protest, and jumped to her feet. The black and white hybrid grinned as she dragged shaking fingers through her hair. They were having a sorting ceremony!

Where was her comb? She needed her comb.

The Elkenfrey bounced on her feet as she stared out the bedroom window, eyes glued to Old Brassard Church. It took all of her willpower not to drag her comb through her hair and be done with it; Falcon wanted to be at the ceremony now, as if taking a few moments to tame her bedhead would make her miss it entirely.

Falcon counted backward to the last sorting ceremony as she combed knots from her hair. She couldn’t remember if Saga had still been pregnant then, or if she’d already given birth to Daniel and Caspar. That that was even a possibility gave Falcon cause for pause; had the Ursarchon’s sons even seen a sorting ceremony before?

It didn’t matter. The hybrid grabbed her skirt from the hook above her bed, dragged it up onto her hips, and climbed out the window. It was… Faster, probably. And more fun.

Falcon froze as soon as her feet landed in the grass, the cool autumn wind blowing over her bare shoulders. She considered going back for her shawl, but her body itched to move. To be one of the first to reach Old Brassard Church. Falcon shook her head and started walking, trotting, running down the old, stone street.

The inside of Old Brassard Church was dim, but warm, and the Elkenfrey shared pleasantries with her packmates at the back of the room. Zuri stood tall in front of them, a small, wiggling bundle in her arms. Huh. Falcon stared at the pup and cocked her head to the side. She’d been distracted with Ezra’s papermill lately, but she hadn’t missed an entire pregnancy—had she?

No, there had to be another explanation; if Zuri didn’t tell them during the gathering, Falcon would ask after.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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Malfoy came and went off to the side, trying to sit with just James. The taller brown male waved happily at Falcon and Malfoy gave a sigh. Then his orange gaze went to Zelda and he smiled softly to his niece. He could guess what this gathering was for, and he bet his nieces would be happy after it was over. Soon his gaze slid to the newest member of their family and he gave a slight frown. It was clear that Zuri did not really want the small girl, and he wished he could just take the pup home with him and James. Of course, they couldn't but the thought was still there.

James sat by him and wrapped one arm around him and Malfoy looked to his mate happily. They still were going to try and have a child of their own with the help of Dalia, so perhaps they should not take in the young girl right now. Nuzzling against his mate Malfoy sighed and focused on the gathering. He was curious about what houses Zuri thought her own daughters belonged in. He only hoped the white female had thought it through and wouldn't choose based on a biased opinion.

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Practice swords at their waists, Ginny and Rupert walked towards their home. Although they practiced their sword fighting skills relatively frequently to keep up their skills, she could tell it had been too long between sessions this time. They were both a little rusty, making silly missteps and other mistakes. Thankfully, they had their crude practice swords, so neither of them had anything worse than a few bumps and bruises. Ginny's ankle hurt a little from one particularly bad step, but she thought it would be better in a day or two. Rupert seemed slightly more concerned than she was, but she considered him a worrywart.

They heard the call go up as they got to the edge of town. Ginny tilted her head to the side, wondering what could be happening. She glanced at Rupert and with a shrug, they both headed towards the old church. When they arrived, they found their pack mates gathering, and Ginny found a spot in the group where she could see Zuri. Rupert stood behind Ginny since he could easily see over her head.

Zuri held something in her arms and Ginny wondered silently what it was. She was sure that they would find out soon enough.

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I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

OOC: Anyone is free to ask Zuri about Callisto and be PPed an answer. She will not tell anything about the fate of the pup's mother though, so keep that in mind. Congrats to those sorted!! +600 words.

There had been a mix of familiar faces and strangers, as was to be expected with something like this. It had been some time since those of the Vale were able to gather together in one place, at least for something that didn't revolve around the current project that was taking place. Saga had done so much, and now this was a good chance to have her make her mark as the Risegard.

She was nothing like their Ravenking, and had no intentions of ever becoming like him. Even so, if their leader had been unwilling to perform this task, and as she was currently, could not, then it would fall onto her. The charm of the Vale had been missing since his departure, and she was certain that bringing back the traditions that their kingdom had been founded upon would not only help to bring others back together, but surely would help to bring people to a more relaxed state of mind.

Sedona had been one of the first to appear, and it was not surprising with how closely the two woman work together. Others followed in line after her, and she caught many of their gazes moving to the child that was resting in her arms. None of them knew her story, and was sure they were curious as to her presence being here.

That was meant for later.

Two of them had turned up, but the one that she had found on the borders was either missing or late. It was a shame that he had not come to such an event, but was probably busy with something or lacking the confidence to turn up when there would be so many eyes upon him. In turn, she let her gaze drift between Sedona's brother and her own golden child. This was their time as well, and there was no reason to have it brought down by one missing party member.

As the gathered began to mingle and adjust among themselves, she gave a small call that would turn their attention on her, "Members of the Vale, I welcome you."

Once she had their attention, she adjusted the child in her arms, moving her eyes among everyone, "Since the departure of our founding leaders, it has been some time since we have hosted a ceremony to sort those that have proven themselves worthy to join one of the houses of the Vale. As our Ursarchon is busy, it shall fall to me to revive this old tradition."

Her eyes centered on the two she had seen before, "Phoenix. Zelda. Please step forward."

There was a pause, allowing the others to turn their attention to the other members, and for those called to make their way before her. Her eyes fell to the tan man first. Her eyes fell on him, soon turning over to Sedona, and then back over to him once more, "We have another Whitesage among us. If you are anything like your sister, then I believe you will fit right at home in House Hawkesond."

She gave a clap, allowing for others to join in celebration before she turned to the second one. A smile came over her muzzle, "My dear daughter, you have done well to make it to this point. Though I know your desires to be like me, I feel that my path is not the one best suited for you, and so too not my house. No, I believe you'll find much more opportunity joining those among those of House Elkenfrey."

Again, the Risegard gave a clap, a sign for celebration, "Welcome both of you to the houses of Mistfell Vale."

The pale woman gaze some time, allowing for congratulations to die down and the others to join together again, "Please, I welcome all of you to mingle as you are here. I have noticed a fair amount of you have noticed the newest member amongst us. I will be open to answer your questions."

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