Like A Bat Outta Hell

POSTED: Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:15 pm

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A sharp neigh echoed across the orchard field in the early morning hours as the pack Gamekeeper one by one lead each of the Vale's horses out into the large corral. Turning out the large beasts was part of her daily routine with the animals. Giving them time to free graze and socialize was important to their health and Sedona was one to make sure each horse got the best care she could provide.

Turning out the most docile horses first, the tan woman went back and forth from barn to corral, humming softly to herself and patting each equine affectionately as she lead them. Each one had their own personality and she was mostly familiar with them all. Since Daniel's departure, Sedona missed the sweet disposition of Ember, but there were plenty of other wonderful horses to make up for the loss of the Gelding.

Now she was down to the more feisty horses, she had to be more alert. Entering the stall of a large black equine, she eased the animal with a soothing tone of voice before placing the halter upon his head. The stallion snorted nervously but accepted the halter and allowed the Whitesage woman to slowly lead him out of the barn. Looking about side to side to make sure there wasn't anything to spook the skittish equine, Sedona then proceeded towards the corral.

But just then a loose chicken startled and crossed their path, fluttering about the horse's feet. "Damnit!" Thought the woman as she held tight to the reins but it was too late. The stallion spooked and reared up with a frightened neigh. Shhhh! Easy boy! Eeeeasy! She attempted to soothe the beast but it then began to buck and thrash wildly, knocking the woman aside, and onto her rear. She lost her grip on the lead rope and the stallion took this chance to bolt. It took off like a bat outta hell.

No! Sedona cried out and hurried to her paws again, rushing after the large beast, but it was too late, the stallion was taking off down the orchard aisles. She'd have to get on horse back herself in order to catch the fleeing creature before he got too far and in his panic hurt himself. Hurrying over to where he own horse, Hopi, was Sedona threw open the stall door, and rushed an explanation to her companion in low speech before hopping up onto the mare's bare back and commanding her after the stallion. At a run, the two took off out of the barn after the escaped stallion, hoping to catch up in time...



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